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  1. CDC Puck 2017/18

  2. CDC Puck 2017/18

    On behalf of the Pittsburgh Penguins I'd like to announce a change in management. Current AGM @Rampant Raccoon is relieved of his duties effective immediately. As anyone who has engaged in trade negotiations with me knows, he hasn't been active on CDC and probably hasn't even read any trade talks that he's tagged in. Unfortunately this inactivity has spread to other forms of communication with him the last month so I've decided to replace him. Please welcome @Isaiah as my new AGM. He's a very bright hockey mind and will hopefully be active in the thread and in trade talks. Although the final say for trades still has to go through me, I'll be including him in future trade talks with any team. Hopefully this change will speed up trade talks with Pittsburgh which I'll admit haven't always been the fastest. Also this is a reminder that anyone seeking playoff assets should send us a message. Been sifting through negotiations with teams the last month but haven't found the right deal yet. I envision taking all the way to the trade deadline to find the right deal (if any) but I'm always open for talks. Enjoy your evening!
  3. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Back on CDC after taking a short Christmas break. I hope that everyone had a great time I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I'm going to re-evaluate this team come January to see where we stand. Since then I've been passed by a couple teams and will probably be passed by more next month. Given the wave of injuries that my team has been hit with recently (Couture, Kreider, Letang, Byfuglien, Eaves, and Wennberg all out for extended periods of time) I'm going to cautiously explore trading away playoff assets. This isn't me making moves to blow up the entire team and drop all the way down the standings but rather trades that will make us better next year. As anyone who has dealt with me may know, I'm extremely patient when making moves so I doubt anything will happen right away. I don't feel obligated to trade any playoff assets away if I'm not getting the value I expect back and am happy to wait all the way to the trade deadline to see what happens. Of course, in the spirit of competition I'm going to try to ice a competitive line up for as long as we can so there's no need for Colorado, Ottawa, and Washington fans to fear. It's too late for us to enter the Rasmus Dahlin sweepstakes and even with the injuries I think I've accumulated enough depth to make the playoffs. Even though I'm not loading up for the playoffs, it doesn't mean we're going full tank either - the league wouldn't be fun if only a few teams are good and everyone else is fallin for Dahlin. It wouldn't help my team next year either. I'm just not confident enough in this team this season to count on it to beat the surging Rangers, the dreaded Blue Jackets, or the mighty Hurricanes in a first round playoff series, let alone get to the finals. I've been facing injuries to key players all season and despite admirable efforts from depth guys like Riley Nash to score points, I don't think we can beat the injury bug this season. TL;DR: PM me if you're interested in acquiring playoff assets or players to help push your team into the playoffs. Don't be offended if I read the message and don't reply immediately, I'll probably be taking the week to evaluate who I want to keep and who I want to move with my AGM @Rampant Raccoon. Enjoy the new year celebration folks! Been a fun 2017 and looking forward to the rest of this season.
  4. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Just finished an exam earlier this week so did a quick check up on my team. Still slipping in the standings Congrats to @Master Mind for passing us and securing second place in the Metro! Your team has been surging the last month. Wanted to give a quick shout out to some of the young Penguins who were invited to the World Junior selection camps this past week. between Conor Timmins, Dylan Samberg, Kailer Yamamoto, Eemeli Rasanen, Markus Nurmi, and Joni Ikonen I think at least one or two will make it. Although we don't have any high-end, sexy prospects in the system like many others here, the future looks alright. As for the NHL squad, it's been an up and down year. Started off hot, but too many of our core players slumping has finally caught up to us. If I still had a healthy Cam Talbot who was performing at last year's level, I'd probably still be looking at ways to load up but since I don't it'll probably be hard to go all the way in the playoffs without a number 1 goalie. As I've been telling a couple guys who I've been having trade talks with recently, if my team is still in this position in about a month's time I'd be open to looking at trading away some major playoff pieces. There are certain guys that I'd lean heavily towards keeping for a run next year but you never know. If anyone is interested in loading up let me know who you like and what you'd be willing to send my way and I'll keep it in mind. No rush though. Unless someone offers me a deal that knocks my socks off I'm probably not going to be making major moves before the new year as I want to give the team some more time. Still have an exam next week so won't be able to handle 15+ incoming messages when I wake up tomorrow haha. Enjoy the holidays, friends! Edit: Oh and welcome @canucklax! It's a fun league to be a part of and I'm sure you'll lead a successful rebuild in Colorado.
  5. Thanks for the reminder. We'd like to send Roland McKeown to the minors (no waivers as per spreadsheet) and move Arturri Lehkonen to the injured reserve. Link here: https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/hockey/news/canadiens-artturi-lehkonen-moves-to-ir/ Then call up both Zadorov and Chiasson. Based on my own spreadsheet that I'm calculating the math on, this puts us under the cap by 263k and satisfies the 12 forwards, 7 dmen and 2 goalies minimum. Hope this is right lol or it'd be super embarassing Side note: We missed the note on the spreadsheet that Zadorov only had five more games of waiver ineligibility so we thought we could keep him down there. Thanks Nail!
  6. CDC Puck 2017/18

