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  1. Booth actually became pretty physical his last two years with us. I remember he looked like Volpatti out there throwing hits at times.
  2. -First round pick turned into McCann, who turned into Gudbranson, who was swapped for Pearson. -Third round pick was traded for Dorsett -Bonino was then traded for Sutter -Sbisa taken in the expansion draft.
  3. Iirc Sedin-Sedin-Burrows Raymond-Kessler-Samuelsson Torres-Malhotra-Hansen Higgins-Lapierre-Oreskovich/Glass Tambellini Bolduc Edler-Ehrhoff/Salo Hamhuis-Bieksa Ballard/Alberts-Salo/Ehrhoff(only playing here if Alberts was on the L) Tanev Luongo Schneider Our D was so deep. Imagine if Ballard played like he did before getting to Van...
  4. I understand why they're trying to limit the amount of fights... but deep inside (probably watched at least 60% of AHL and NHL fights the past 10 years) it sucks as a fan... Especially when guys who do know how to fight (Wilson) opt not to because it's just not as common anymore. Even last night, seeing Wilson refuse Ferland sucked, would've been a good fight. Prior to that, Wilson turned down Kassian and started glove punching him instead against the Oilers on Thurs. Gonna be interested (or sad) seeing what will be considered a "fight" in hockey 10 years from now. Maybe it'll just be two guys squaring up and facewashing each other with gloves on.
  5. Already lost our chance by losing Jensen-Schroeder-Kassian
  6. Any avid hockey fight fans out there know what happened to dropyourgloves.com? Noticed it's been down for more than a month or so

    1. RRypien37


      Hard to keep a site with no new content. Sad times. 

    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      There's hockeyfights.com but it isn't as good IMHO.


      Besides, I'm a lover not a fighter.






      Actually I'm a gutless coward.:P

    3. LeanBeef


      @RRypien37True, was still nice to go on and check out certain fight cards when bored... Feel like I spent more time there than CDC the last few years. RIP (hopefully not) dropyourgloves.com I guess

  7. Let's hope Ferland and Wilson show up this series... Seems like theres always a series where a older style powerforward dominates... Byfuglien in 2010 vs Canucks (Brown in 2012 vs Canucks and Kes in 2011 vs Preds but they arent really classic powerforwards) Ferland 2014 vs Canucks Kassian 2016 vs Sharks Wilson 2018 vs East and LV Now theres one on both sides... hope it's a physical series
  8. Remember Kassian? See alot of similarities in their d zone play as young powerforwards (ie. Kass when he was here)... Now Kass is looking like one of the leagues most reliable penalty killers. As some like to say about young powerforwards; they have all the tools but no tool box. Looks like Kass has finally organized all his tools in his new box. What's keeping Jake from doing the same?
  9. What a ridiculous thing to say.... We dont even have anyone else in OJs family on contract just checked the roster page in Vancouver and Utica
  10. Love Petterssons off ice IQ. Just slipped through a bunch of dumb questions without losing his composure. Very poised with the mic, you can even see him execute the classic Bertuzzi "it is what it is" flawlessly unlike previous prospects (McCann) Seriously though... those reporters man...
  11. Totally agree here. I feel like alot of fans began to see Granlund in a negative light with the emergence of all the young players. Almost as if they were looking for flaws in his game to point out so they can justify why he wont ne on the team. True, he didn't play his best last season. However, he was a part of the Sutter at Dorsett line at the beginning of the season which was a great shutdown line to start; kinda reminded me of the Manny, Torres, Hansen line in 2010 that would be the starting lineup for many games. When I see Granlund play, I see all the tools to make him a successful player; skill, hockey sense, and willingness to battle. He reminds me little be of Chris Higgins when he was here. Hope he proves alot of fans wrong.
  12. For someone his weight, he seems pretty strong on his skates which is a good thing to see because he is only gonna get stronger
  13. Watching Kass run around for the Oilers hurts. Looking like the powerforward we all wanted him to become

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      5 points in 17 games. Exactly the kind of player we wanted him to become.

    3. Salmonberries


      He just took another dumb one...

    4. LeanBeef


      It's not just about the points. Kassian has looked like a consistent physical force out there every game. Something he only did only every few games (ironically always showed up against Edmonton) with the Canucks. 

  14. anyone here have in n out before? Finally going to have it in a few weeks. How does it compare to triple o's/a&w?

    1. Wilbur


      Went there on a road trip to LA in 2006.  I don't remember them to be anything special.  Cost wasn't high, so I wasn't expecting anything special.  Solid, low price hamburger.  I'd say Triple O's is better.

    2. nux4lyfe


      My first stop every time I go to Vegas.

    3. nzan


      love it.

      always thought the name was a surprising choice though...who wants a burger thats in n out?