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  1. I hope that Winnipeg and Calgary both lose in overtime/shootout in their next games and that their game goes to OT too. Just so that LA misses the playoffs while watching one of Calgary or Winnipeg make it losing their last two games.
  2. I always knew that Moore having a weak neck had something to do with it.
  3. Only a phone interview? Remember Bertuzzi? The league has a short memory.
  4. Are you thinking of making a change for change sake? Or do you think that he's better than someone else in the line-up? Who do you put take out, in his is place?
  5. I started reading when the guy above me said it was a great post. I stopped reading to post this when I saw that date of Linden being drafted.
  6. But more seriously, this really seems like a joke. At the very least the punishments should eventually lead to a suspension. Otherwise it's simply not a deterrent. Just consider the value of a power play to a team compared with the combined value of the fine and the shame scaled by the probability that the league actually fines the player. I think that anyone who was willing to dive before is still willing to. Hell, teams will probably start swear jars or give-away jars or embarrassing offside jars to help compensate divers. I'd be quite happy with a one game suspension every three dives (maybe reducing to every two dives after the first suspension, depending on how often the league actually passes this judgement).
  7. Hmmmm, surprised that it wasn't a Canuck making history for the league's amusement. That's supposed to be our job.
  8. That leg . . . so that's what they did with Sopel after he tripped on that cracker.
  9. Zdenek is spelled right that is Chara's dads name.

  10. You're not a bright person.

  11. When will someone get the blasphemers? Buddhists rise up.
  12. a conspiracy theorist.

  13. You think I'm really cute? Thanks!