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  1. Pittsburgh is entertaining offers on all players and picks going into the Expansion Draft and Entry Draft in June. As always, no one is untouchable but some players I'd be more hesitant to move. Among those available include the rights to Michael Neuvirth who could be in a 1A/B situation next year on a up and coming Flyers team. I'll be heading out to town for the weekend but will be looking to make a longer post regarding the future direction of this team and some of the studs that will be on the trade market when I'm back. If you love talking trades then feel free to message me early to get a head start. On a side note, really loving the fact that we get to keep track of playoff points even though we have been eliminated. Too bad that my roster was 'illegal' for the last week so I couldn't collect any points from my guys until yesterday. Would have been interesting to see how I stacked up against the other teams.
  2. The Detroit organization is extremely excited to have the opportunity to draft 2nd overall in the upcoming draft. I'm sure glad that we agreed to protect the draft pick, as unlikely as it was for Detroit win the lottery. That said, Carolina seems to be taking some heat for the trade. I'd just like to clarify that when we entered negotiations Carolina had 6 players in mind that they were interested in on top of a 1st round pick. We were able to hammer out a deal that included 3/6 players and a 1st round pick. From my end it seemed like the trade could work out well for both teams, as we both acquire a couple young pieces going forward. The 2nd overall pick probably won't be on the market but I'm open to listening to offers if anyone is interested in acquiring it. For a capped strapped team like the Red Wings that has a limited prospect pool, this pick will be a huge addition to our team. Thanks to those of you that messaged me the last 2 days since I posted that I was interested in acquiring another 1st. I still would be interested and will get back to you asap. Haven't had much of a chance to look into fantasy hockey this weekend yet.
  3. Since Philly won does this mean Detroit won the draft lottery and are moving into 2nd overall spot? For the record, in the trade that was sent in (confirmed by Carolina as well), it was conditional on Detroit not winning the draft lottery and moving into the top 3. If we moved in then the pick would be pushed to a 2018 1st rounder. Could someone confirm? I don't want to get ahead of myself lol.
  4. I would like to thank GM @morrissex95 for his patience during the ongoing negotiations that date back to quite a while ago. As others who have been in trade talks with me may have noticed, I've been replying pretty slowly in April due to finals season. I have been wanting to acquire a young top six player with top line potential since I took over as the GM of the Red Wings and created a list of young guys I wanted. We are pleased to acquire one of those guys in Galchenyuk. For some reason he seems to be in the coach's doghouse on his real life Montreal team but we believe that he as a ton of potential to be a top line centre for us going forward. When I first took over this team my priority was to get younger and create cap room, both of which I feel I have accomplished in this deal. We'd like to thank Andrew Ladd, Reilly Smith, and Colin Miller for their services with the Red Wings. Ladd had a rough go this year and we felt that going to the East would be a good opportunity for him. On a young Hurricanes team that is stacked with young talent, they could easily be in the playoffs quicker than the Red Wings as we are stuck in a uber competitive Western Conference. It was tough also to give up two young talents in Smith and Miller along with a 1st round pick, but I feel like Petrovic and Janmark are worthy replacements. Thanks also to @Baer. and @Tylez for processing this trade. Looking forward to the summer. Detroit is interested in moving a couple other big names on the team, including Kopitar, Seabrook, and Kessel. Looking to recover my 1st round pick and/or acquire young NHL ready talent. I'm willing to take back a bad contract in return if that's what it takes.
  5. Congratulations to @inane for an amazing playoff performance. Couldn't really say that I was in the race at all considering that you had almost double my points. Even with a healthy Letang and a couple other guys sneaking into the playoffs I don't think I had much of a chance either way. Finishing eight overall is not bad but expected a little more from my team and probably should have traded some of my bubble players away for playoff reinforcements. That said, quite happy to see some of my players doing well. Lundqvist in particular is having a spectacular playoffs, finishing tied for fourth in points after the first round. Good luck to the rest of the teams in the next round of the playoffs! Pittsburgh is open to making moves between now and the expansion draft. Our priority is to create some cap space. Message me if you are interested!
