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  1. Guaranteed 6th to 9th, 4 Points Better Than Last Year.

    yes, these quick posts really lack context. its easy to assume a context, which is almost never the one the poster had! We really have to be diligent about not assuming anything - like our own biases or anti-biases thanks!
  2. Draft Lottery

    JB is going to the lottery! so maybe he will bring a case of gin for Gary and that will be the clincher. haha!
  3. Guaranteed 6th to 9th, 4 Points Better Than Last Year.

    why is everything black and white for almost everyone? Holy $&!# I mean its fine, but how about this: nobody is 100% right, and nobody is 100% wrong... even about things you care about. So many assumptions ... I was never suggesting that mid level players are not required by every NHL team. So it is not surprising that a team has a bunch of them, or that some of them turned out to be potential stars. I would argue that every team also needs a few up and coming players who are contributing and finding their games. so not sure what you are trying to say...
  4. Guaranteed 6th to 9th, 4 Points Better Than Last Year.

    lets see... Boeser was scratched for 2 games. goldobin sat out. These are NHL caliber players, just as good as anything else we have / had. Or do you think Granlund or Gagner would be miles above the talent of these 2 players??? its not as black and white as you suggest. the players who would be competing for those spots would be NHL caliber players. don't forget the difference between an average NHL player and someone who doesn't make it is NOT very large. More to do with opportunity, and effort. so I don't buy it. Often you get more talented players competing for that spot than a lot of players in the lineup. There are considerations as to what role the team needs etc... Datsyk came into the league as a 171st pick in his year. The Red Wings, a playoff contending team, gave him a spot in his first year (he beat out some competition), and he wasn't very good. he was an average NHL player. But given that chance, after a year of playing he started to shine. Good story eh? But if the Wings had flooded their roster with FAs, Datsyk would have been in the minors for his first few years - he probably would have made it eventually of course, but it would have been mismanagement of the Wings if they had done that (of course nobody would ever know he wasted a few years in the minors... lol) /peace
  5. Guaranteed 6th to 9th, 4 Points Better Than Last Year.

    agree there is a balance. of course they . still have to earn the time - but the truth is that young players who need to develop won't beat out middling FAs who play a solid if unspectacular game, as they will be better in their own zone, among other things. I don't see the connection to getting the young players injured and having short careers. where does that come from?
  6. Stealth-Renewal Is 99.5% Realized (beauty, eh? :^)

    Jeez... and I know that isn’t even a word.... a lot of hot air here, what did Shakespeare say, much ado about nothing? yes: in retrospect JB messed up not keeping some picks. Obviously you wouldn’t make those trades again. If the players had turned out to be gems this would be mute. For me the narrative and WDs ice time distribution were the real sticking points. And the philosophy of trading picks always was risky... but hey his old team did just that and got Cam Neely back... And we got Naslund in the same kind of deal... so you can’t say it’s not worth the risk. But when it failed move on and admit it, and don’t force the coach to have favourite management players who he has to play to make the boss look good... that really pissed me off and clouded my judgement on other things for a while... what is it? Leipsic on a pig? All pigs are equal... but some pigs are more equal than others! It makes me think that mgmt would be the kind of people as employees that if they screw up they wouldn’t admit to it - which I don’t respect. Or maybe it’s ownership and they are not in a winning environment and can’t be honest? Maybe Aquilini is an asshole... maybe that is all it signifies... or the mgmt are people of low character... one or both of those, but something somewhere is wrong in the state of Denmark. but hey, regardless of my lack of respect for their modus operandi and fake narratives (no... I don’t support trump at all), it is impossible to deny they have done a great job bringing a prospect pool together. If they can just constrain themselves In FA... or fend off ownership, whatever it is.... next year could be really fun! And arent we due for a lottery win? Everyone start going to meditation classes and clear all negative thoughts from your heads and on the 28th leave your bodies to the astral plane and adjust the rigged lottery system with spiritual ... no &^@# that. Start worshipping Satan, and with any luck - which is backwards luck cause it’s the Canucks - we will sell our souls En mass for a guaranteed lottery win! Bah. No that won’t work. How about a fundraiser to help bribe betman and his crownies? Don’t know if we have time to raise that much moola.... death to the canucks! Long live the Canucks! Hot air ensueth....
  7. Guaranteed 6th to 9th, 4 Points Better Than Last Year.

    well for the few spaces "open" we could have just used the players that played the last 20 games... that got into the lineup due to injuries. Obviously their roles would be diminished, and no serious burden put on them - but you would be surprised what happens when you give someone opportunities... sometimes they actually might take advantage of it and show what they can do! Look at Goldobin and Virtanen (last 2 years)... they were basically forced into the lineup because of injuries, and lo and behold! Once they get used to playing at the NHL level, and they aren't in a position with a ton of pressure, they actually become serviceable NHL players, who can start to show something of worth. Without injuries, those 2 players would not have shown anything at all, and would be busts. Is that the best way to develop players? Don't time it out and decide which games to get them involved in and which games to put them in more advanced roles... just have injuries force your hand so you don't have to plan anything at all... is that really the best way? Not that the team was doing that, they were bringing in players to try to prevent the young players from having any chance at showing what they can do - to "protect them". What a load of BS imho. Seriously, what is wrong with leaving a few spots open for young players to compete for? Why do you have to flood all spots with FAs who are average players? What's the point? You never see what your young players can do, and you end up losing way more games - you can't say the team has been competitive at all... so what's the risk? that the team will finish 30th instead of 26th? Better to see what the middle of the road veterans you signed in FA can do with your existing team? So you can do what exactly? And I'm only talking about 1 or 2 spots here... I think this paternalism management thing is just nuts. It's the new political correctness of CDC. I'm not buying it. Give the young players a chance - you don't have to ruin them by putting pressure on them, but you can give them opportunities. /another endrant
  8. Guaranteed 6th to 9th, 4 Points Better Than Last Year.