    The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review was able to catch up with GM Watermelons amidst the team's rapid descent down the standings. See below for all the juicy details. Thanks again for doing this! Describe the team's performance this season in one word. Underwhelming Ouch. Could you expand a little on that? Not much to say there, to be honest. If you go up and down the lineup you'll see that key players in every position have underperformed. In particular, Wennberg, Talbot, and Kreider are top candidates for having a disappointing season. Coming into the season I had high hopes for Wennberg to continue developing as a #1 centre in the NHL but after putting up just 9 points in 18 games, it seems as though he isn't quite ready. We were counting on his production this year, and his average play and current injury certainly don't help. Similarly high hopes were put on Talbot's shoulders and he's been even worse. We turned down a ton of offers for him, including two that particularly sting right now. The silver lining is that he is on a reasonably cap friendly contract. Hopefully the real life Edmonton Oilers bounce back soon. Lastly, we have Chris Kreider. Historically he's been a fantasy darling who provides awesome category coverage but he's started the season extremely slow. We'll need him and teammate JT Miller to step up if we are to compete in the Metro. The loss of Eaves, who scored 30 goals last year, certainly hurts more than expected. You mentioned key players underperforming in every position. Tell us more about Pittsburgh's defence. The defence has been meh. Entering the season I honestly believed that our defence was one of the best in the league. A top four of Letang, Byfuglien, Shattenkirk, and Martinez is nothing to mess with. All four guys have consistently put up 4fp/g every season with Letang and Byfuglien averaging over 5fp/g. While all those guys are over the 4fp/g mark, I know that Letang and Byfuglien have another level to offer. An ugly -15 for Letang is unacceptable for a guy who gets paid 7.25 million a year. The two bright spots I haven't mentioned yet at John Moore and Shea Theodore. Moore isn't a household name but he's had an excellent start on a surprising New Jersey team. Theodore hasn't quite put up the numbers we're expecting from him but from watching his play in his last few game he's an NHL quality defender. The points should follow soon. It sounds like the Pens have a pretty bleak future then. Is there any good news for fans to cheer for? Anthony Mantha is definitely at the top of that list. He's been superb all season and we plan on locking him up long term very soon. He's going to be one of our core players going forward. Neal and Couture are having resurgent seasons and are currently keeping this team afloat. Free agent signing Alex Iafallo has been a pleasant surprise given that he's secured a spot with Kopitar and Brown on LA's top line. Schmaltz has also been doing well and we're excited to see if he can secure a consistent spot in Chicago's top six. Any other news you'd like to share with your fans? As we continue our slip and slide down the standings, it seems like my teams don't agree with the month of November. We started the season first in October last year and started dropping the standings in November. Same thing is happening to my RGMG team right now. I'm looking to make some changes to the team and maybe even entertain the idea of trading away some playoff assets. A handful of elite teams have been gaining ground on us and over the last two weeks we're the 16th ranked team. Things should change as I'm expecting guys like Wennberg and Talbot to get better but I'd be interested to see what's out there. There seems to be a couple teams that are going to be a force to reckon with in the playoffs and given that most of my players are on bubble teams, it's likely that I won't have close to a full playoff roster. Just to be clear, not that interested in trading anyone for a package of draft picks or prospects that are far far away from the NHL at this point. Ideally I'm looking at a one for one roster player swap to get a young player with similar upside on a team that you don't think will make the playoffs this year, but have good upside going forward. And in case that isn't clear enough, sorry I am not going to move a guy like Killorn for a fourth liner/7th dman who plays 8 minutes a game for Arizona. The key here is looking at moves that might cause me to take a small step back this year but get better next year. Not going to blow up this team for a 5 year rebuild after a rough 3 weeks in November. I understand it might be slightly early for many teams to consider this far in advance but I'm curious to see what's out there. I have exams in 3 weeks so have a bit of time now to chat before I go offline for two weeks. Two names that have generate decent interest in talks with GMs over the last week are Letang and Byfuglien. No guarantee that I'll move either guy but send me an offer if you are interested. (Note I just checked the standings and I'm back at 7th. I had just dropped from 6th to 9th when I started writing this yesterday morning lol)
  7. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Accurate representation of Pittsburgh's goalie situation over the first 20 games of the season
  8. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Ahh no wonder. Seems like the Vegas Knights don't exist on NHL.com or it's a glitch? Either that or the Vegas Knights stats on TSN are wrong? It has them at 31 games played right now. Someone explain this madness
  9. CDC Puck 2017/18

