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  1. https://twitter.com/TSNRyanRishaug/status/1057319176438607873?s=20
  2. Kassian may still have things he needs to deal with off the ice, but if they're considered issues? I'm not sure According to a few of my friends who are Oilers fans, Kassian just got married this summer... wife also expecting this year. So of course hockey wouldn't take the biggest priority when so many new life events have been happening for Kass which most likely contributed to his slow start. Also, they were saying how Kass is well liked in the locker room and has taken on a leadership role. Wherever he goes I'll still be a big Kass supporter.
  3. I'm the biggest Kass supporter out there... and was when he was here and even in Edmonton. Unfortunately though I doubt the Canucks are gonna take another shot at him. Benning didnt seem too high on him at all after seeing him play... I believe Kass was looking like a lock to play on the 2nd line with Bonino(Benning had some nice things to say about Kass after his extension that off season as well) before the season started and slowly found himself in Willie's doghouse. Benning even went as far as saying Kassian didnt necessarily bring toughness and that Prust would be a better fit in that regard.... I miss his dynamic on the team (teammates seemed to like him alot) but his consistency is what I think would deter Vancouver from going for him.
  4. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Love Petterssons off ice IQ. Just slipped through a bunch of dumb questions without losing his composure. Very poised with the mic, you can even see him execute the classic Bertuzzi "it is what it is" flawlessly unlike previous prospects (McCann) Seriously though... those reporters man...
  5. Name That Canuck!

    Winner winner chicken dinner
  6. Name That Canuck!

    He played for Seattle in junior and was drafted by St Louis.
  7. Really liked how Motte looked today, reminded me of Hansen from 09-11.
  8. Markus Granlund | #60 | C/W

    Totally agree here. I feel like alot of fans began to see Granlund in a negative light with the emergence of all the young players. Almost as if they were looking for flaws in his game to point out so they can justify why he wont ne on the team. True, he didn't play his best last season. However, he was a part of the Sutter at Dorsett line at the beginning of the season which was a great shutdown line to start; kinda reminded me of the Manny, Torres, Hansen line in 2010 that would be the starting lineup for many games. When I see Granlund play, I see all the tools to make him a successful player; skill, hockey sense, and willingness to battle. He reminds me little be of Chris Higgins when he was here. Hope he proves alot of fans wrong.
  9. GDT - 2018 Canucks' Young Stars Tournament

    I'm excited for Jett Woo too.
  10. Name That Canuck!

    Nope not quite
  11. Name That Canuck!

    Correct...God damnit hahaha I've posted on this topic very few times and I feel like it's always you who gets it... Let's see if you can get this:
  12. Name That Canuck!

  13. Name That Canuck!

  14. Thought he might have had the chance to make the team when he played for us in preseason back in 2011. Gained my respect when he fought big Douglas Murray. AV seemed to like him as well, happy to have him back. ... looking pretty clogged up front though
  15. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Different scenarios but Jake this season kind of reminds me of Kassian in the season Torts was here. Started the season off ok, then disappeared for a bit, slowly gained confidence, and ended off the season playing the way we all wanted to see him play. Kass got 29 points (career high still) that year with a big chunk of those points (over 75 percent iirc) coming from the last 30 games of the season. Hopefully we see the same, if not better from Jake.