    Yes... I understand that we need those players who understand the game and life in the NHL... but we already had a team full of them. I’m referring to FA and filling a few spots. Why not leave those few spots open to younger cheap players? Don’t understand why people are always opposed to that - it’s always the same argument: gotta protect the young players... well I don’t think they need protecting by keeping them off the roster - the protection required is how the coach utilizes them. We have a good coach who understands that... so why keep bringing in these average FAs??? Who turn out no better than a callup anyways...
  9. Guaranteed 6th to 9th, 4 Points Better Than Last Year.

    I don’t know... if the point of signing players is just to fill space.... couldn’t that be done with cheaper younger players? Who might actually work out and be here long term? Easier said than done... but why not try to play some of the fringe players - maybe a few of them work out
  10. Guaranteed 6th to 9th, 4 Points Better Than Last Year.

    by 2. I meant: I don't like the philosophy of his free agent signings. Look at last year as an example. The core group is coming together - at least in people's minds. What we needed wasn't a few middle of the road players who don't defend well or don't score... those kind of players we don't need to over-pay on free agency. We need a younger player like Kane who really has tons of potential. Or don't sign anyone. Or when the team competes in the playoffs then you try to fill in the missing pieces and get an aging vet who is talented, but not at this point in the development - better to get your younger players ice time and see what you have. Vanek: great player, great signing for the dollars. but.... he is not part of the future of the team. more of a signing to keep the team competitive. but that doesn't work. obviously, look at the results this year. Holm: I like this signing, young player who is worth a risk. Gagner: a middle of the road player who was just there to fill space. Better to give a younger guy a shot imho. On a competing team, drop him to the 4th line and he has value... MDZ: a defenseman who is actually rather poor at defending. not sure why this is a good signing at all... but I agree the canucks needed offense - but I would have rather seen Suban get a chance. his defense couldn't have been worse than MDZ, and he might have been more fun to watch. Or given Holm a better shot Burmistrov: another middle of the road player Nillson: I liked this as the contract was good, and he was just brought in as a backup, so a well defined role that he suceeed in previously Wiercioch: middle age, lower tier player. not really any upside. so that is 7 signings, 4 of which played this year. Only Vanek was an NHL player a competitive team might want in the position they played.... And he has a history of disappearing in the playoffs. so let me ask this: When the team gets competitive, are these the types of players we would want? Even if they did hang around long enough and could still play to their potential - why would we want these players? Would we have wanted them instead of anyone on the 2010 cup finals team? I think the answer is obvious... Play to your strengths... for the canucks that seems to be drafting and developing young players. so why keep trading for, and signing as FAs all these middle of the road players? Because we were worried about competing? that is actually laughable, we are the worst team in the league hands down over the last 3 seasons when we tried to bring these players in to be competitive. That is the really definitive proof that the FA signings have sucked - reality says so. /end rant. !! haha. Anyways, that is not so bad - still looking good for the canucks. they need to go after bigger fish in FA, or keep their money for next year. And get someone who understands the cap and contracts better! /peace
  11. Draft Lottery

    there is money involved. so of course it is rigged... always has been. nhl: how do you explain crazy officiating at imporant moments? Brett Hull foot in crease... called all year, but not then. Or like one team not getting a penalty or whatever? Or suddenly clutch and grab rules are thrown out the window when the Boston team is in the finals in 2010? These are just a few of the instances, but it happens all the time. the canucks can win DESPITE the system rigged against them, which is what our underdog fans want anyways While I would like our team to win the lottery, you have to think it is only possible if Aquilini gets on the inside of the decision making process somehow... or JB. if we win, it is because of a martini at a new york club some night - yes probably strippers are involved haha!
  12. Guaranteed 6th to 9th, 4 Points Better Than Last Year.

    hate to break it to everyone who wants to feel sorry for ourselves... but the purpose of the draft lottery is not to be fair. it is to NOT be fair. So that if you want to make your team better, you can't rely on tanking and the draft (mixed results anyways - where would EDM be without that last #1 pick? that is proof enough that tanking is a useless pursuit... not to mention that the best players in a draft are often somewhere in the top 10, almost never at #1 except on special years). You have to actually know what you are doing. Wow, imagine that! such a strange idea. To that end, the current regime: 1. Knows how to make the best out of their draft position. 2. Doesn't know how to sign free agents - neither the quality of the player nor the contract structure 3. Does know how to get a good coach and let them work - and see the young players develop properly 4. Making trades that improve the hockey club in alignment with the club's stated goals. I'd say this is a mixed result... but trades are so few these days and so hard to make it seems with all the crazy contracts... So say half a point for this. As I've mentioned before, all they need to really make a run would be a capologist and an astute contract negotiator. for a 3.5 out of 4. Which would be good enough at a chance at a cup. We are sooooo close. I would think that once the team is prevented from doing what they want because of the stupid contracts they have signed, it will force them to get a capologist and reinvent that portion of the management structure. As always, reality forces change... ideology is useless.
  13. Holy $&!# buddy... I’m only saying the picks aren’t comparable... I don’t have a sharp sticK. I didn’t poke anyone with the sticki don’t have
  14. I don’t only post negative stuff.... I love the prospects we have coming. But I do often see issues that I think are often the cause of not enough info... and sometimes are bang on. like I think we won the lottery last year. But I still think we are bringing in too many older players when we don’t need to. I try to be objective and don’t shy away from negative thoughts if that is what I see. To thine own self be true. Overall we have a good chance at the cup with the new prospects coming in - as long as the contracts get better! These are just reality based, and not necessarily negative. peace