  6. Thank you. Too many people here read one little quote and take the entire situation out of context. Out of 66 games played this year, Tryamkin played 12:59 or less in 7% of those games. If we take a look into each game in more detail, I'd say that the ice time in those games were fair. January 12th 2017 - TOI = 11:36 - Tryamkin also had 4 minutes of penalties in this game (slashing and holding calls respectively) so he spent a significant amount of time in the box. The Canucks also had six power plays that game and if I recall correctly, Tryamkin was never used on the PP as he never demonstrated the highest offensive instincts (just to put this out there, I'm not here to argue whether or not he deserved PP time, but simply to show that the game situation changed which likely affected how much Tryamkin would have played given his usual deployment) December 11th 2016 - TOI = 12:39 - Again, Tryamkin spent 2 minutes in the box. The Canucks also had 5 powerplays. December 30th 2016 - TOI = 12:09 - The Canucks had 7 powerplays this game which probably contributed to the low ice time. February 11th 2017 - TOI = 12:27 - No abnormally high amount of powerplays on either side nor was Tryamkin punished. Maybe he wasn't having the strongest game or others were having a much better game? Or maybe some other factors could have been in play. Either way, this is 1/66 where he's played less than 12:59 and I can't seem to find any in game factors (based on the boxscore) to suggest why. February 18th 2017 - TOI = 12:11 - Same as the one above, the amount of powerplays were not absurdly high on either team (Canucks had four PP) and he wasn't penalized. That's 2/66 games where the boxscore doesn't suggest any external factors affecting his game time. Maybe Tryamkin had two bad games on February 11th and 18th so Willie decided to lower his ice time a bit. Maybe there were other factors. But even if the other 3 games (where the PP time was high and/or Tryamkin spent significant minutes in the box) were included, that's only 7% of the season where he played 12:59 or less. Really puts the "I didn't understand why I played 20, 12, and then 15 minutes every night" quote into context imo. As others have said, if he wanted to be in the NHL next season he would be. I don't see much evidence supporting those that try to put all the blame on Benning, Linden, or even Willie. I posted this earlier and thought I should quote it again just for arguments sake.
  7. You did a fantastic job with both Vancouver and LA, @Captain Azzy. If the previous Vancouver GM hadn't been inactive and benched key players like Holtby for over half the season, I'd bet that the Canucks would be pushing for a spot in the top ten this season. Similar situation in LA with Quick's lengthy injury as well. That's potentially 200-250 points lost for each team. I'd expect both teams to improve next year based on the GM being active and setting rosters. Not to discredit the work that @Tylez and @Beary Sweet have done with their teams, of course. I love the activity that both GM's (and others) have brought into this league. Speaking of goaltending, as some may know from ongoing negotiations, Lundqvist is available if anyone is interested. The asking price is not high - I'm looking to create some cap room for my team. I'd probably be looking at a decent prospect or roster player (a goalie coming back my way is not a requirement). He may be getting older but he score 344 fantasy points this season and should likely put up stellar point totals as long as NYR keeps winning games. I could even take back a cap dump my way.
  8. I know a ton of people here are going to roast Willie about Tryamkin's ice time (it was my initial reaction as well) so I took a quick look at the breakdown and to me it seems as if the minutes he played were fair for a first year NHL'er. To clarify, I was not the biggest Willie supporter and had issues with his line deployment but wanted to see how the numbers stacked up. 11 mins TOI - 1 game 12 mins TOI - 4 games 13 mins TOI - 3 games 14 mins TOI - 7 games 15 mins TOI - 7 games 16 mins TOI - 16 games 17 mins TOI - 10 games 18 mins TOI - 7 games 19 mins TOI - 3 games 20 mins TOI - 3 games 21 mins TOI - 5 games *12 mins ice time would mean that he played between 12:00 to 12:59 ice time. In 51/66 total games played, Tryamkin played more than 15 minutes. That is 77% of the games he played this season. In 44/66 total games played Tryamkin played more than 16 minutes. Can a rookie really complain about playing more than 16 minutes a game for 2/3 of the season? Mind you, he didn't exactly put up stellar offensive numbers so he didn't get PP time, which could have boosted that total a bit. I'm too tired right now to go through how these numbers stack up against the rest of the Canucks defence (someone else can do that if you have the time) but to me it seems like pretty decent ice time for a first year rookie. In my initial post, I used Google translate to translate an interview from Tryamkin where he mentioned that he would