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  1. Brock Boeser Talk

    I think this Auston Matthews guy knows a thing or two about hockey. Future teammates? 
  2. I agree 100% with OP that Burrows is no longer the same player he is anymore but I would still keep him on the team if I was GM. When watching interviews of the rookies one player that is constantly mentioned is Burrows. He's a great mentor for the kids and if they learn to give 100% every game like Burrows does we would be a force to deal for years to come. He is definitely loved in the locker room and is someone that our rookies look up to. Is it really that bad of a thing to have a guy like that in the locker room? Also, if Burrows is playing as bad as people say why would any team give up anything significant for him? We would be better off keeping him because at this point he is probably worth more to the Canucks than he is to other teams.  OP didn't mention this but this is for the peole that always talk about his $4.5 million cap hit as if it's a serious handicap for us if we want to win a cup. But in the same post people also want us to tank. His contract is coming off the books next year and it doesn't look like we are even close to contending for the cup next season. With Vrbata, Hamhuis, Prust and others coming off the books we already have 15 mill in cap going into 2016/17. If Benning decides that Markstrom is ready that would be another 6 mill gone in Miller. I'd argue that it would be worth keeping Burrows to help guide the kids and show them what it takes to succeed in the NHL.  TL;DR: Burrows might not be making the same impact on ice as he did five years ago but he's still contributing in a positive way in the locker room. 
  3.   Nice article by Bob McKenzie on the Sedins. I didn't see it posted here yet. It's always good to see that many respected hockey minds (McKenzie, Babcock, Hitchcock, etc.) say good stuff about the Sedins.  Two other TSN analysts defended the Sedins today: Lebrun: http://www.tsn.ca/radio/montreal-690/lebrun-the-sedins-are-mistreated-and-unappreciated-1.421992 Ferraro: http://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040-i-1410/ferraro-ignorant-to-call-sedins-low-life-1.422015
  4. CDC Puck 2015/2016

    PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW There are rumours that pending UFAs Nicklas Grossmann and Patrick Eaves are available for teams that are looking to add depth going into the playoffs. Pending RFA Alex Killorn is also available for the right price. 
  5. CDC Puck 2015/2016

    PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW The Pittsburgh Penguins would like to thank Captain Woodget for his work as the Vancouver Canucks GM and Deputy Commissioner of this league. Also, as the trade deadline approaches the Pittsburgh Penguins would like to notify the market of players available from the team. Unfortunately the season has not gone the way GM Watermelons has hoped and the organization is looking to make changes. There are no untouchables on the team and the team is looking for an equal player/prospect in return. GM Watermelons is interested in a playoff player for an equivalent non-playoff player swap. (Ex. If Pittsburgh gives up a top six player they expect a top six player back). A deal involving multiple players going to Pittsburgh would have to involve bluechip prospects and/or high draft picks. The organization is not interested in adding more third/fourth liners or bottom 2 defencemen.  Side note: GM Watermelons is swamped with work and he'll try to reply as fast as possible. He would like to apologize in advance if he sees your message and doesn't reply immediately. 
  6. I'm not sure why you feel the need to put down Boeser to make Konecny seem like the more impressive player. Many others have already given scouting reports of both players but since you don't seem to like that let's take a look at your argument. In the 2014 Ivan Hlinka Tournament Konecny was captain of Team Canada and Boeser was captain of Team USA. Yes, Canada won gold and USA won bronze but that doesn't mean Boeser is a worse leader. Both were captains in the same tournament so I guess your argument that Konecny is a better leader because he was a captain is moot.  Konecny scored 5 goals and had 1 assist for 6 points in five games. Boeser scored 6 goals and had 2 assists for 8 points in five games. Looks to me like Boeser came out on top the last time these two competed in the same tournament. Boeser also killed penalties at the tournament as well. So both players can score goals and kill penalties, but Boeser scored more goals/points than Konecny.  How are they performing in their respective leagues? Konecny is 10th in scoring like you mentioned and Boeser is 12th in scoring. Is being 10th overall so much more impressive than being 12th? Keep in mind that Boeser is playing as a first year in a league that has players ranging between 18-22 years of age whereas Konecny is playing in his third year in a league that has players ranging from 16-20 years of age. Konecny is expected to dominate (which he is) while Boeser, a younger player in a new league, is not.  Boeser has been compared to Patrick Sharp and Kyle Okposo who are both impressive players. I'm not sure why you use player comparison as an argument for why Konecny is better. Yes, Konecny has impressive player comparisons but he also compares with Schroeder. Schroeder also was a skilled offensive player who scored a lot in the WJC. The reality is that smaller players have more difficulty adjusting to the NHL. You can point out Patrick Kane or Johnny Gaudreau but for each of those guys there are many who didn't make it.  How can you be sure that Konecny will make it next year while Boeser will take another four? Maybe NHL teams should hire you since you seem to have the ability to predict the future...  
  7. If Francesco was actually a good business man

