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  1. Vancouver is looking to load up for the playoffs - all prospects and picks are available. Roster players who won't make the playoffs are available too
  2. Thanks! Work has been crazy this past month so I’ve only kept light tabs on my team but it seems like no matter how many points I get I still can’t make ground on @JE14 and his Hurricanes...
  3. Colorado would like to call up Jeremy Bracco and Haydn Fleury and send Bryan Little to IR Also, as @maroe mentioned we’re looking to move a dman ASAP. Reach out if you’re interested. Primarily shopping Spurgeon or Fleury but are open to chatting about others. @Nail
  4. Vancouver Canucks Mid-Season Update It's been an exciting year for the franchise in it's first year since the move to the Pacific Division. Long gone are the days of seeing the Blue Jackets, Rangers, and Flyers creeping up on me in the standings The team hasn't been fully healthy yet at any point in the season so fingers crossed for a speedy recovery to the boys so we can catch catch LA for first in the Pacific. The good -Nathan MacKinnon - Most exciting player in the NHL, if you ask me, and he hasn't disappointed this year. Despite injuries to his real life linemates, he's still chugging along at an elite pace and 3rd in the NHL in points. -JT Miller - I've followed this guy since he was drafted and was ecstatic when he got traded to Vancouver. Him becoming a staple on the Canucks' top line in real life is just the cherry on the top. -Connor Hellebuyck - I was slightly worried when I gave up a the 11th overall pick to acquire him in the summer but he's far exceeded my expectations. Hellebuyck is doing everything he can to drag the real-life Jets into the playoffs and has brought stability to my team's goaltending position for the first time in 3 seasons. The bad -John Klingberg - I brought him in over the summer to lead the team's defence but his slow start hasn't helped. Hopefully his last two weeks are an indication of things to come. -Johnny Gaudreau - From almost cracking 100 points last year and 5.8fp/g to 21 points in 29 games and 2.9 fp/g, he's definitely been the weakest link on the Canucks. Not ready to give up on him yet but my patience is starting to run thin... Roster Landeskog - MacKinnon - Miller Gaudreau - Schmaltz - Killorn Kreider- Coyle - Gaudette Garland - Iafallo- Barbashev Wennberg, Cousins Nurse - Klingberg Theodore - Werenski Kulak - Kukan Moore Hellebuyck Demko
  5. Was willing to pay someone to take Cam Talbot all summer...
  6. So if I signed Anders Lee as a free agent in July I could have traded him for Chabot three months later? Don't want to beat a dead horse on the sign and trades discussion but it's ridiculous to see this be an ongoing issue, for high profile players nonetheless. I know that Pittsburgh changed GMs but that's not really an excuse when the guy who signed Lee is still part of management.
  7. Canucks looking to acquire depth dmen!
  8. Could this please be processed/Chorney placed on waivers if he hasn't been already? On another note, to answer Salter's question above - I'm super happy to see Timmins back in action after a one-year hiatus
  9. Vancouver Canucks Opening Night Roster J. Gaudreau - N. MacKinnon - JT Miller G. Landeskog - N. Schmaltz - A. Killorn C. Kreider - C. Coyle - C. Garland A. Iafallo - A. Wennberg - A. Gaudette N. Cousins, J. Larsson, C. Rowney Z. Werenski - J. Klingberg D. Nurse - S. Theodore J. Moore - C. Timmins C. Hellebuyck C. Talbot Call ups: T. Demko T. Terry J. Veleno B. Nieves @Salter @Jaku could I please waive Taylor Chorney for assignment to the minors? Also - anyone want to move a bottom 2 dman for a bottom 6 forward?
  10. Colorado Avalanche Opening Night Roster L. Draisaitl - R. Johansen - D. Pastrnak A. Lehkonen - B. Little - J. Pavelski E. Haula - T. Bozak - B. Perlini B. Ritchie - A. Cirelli - J. Greenway J. Morrissey - A. Pietrangelo N. Zadorov - J. Spurgeon N. Pionk - D. Fabbro B. Holtby A. Khudobin @Nail
  11. I considered taking him if I still had my first but at least it was a mid second round pick and not a first hahah....
  12. Colorado ELC slides sorry - ignore this! miscommunication. Will update @Nail
  13. Working on it! Sent in two trades earlier and working on a couple more - will post a compliant roster before the deadline
  14. Agreed regarding Carolina - I think they were moved by the previous exec team back in the day because we had 5-6 teams in the Metro that were in the top 10 and it was ridiculous for a top 10 team to miss the playoffs. The landscape is obviously different now with Florida and Boston also emerging as top 5 teams. However, I don't think swapping my Pitts team with last year's Vancouver team was made with the intention of weakening the Metro. On my end I saw a chance to be GM of the Canucks and jumped at the opportunity. Vancouver scored 5,249 points last year while Pittsburgh had 4,978 which would actually make the Metro tougher. The difference was in goalie points which I had every intention of fixing and hopefully have addressed with Hellebuyck. So it seemed like an even swap on my end. If anything, it's nice to see more teams being competitive in the league! Kudos to the GMs who have stuck it out through long rebuilds and are slowly becoming competitive.