be playing 20 minutes and then 12 minutes and then 15 minutes and get confused but he only played 5/66 games in the 12 minute range or lower. That's 7% of the games this season. He also came into training camp out of shape and no young player should be granted a spot on the team if they aren't ready to play. Jake was sent down for more conditioning and ice time and rightfully so. Tryamkin declined to go down to the AHL where he presumably would have had the chance to play more minutes. I was definitely wow'ed by Tryamkin's big hits and presence on the ice and am sad to see him go. I just thought that these stats were interesting and maybe some of you will find it interesting as well. I took the numbers from hockey-reference. I'm guessing that the chance to go home and play with teammates he grew up with in a culture/place that he knows was ideal. That's a fair decision. It would be tough for any of us to move to a new job in a country we don't know and need a translator to have a simple conversation. I hope that Canucks fans don't turn on and him and whatnot just because he decided he wanted to do what's best for his family. Maybe he'll come back one day. Just a personal thought to add as well is that he might also have to chance to play in the Olympics now if the NHL is going (assuming he has a big season). That might be a small factor in his decision as well. http://www.hockey-reference.com/players/t/tryamni01/gamelog/2017
  9. I guess it's official since it's on the KHL twitter and on the team's website. Link here: http://hc-avto.ru/news/1843/ Translated an interview with Tryamkin through Google Translate below. If someone else knows Russian then feel free to put a better version. Seems like ice time was an issue. Link here: http://eanews.ru/news/sport/Nikita_Tryamkin__Ya_rad_chto_vernulsya_v_Ekaterinburg_20_04_2017/
  10. Make up 30 points? Consider yourself lucky. I have to make up 117 points lol Shoutout to @inane for having an insane first round. Like I said when we got matched up, my team doesn't have enough firepower to beat you especially without my top three defencemen and my 2016 playoff MVP in Killorn.
  11. Congratulations to @Captain Azzy for pulling off a last minute upset to win the Presidents Trophy. Any GM that is ahead of @somethingvery's Blackhawks in the standings gets my vote for GM of the Year
  12. My team has slumped pretty hard the last couple months and as things stand right now we are looking like an easy opponent to defeat in the first round. I currently have 10 players injured currently and over the last 2 months have had key guys like Lundqvist, Letang, Kreider, Couture, Neal, Byfuglien, and Mantha all out at the same time. I have been resting two guys in Miller and Martinez over the last two weeks in hopes of avoiding a match-up against @Master Mind's Rangers as well but I don't think I could have caught up either way. You and @Monty have built a fantastic team that looks poised to be a contender for years to come. What a turnaround it has been for the Blue Jackets compared to a bottom 5 finish last year (if I remember correctly). That said, @inane it looks like I'll be facing you in the first round. Going into the season I had pretty high hopes for my team but with key players in Martinez and Killorn being eliminated and Letang ruled out for 4-6 months I don't know if my team has enough gas in the tank for a long playoff run. It doesn't help that my top 3 defencemen are all unavailable in the post-season. My only hope right now would be a high scoring series between the New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadiens that ends up with the Rangers winning. Projected playoff roster assuming everyone becomes healthy: JT Miller - Logan Couture - James Neal Rick Nash - Alexander Wennberg - Chris Kreider Patrick Eaves - Nick Schmaltz - Tommy Wingels Matt Stajan - Riley Nash Johnny Oduya - Nick Holden Taylor Chorney - Adam Clendening Shea Theodore Henrik Lundqvist Aaron Dell
  13. Letang is out for the season. There goes my best player for the playoffs. See you all next year, lol
  14. Willie actually turned down Pittsburgh back in 2014. He was their top candidate but he turned them down for the Canucks. The article was written on June 21st 2014 (Saturday) and the TSN reports of an offer being sent was the Thursday before that. https://www.nhl.com/news/penguins-top-choice-to-coach-out-of-mix-report/c-723193
  15. Don't want to be off topic here but it was pretty cool that they mentioned having Brock's parents read the opening lineup was Willie's idea. I know that there's a lot of discontent with Willie (and I find myself questioning his lineup decisions as well) but I think that you have to give credit to him for what he's done with some of our young players - Horvat, Baertschi, Granlund, Hutton, Tryamkin, Stetcher, and Tanev even (who was 24 when Willie joined the Canucks and only had one full NHL season under his belt). Anyways, behind the scenes clips are always interesting and I'm super happy for Boeser. The future is bright.