    I've said it before and will say it again. If he wanted to make 2 million from playoff revenue why wouldn't he just make us a team that spends to the cap floor and save $18.6 million dollars. If he was in it for the money he could be like Ottawa's owner and save money on signing players instead of making a little bit every year from two playoff home games. 
  8. Schmaltz went from 0.68 PPG in his first season to over a PPG after he started playing with Boeser. That line of Boeser - Schmatlz - Gersich has actually been one of the best lines in college hockey this season.  Curtis Lazar was captain of Canada's team last year so I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say Konecy will be captain for back to back years. In fact, Konecy wasn't even on team Canada's 2015 IIHF Junior Hockey Tournament. I understand that you are a big fan but making up facts doesn't make you anymore credible. Also, your argument for Konecy seems to stem from the fact that he's Canadian. Would you pass on Jack Eichel, Dylan Larkin and Auston Matthews for Konecy because they aren't Canadian? Being Canadian does not make someone a superior hockey player. Funny how you mention drafting Matthews in the post above this one. Using your logic, shouldn't we pick a Canadian instead? Lastly, you also mention that Minnesota passed on the hometown boy Boeser for someone else which implies that Boeser sucks. The Canucks passed on hometown players in Curtis Lazar and Shea Theodore in 2013 (for Bo Horvat and Hunter Shinkaruk respectively) and those guys turned out fine.  
  9. Boeser has 11 goals in 18 games, putting him 2nd in scoring amongst freshmen and three goals behind the nation lead of 14. he also has 8 assists for a total of 19 points. Boeser is doing this as an 18 year old playing against guys who are between 18-23. This is taken directly from the Brock Boeser prospect thread: - Most shots as a freshman with 61 (T-13th in NCAA)- Most goals as a freshman with 11  (T-4th in NCAA)- Best goals/per game as a freshman with 0.61 goals per game (19th in NCAA)- Best +/- as a freshman with +21 (3rd in NCAA)- Most hatricks as a freshman with 1 (T-1st in NCAA) Boeser is scoring at a similar rate as guys like Nick Schmaltz, Kyle Connor, Colin White, and Jim Vesey. These guys may not have been top 5 picks like some of the players you mentioned but they are all considered to have very high ceilings. Yes what Konecy is doing is impressive but keep in mind that he's playing against younger competition (16-20) than Boeser. Also, both players are at the top of their respective leagues in scoring so I don't see why Konecy's value is supposedly much higher. Just because ome so-called "big name" prospects are playing in the OHL doesn't make what Boeser is doing in the NCAA less impressive. 
  10. CDC Puck 2015/2016

    The Pittsburgh Penguins would like to welcome Brandon Dubinsky, Byron Froese and Joey Hishon to the organization. We believe that all three will become an integral part to the organization's success in the future.  We would also like to wish Marcus Johansson the best of luck in New Jersey.  Lastly, we would like to extend our thanks to GM Somethingvery for a fair negotiation process and for putting in so much time into the deal.
  11. CDC Puck 2015/2016