    HAHA everyone that sent me trade offers for Talbot should be thanking me for rejecting them Calgary (Gaudreau), Edmonton (McDavid), St. Louis (Schwartz and Schenn)? Aside from McDavid it's not really the usual suspects eh. The Blues are having a fantastic start to the season and their first line has been extremely productive. Happy to have Schenn in my Yahoo league. Tampa Bay hype is overshadowing everyone though
  10. CDC Puck 2017/18

    ^Talbot's season so far
  11. After an abysmal start to the season, things finally looking up and the Avalanche currently sit 11th in league standings. It's been about a month since GM Maroe and AGM Watermelons took over so the Denver Post thought it'd be a good time to check in. See below for an exclusive interview about this new management team. How do you two feel about the team's rise in the standings? Maroe: Obviously we feel pretty good about the way the boys have been playing. When we first took over we recognized that this team had a lot of great pieces that were underperforming. That's a testament to what the previous GM was able to do and we were in no hurry to blow the whole thing up. In fact, we can barely take any credit for the meteoric rise in the standings as we've only made one move so far and that earlier this week. Within 48 hours of joining we already had messages from 5-6 guys with a variety of offers. It certainly was tempting to accept some of them and build for the future. I'm happy that we didn't go down that route. Watermelons: Agreed. The best thing we've done so far is take a page out of Joe Sakic's book (Colorado's real life GM) and be patient. I can't say we predicted the team to jump up so quickly but we definitely didn't expect to be at the bottom of the standings for long. Shame that we didn't have a 2018 1st rounder to trade away while we were still 25th overall. Speaking of trades, tell us more about the Alex Pietrangelo trade. How did the negotiations go down and what should fans expect? Maroe: Pietrangelo will be a great addition to our team. He's been scoring at a torrid pace since Shattenkirk left the real life Blues team we look forward to him leading our defence core for the next four seasons. At $4.5M cap hit we can't think of many players that offer better bang for buck in this league. He was a player that we had targeted when we were first hired. We didn't know how NTCs worked so were planning on waiting it out before inquiring and fortunately Anaheim reached out to us about his availability. Watermelons: After about two weeks of tough negotiations with GM gmen81, we were under the impression that a deal would be completed by Friday night or Saturday morning. Out of nowhere, a major issue came up and negotiations came to an abrupt end on the weekend. As the two of us panicked, we started re-engaging with several other GMs about options to improve our defence - something we had prioritized upon being hired. Fortunately, we were able to make a compromise with Anaheim, which changed the our offer entirely. We had previously sent about 5-7 offers but none of them involved Christian Dvorak. He was a player that I was and still am extremely high on and was loathe to give up. Maroe echoed these thoughts until Anaheim indicated that Fabbro could be available. For those that don't know, Maroe is probably the biggest Fabbro fan on this forum and the moment his name was involved, I knew I was under strict orders to see the deal through - at whatever cost. While most of our fans would call this the Pietrangelo trade, in my boss' mind this is actually the Dante Fabbro trade. Maroe: *laughs* Now onto the other big piece we acquired, we are extremely pleased to add Khudobin as well. Pickard performed admirably last year on a terrible real life Colorado team and may have a solid future with the Toronto Maple Leafs. However, he isn't of much value to us this year. Khudobin has proven to be a good backup goalie in the past and we are very happy to shore up our goaltending with him. We also about 600k in the goalie swap, and for us every penny matters - literally. We wish Dvorak, Pickard, Braun, Zykov, and Lyle all the best going forward. How does this team stack up against the rest of the Central Division? Maroe: We still have a ton of work to do that's for sure. We have some familiarity with some of our rival GMs in the division like Master Mind, Somethingvery, Canuck Surfer, Bomba, and Inane. They are all quality guys who have the ability to build fearsome teams wherever they go. It'll take a lot more work to catch up to Minnesota and Winnipeg. Then there's two very well built teams in Dallas and Nashville that are right on our heels and could leapfrog us any moment. Chicago and St Louis don't look like major threats this year, but the season is still young and both teams have solid players as well. Should fans look forward to more trades in the near future? Watermelons: Absolutely. We're still trying to clear about one million in cap space so reach out to us if you're interested. We've been working the phones non stop since we joined and are just waiting for the right deal to come along. At this point we aren't actively looking to make another blockbuster, but if a deal like that comes up we're open to listening. Pretty much anyone could be available at the right price, although it'd take a huge offer to get Pastrnak, Draisaitl, Johansen, Pietrangelo, Morrissey, and Holtby. We've identified them as the core guys that this team will be built around going forward. Maroe: Don't forget to add Fabbro to that list!
  12. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Jack Johnson was traded in both Puck and FL within 5 minutes
  13. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Penguins front office right now upon hearing that divisional rival Columbus has made another move to bolster their roster Congrats on taking over 1st place in the Metro btw!
  14. Colorado would like to call up Ronald McKeown. We currently only have 21 players on the roster so no one else is being sent down. First time our team is calling someone up from the minors in this league so please let us know if we're missing something! @Nail
  15. CDC Puck 2017/18

    How I feel every time I check the standings