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  1. Tank Thread

    Not very discrete then... that would be an obvious faux pas
  2. Tank Thread

    Jim told him who he was taking? Jesus... that is so stupid
  3. Tank Thread

    &^@# it Just win! No other thoughts
  4. we will see... he might not be top 4. some people say he would be a steady solid d... but who knows. certainly he he seemed a lot better than his peers (or close) when he was drafted... not so much now...
  5. Again - not a big deal he doesn’t have that experience - or may not even be good at it. He he should just realize that and hire someone to help with that part of the job. Easy to solve
  6. Like that time he thought Tyler Seguin was worth getting rid off? As he isn’t big enough? That’s not an endorsement at all... It’s one thing to be “in on” the inside talk. It’s another thing to make the final decisions and do the outside talk to the actual party. It is obvious he never had that experience
  7. I don’t know if adding late picks to mend fences is something that would need to be done. If he was liked then there would be no fences to mend. So that part of what you are saying probably isn’t true ... but it I agree he must have had a lot of experience in Boston as AGM. But a few things don’t add up: 1. The contracts. 2. The trades (such as adding late picks, when there was no reason to do so) 3. Saying he learned on the 3rd year on the job that he now realizes that depth defense men have more value at the trade deadline basically it seems that he had no experience with anything contractual at all. Nor with making any kind of deals at all. He must not have been that involved in those kind of decisions on Boston. Not a big deal but he needs to hire people to help him!
  8. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    I blame WD. He wouldn’t let T have the keys to the submarine for any of the weekend parties seriously though... the team is desperate for a player like him. If we start being competitive maybe he will consider it again. or maybe if his family moves to Vladivostok.
  9. So why do all the pundits say he had no experience? Something doesn’t add up
  10. Tank Thread

    We might not win another game. Not many anyways... We will have the best chance at this guy
  11. Tank Thread

    Haha. It’s time to win now isn’t it?
  12. Ya it must have been something big. I just wish that they had filled that vacancy with someone else instead of just amalgamating it into Trevor / JB's role... To my knowledge there isn't a capologist in their employ right now - but I'm not 100% certain about that...
  13. obviously... although there is probably someone newer that doesn't know anything about being a GM we can use instead! Someone who has earned it in the trenches. Ever hear of the Peter Principle? It is the principle that people are promoted to their level of incompetence. Based on the fact that a shipping clerk is great at doing the shipping work, that person is promoted to manage the shipping department. Of course that isn't their strength - their strength was doing the actual shipping. And someone else who isn't as good at actually shipping packages (determining what fits best in a box for instance, or which set of boxes to use) may be actually very good at managing the shipping department. In the end you have the person best suited to doing shipping work managing (cause they earned the opportunity and got promoted), and the person best suited to managing doing the shipping (and never getting promoted as they never earn it). I don't know who Peter was, but I feel sorry for the poor sod. So probably the same has happened with a lot of the recent Canuck GMs. Certainly MG and JB came in with virtually no experience, but have "earned it" by doing a completely different job. What a joke!
  14. Agree - MG did F All in a lot of areas. I’m not supporting any of that. Just saying he could negotiate a contract well. its like this: MG: we had a player agent as a GM. Strengths? He could negotiate contacts well. Weaknesses? Everything else. He had no experience. JB: we have a scout as a GM. Strengths? He can draft well. Weaknesses? Everything else. He had no experience coming in. we haven’t had an experienced GM in along time. Or someone who has been groomed for the job and at least has experience that way. Modus Operandi? MG and JB both learn on the job and make tons of mistakes. Maybe JB will learn about the cap or hire someone to help in this area
  15. If Gillis has just hired JB as a scout when he first came on board.... I’ll bet we may have won at least one cup by now. Say what you want about MG, but he could really negotiate a contract.