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    Why is it called a cup when it's really a bowl?
  1. It's neither on Madison, nor square, nor is it even a garden. Why call it that?

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    2. Barry Getman

      Barry Getman

      'cause Rogers pays huge amounts to paint it Red... Madison hasn't come up with a dime to change the geometry or grow things there!

    3. Barry Getman

      Barry Getman

      You can say that again! Life is really 10 years with good behaviour.

    4. Barry Getman

      Barry Getman

      Alaska is half of two Laskas, it is also a quest within an avatar (for the really cryptically minded readers.)

      Brazil is some mixed up zodiac catching a nap (again with the cryptic clue!)

      A volcano is solid evidence that we will salute when it is about to rock.

  2. Where did all the good chat go to?

    Any better place to chat than this that you know of?