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  1. Jake is becoming an NHL player in front of us.... good to see!
  2. def. i don't mind the super-compete for basic positions, but I am worried that we pass on a player that turns out to be a star. Some players need to play through a season and then find their scoring touch and playing style. The list is countless. Bertuzzi was there for a long time, Naslund, Datsyuk was a low scoring player his first year etc etc. The Sedins were not super stars at the beginning - and based on their weight probably could have been playing in the AHL for a few years instead, but may never have developed the same way. I just worry this super-compete mentality doesn't match the reality of some players development paths... Some players need to be given a shot. "given a shot" based on their performance and showing they are ready... but they shouldn't be displaced because of one-way contracts due to lesser players... AS JB SAID: WE WON'T LOSE PLAYERS DUE TO CONTRACT STATUS, SO THE MINORS IS THE BEST PLACE TO AVOID WAIVERS. Basically "making room" means Utica. good business decision, but poor development strategy... imho!
  3. sure he does. the team isn't "rebuilding" but just getting quality players. I don't get the impression (from signings) that the team is on a mission to rebuild with young players. They are rebuilding the team so they can make the playoffs as soon as possible. And continue to make the playoffs for years to come (that is their interest in any sort of youth movement), There is no long term plan of delayed gratification in order to see a plan come together with a structured team (trading for early 20-ish players, signing early 30-ish players, size is important, then it isn't, etc - whatever works or whatever opportunities come, they will look at...). So Duchene is just the kind of player the team is looking for. help them compete now and in the future. Combine late 20s and early 30s players with some young players that keep competing for jobs and eventually displace the older guys, and you have the master plan. whatever... if it keeps the team in Vancouver I'm all for it. I would love to see a real youth movement though
  4. you guys and the talk about "ego". really really poor english skills here lol! this might help:,_ego_and_super-ego or maybe you mean "devloping a habit"? That would make more sense...
  5. "make room" means Utica. All the previous talk about making room and compete means nothing. The plan is to not loose players to waivers, which makes sense. How "unfortunate" that there is no place for any of the young players rebuilding through injury... canucks moto
  6. Let's see: What are the players under contract next year? Sedin Sedin Horvat Erikson Sutter Gagner Dorset Vanek Baertschi Granlund Gaunce Burmistrov / Chaput / Megna That is 14 players with NHL experience - veterans. One of these guys will be sent to Utica (and one in the press box) and the rest will be starters this year for the beginning of the season. Then there is Boeser and Rodin as the 15th and 16th forwards. As mentioned, they have to first compete with one of the vets and THEN compete with one another. Let alone a player like Goldobin, wjp basocally has no shot at making the club... nor do any of the other kids, regardless of their training camp performance. Not sure what your facts are here? Not saying Boeser can't do it - he has the best shot of any of the young players. I certainly hope he can. But he needs to prove he is already an NHL vet in order to get a shot (or as good) which is a tough think to do for a player just starting out. (aka catch 22 situation) Anyways, my main point was further in the post - and was about the real causes of the Canucks issues and my thinking of the reasons for it. I know that people (including me) tend to just focus on where they have been referenced, but please reply to the 3 points I raised, I'd be curious about your response - you have a good reputation on these boards, and usually have insightful comments. peace
  7. but discontinued after that... it's like they learned something by that losing season, and won't do it again.
  8. That is factually incorrect - Boeser and Rodin both have to be better than a few of the free agent signings, and THEN they can compete against each other. As previously said, I don't mind the competition - I like it actually..., but the odds are stacked against young players when there isn't even a spot for them to compete for... Few things that are part of this: 1. Attendance at the games. Sell tickets or leave town. 2. Patience of ownership. The fan base may be into waiting out a rebuild more than the ownership. 3. Management keeping their jobs These 3 things trump any hockey decision, and that is why there is such an incongruity - between going on a youth movement (trading for young prospects who are eager for a shot) and then signing late 20 FAs / early 30s that effectively is at complete odds with the youth movement. And I'm talking over the last few years here... but you could think about it only for this season if you want. 'll bet almost EVERYONE would be more stoked for the season knowing that there is a spot available (even 1) for the start of the season for the young players to compete for, and then maybe lose or keep. But that won't actually sell tickets and improve attendance (as the ticket buyers are corporate type, the tickets are just too damn expensive for the majority of fans to consistently go to games) nor will it increase the patience of ownership. Long term it would... but not short term. And keeping your job is a short-term thing (make the playoffs and keep your job... how many years do you think the current management has left without making the playoffs again?) Anyways, I get what you are saying, but imho "making room" is more governed by the 3 points made above than what makes sense hockey-wise. A lot of intelligent posters on this board make a lot of great posts, and some try to justify the seeming lack of direction... but imho it all becomes clear when those 3 points above are considered. peace
  9. lets see if the team can "make room" for Boeser.... history tells me he will start in the AHL
  10. Agreed - Benning doesn't think the kids are ready. For some of them, unfortunately, the only way to prove they are ready is by playing a season in the NHL. Kind of a catch-22, you are ready to start playing if you have already played, so if you have never played you will never be ready. Imagine if the process was the reverse: there are spots open to the top young kids, and if they don't perform we bring in other players. To its logical extreme it is nonsense, as we would be scrambling to fill spots and the coaches wouldn't have any options, and kids that truly aren't ready would be rushed. However: I would like to see at least 1 spot available for a young player each year - out of all the prospects, surely one should show he is ready. This avoids the catch-22 conundrum, and actually gives the young kids a chance - to compete against each other for that 1 spot - while at the same time keeping the pressure off them and giving the coaching staff lots of options. Even if it is on the 4th line playing 8 minutes a game (4th line doesn't have to be mindless grinders, it can be a skill line). The present plan - to not leave even 1 spot open - even when you have players like a 23 year old Goldobin or Boeser - means that some players who could blossom and turn into awesome players might not get the chance. The history of the canucks management strategy is to NOT give players who deserve it a chance, and think about contract status when deciding who makes the team. And we have a lot of one-way contracts for players who probably won't be easy to move. I'll believe the "make room" argument after I actually see it happen once... But overall, I don't mind the strategy of letting the team compete for spots - I just think there are a few too many players of middling talent that will always beat out young players who haven't really played pro yet. Just leaving one spot "open" each year during the rebuild would make way more sense to me.
  11. this topic is just a bad idea... 1. it will expose all the Trump supporters (aka people without empathy) 2. it will make everyone else seem petty and foolish by arguing with them please just lock this thread
  12. who cares? fishing violation? compared to drinking and driving, or killing someone behind the wheel (for which professional athletes have been forgiven btw)... really an unfortunate event - nobody really wants to fish endangered species - usually perpetrators are just ignorant of the rules and violate them. Never automatically assign malice to a situation that can easily be explained by incompetence peace
  13. he looks awesome in those highlights. Hopefully he can bring some of that this year or next!
  14. So jake is playing roller hockey this summer?
  15. do we have a choice? haha! it will all work out, we will have another good team with a shot in 5-10 years... patience... enjoy the process - especially now that the management is making better moves that correlate closer to reality! reality is a harsh mistress (the reference to Heinlein is intentional)! peace