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  1. I hope that Winnipeg and Calgary both lose in overtime/shootout in their next games and that their game goes to OT too. Just so that LA misses the playoffs while watching one of Calgary or Winnipeg make it losing their last two games.
  2. I always knew that Moore having a weak neck had something to do with it.
  3. Only a phone interview? Remember Bertuzzi? The league has a short memory.
  4. Zdenek is spelled right that is Chara's dads name.

  5. You're not a bright person.

  6. When will someone get the blasphemers? Buddhists rise up.
  7. a conspiracy theorist.

  8. Charlie Hunter - Baboon Strength
  9. Maybe they're instructions?
  10. You think I'm really cute? Thanks!

  11. Thanks for the new quote dude. That one is priceless.

  12. They should have random weight inspections to go along with the drug inspections, which I guess I am just assuming they do in UFC.
  13. I think you spelt Zednik wrong :P

  14. No not Czech. It's not my real name. I took it from a window washer I used to know,