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  1. Seattle is playing awful. They're done.

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    2. viking mama

      viking mama

      And - imediately after posting those taunting words,...we have a tie game! LOL.

    3. Ronalds.Kenins41


      No this time they are done. Playing against a much better team. Maybe a late push at best

    4. Ronalds.Kenins41


      Always expect the unexpected now everyone is expecting Seattle to mount a comeback so it won't happen most likely

  2. Stone Cold says Reigns isn't ready
  3. Haha. @the _ironsheik @the _ironsheik: CROWD crap ON THE ROYAL RUMBLE #RoyalRumble2015 @the _ironsheik: DEAD DOG CUT BETTER PROMO THAN THE ROMAN REIGNS @the _ironsheik: YES OR GO frack YOURSELF #RoyalRumble2015
  4. Vince is upset over a botch that happened during Royal Rumble Match. Nice to see where his priorities are. He's more worried about that then for the 2nd year in a row of setting up the Rumble winner to fail.
  5. Great Article on 6 reasons why Daniel Bryan will quit WWE and follow CM Punk. http://whatculture.com/wwe/6-signs-daniel-bryan-will-follow-cm-punk-and-quit-wwe.php
  6. Backstage talk on Daniel Bryan and how they view him. DB is the new Christian.
  7. Cena will bury Rusev and he'll become a comedy act like Kozlov and The Great Khali.
  8. Speculation is the promo Bray Wyatt cut on SD that he was talking about The Undertaker.
  9. WWE has new policy that employees and talent can't date. Sounds like we may have seen the last of The Bunny.
  10. News on what HHH's big announcement could be. I'm thinking Reigns title opportunity is on the line.
  11. Mickie James returns to TNA. It's being reported that it's short-term return. Former WWE Star and Intercontinental Champion debuted at 2/20 Impact Tapings.
  12. WWE is no longer branding WM with numbers. More evidence of Vince being so out of touch.
  13. Rock and Cena both got booed at WM when Rock raised Cena's arm after the match.
  14. Backstage News On Daniel Bryan's elimination from RR. Vince really does view Bryan as B+ player, and as someone already mentioned the modern day version of Christian.