    BREAKING NEWS The Pittsburgh Penguins have been having an extremely disappointing season. GM Watermelons expected the team to be a playoff contender, or at the very least better than bottom 5 in the entire league. The team has never been fully healthy on any given night and it hasn't helped that our top forward, Logan Couture, has only played 3 games this season. To make matters worse, key players like Alex Killorn, Alex Wennberg, Kris Letang and Cam Fowler have under performed all season.  GM Watermelons doesn't want to make any rash trades. He still has faith that his players will turn their seasons around but would be open to listening to any trade offers/inquiries. Pittsburgh isn't looking to blow up their team at this time. GM Watermelons just wants to know what is out there. Rumors say that Pittsburgh is looking to add young players who are already making an impact in the NHL or are on the brink of making the big leagues. They are also looking to add some depth to make up for the wave of injuries that have hit the team.  Our sources say that there are no untouchables on the roster but the team is reluctant to trade Couture, Letang, Lundqvist, Okposo or Nyqvist. If GMs wish to acquire one of those 5 players they should be prepared to give up an equivalent player and/or a blue chip prospect. Pittsburgh is not looking to simply acquire multiple depth pieces for one of their core players. 
  12. Who will stay - Virtanen or McCann? (article)

    McCann scored his first goal on the Flames against Mark Giordano and Dougie Hamilton. Sean Monahan was also on the ice. He scored two goals against Montreal and Carey Price. The same Carey Price who came into Vancouver with a ridiculous 1.29 GAA and 0.961 sv%. PK Subban and Andrei Markov were on ice for both of McCann's goals. Say what you will about Subban's defence but when he's on the ice he usually has the puck and isn't scored on by a rookie. His goal against the Blues was scored against the David Backes line. I'd argue that Backes is one of the top big, strong, defensive centres in the West.  His Phoenix goal was against Max Domi and his line. Domi isn't exactly considered a top defensive centre but when he's been on ice this season he's the one that scores not his opponent. All of McCann's goals were scored against the 1st or 2nd line of teams and in a couple cases against their top defensive pairing. I don't see a problem here...Just because he plays on our so-called fourth line doesn't mean that he doesn't have the chance to play against the opposing team's top players.  Not the mention that McCann has made anyone he's played with (Prust and Dorsett in particular) look great. Prust and Dorsett have scored over 10 goals just a couple times over their careers but that entire line looks dangerous every time they are out there. Coincidence?   
  13. Fun Fact: The winner of tomorrow's game moves into first place of the Pacific Division while the Anaheim Ducks are dead last...Did not see this coming at all
  14. CDC Puck 2015/2016

    Demotion/Call Up: The Pittsburgh Penguins assign Nick Cousins to the AHL (waiver exempt) and call up Shea Theodore.
  15. [GDT] Canucks @ Kings Oct. 13/2015 7:30PM SNV

    Willie likes to roll four lines so it doesn't really matter whether a line is considered "second", "third", or "fourth." I always saw that as more of a fan thing that helped casual fans associate who is the "better" player on the team. I doubt Willie cares what number a line is. If you really want to give them a number then they would probably be the third line. Sure, some teams still have a defined top six and bottom six but it's a lot more common in today's NHL teams for teams to roll four lines, or at the very least roll three lines. Dorsett - Sutter - Virtanen could be a solid line tonight. They'll be a fast, aggressive and hard hitting line. That's exactly what we need to succeed against a big and slow Kings team. If they can be aggressive on the forecheck and wear down the Kings D then it'll be a successful night for that line. My projected lines: Sedin-Sedin-Burrows Baertschi-Horvat-Vrbata Dorsett-Sutter-Virtanen Prust-Cracknell-Hansen