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  1. It's certainly been an interesting off season in CDC Puck. Bold moves by several teams in the Pacific and I can see a couple teams there moving up in the standings next year. I'd say that LA and Vancouver have lots of room to go up in the standings based simply on the fact that their goalies weren't fully utilized last year. Quick was injured for most of the season and from what I can remember the previous Vancouver GM had benched Holtby for the entire season until @Tylez took over right before the traded deadline. Combine that with a couple smart trades and it certainly wasn't surprising to see Vancouver make it to the finals last year. Will that be enough to push some of the Metro powerhouses out of the top 10? Hopefully all of them but Pittsburgh
  2. Those with make up picks or picks remaining, I'd be willing to swap my 2018 5th for a pick this year if the player I want is still on the board
  3. Pittsburgh selects Patrick Harper @Sygvard @Sestito'sHandMadeVodka @GillisFace you guys are up
  4. I was going to take Ingram lol Pittsburgh selects Dylan Samberg @Canuck Surfer you are next
  5. The pick has been traded to @Salter for a combination of draft picks.
  6. Pittsburgh selects MacKenzie Entwistle Just got home, will be ready to make my next two picks while I read the trade offers y'all sent in over the last week.
  7. Pittsburgh selects Joni Ikonen with the missed pick. Sorry for the delay folks. Will be back in business and ready to answer trade messages tonight.
  8. Haven't checked CDC for a few days and Vegas takes one of my players and I have 5+ messages for trades. Rest assured, I'll get back to all of you earliest tomorrow and latest by the weekend. Have some stuff to take care of the next few days so can't do my due diligence on any trade requests yet. That said, one of Lundqvist or Talbot will be traded by the start of next season. A couple have already sent me new offers for Talbot but the preference is to move Lundqvist. Either way, I probably won't lose sleep over who moves as long as the deal makes sense for Pittsburgh. Let me know if you are interested!
  9. Detroit is interested in making another in the first round or first half of the second round if the price is right. Let me know if you are interested in any of my players.
  10. The Detroit Red Wings are proud to select from the Brandon Wheat Kings, Nolan Patrick @Ilya Kovalchuk. you are up
  11. In some last minute negotiations for the 2nd overall pick. If nothing is sorted out by later tonight then I'll make the pick.
  12. Pittsburgh is also open to last minute negotiations. Not looking to make a big splash before the expansion draft but would be willing to help a team out who wants to get some value for a player they expect to lose.
  13. Thank you Commissioner for processing the trade. We would like to extend a thank you to @maroe for the quick negotiations. Sheahan is a young player who put up very solid numbers in the past but had a rough season this year. We hope that he will rebound and contribute to the Islanders playoff contention next year. While his real life team may not make the playoffs, he will help them improve in the standings and acquire a favourable playoff position. To put this out there and hold us accountable, the conditional pick will upgrade to a 2019 Detroit 2nd rounder if Sheahan scores less than 25 points next season. Given that he has scored 25+ 2/4 of his NHL seasons and 24 in another, 25 should be a reasonable goal. Very excited to add DeBrusk to the organization as we continue on our mission to get younger.
  14. On behalf of the Pittsburgh Penguins, I am proud to announce the hiring of @Rampant Raccoon as AGM. He is a very intelligent hockey guy and I am looking forward to having someone to bounce trade ideas off of in a league that is full of vultures who seem keen on poaching my young players away from me. Please include both of us in future trade negotiations. Pittsburgh is still open to pre-expansion draft negotiations. We have at least one key player to be exposed in all three positions so we'd be interested in exploring any type of trades, including those that mean sending us expansion eligible players back.
  15. Pittsburgh is entertaining offers on all players and picks going into the Expansion Draft and Entry Draft in June. As always, no one is untouchable but some players I'd be more hesitant to move. Among those available include the rights to Michael Neuvirth who could be in a 1A/B situation next year on a up and coming Flyers team. I'll be heading out to town for the weekend but will be looking to make a longer post regarding the future direction of this team and some of the studs that will be on the trade market when I'm back. If you love talking trades then feel free to message me early to get a head start. On a side note, really loving the fact that we get to keep track of playoff points even though we have been eliminated. Too bad that my roster was 'illegal' for the last week so I couldn't collect any points from my guys until yesterday. Would have been interesting to see how I stacked up against the other teams.