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  1. There’s a clip on a YouTube video with all his messages, where he cursed Jett Woo saying that he wanted to “go” his girlfriend.
  2. I remember buying vitamin water xxx for every game this series as some sort of superstition. For this game, I don't quite remember why I wasn't watching the start game at home but was listening to it over the radio with my dad. Just remember passing toys r us on Broadway and hearing that Burr scored the first goal of the game, taking a huge gulp of that "vitamin" water. To this day whenever I drink that (or even the sugar free version now that I try not to drink sugar lol) it reminds me of the whole series.
  3. The results line is a joke. luckily, I was able to get in yesterday to give info after multiple attempts trying to direct me to voicemail. Tried calling again today (trying to be as proactive as possible) only to get hung up on (someone was on the line, I said hello then line dropped) so tried to leave a voicemail.... only to find out that the VM box is full and can no longer take messages. Luckily for me my info is there already, but how about the many people who are anxiously waiting for their results but can’t even get ahold of anyone in the # that was given to them?? I was told they were trying to get extra staffing (my results have been delayed an extra 2 days from the initial timeline given to me) but just wondering when that’ll happen... I get the lines are backlogged, but at a time like this, would seem like more measures would need to be taken to respond to those who have been ASKED to call the line. anyways, hope everyone is taking care of themselves.
  4. Leftover Filipino sour soup(sinigang, has beef and jackfruit in it) -Leftover Korean fried chicken garnished with a mustard green onion and radish slaw -Kimchi (cold and straight from the fridge) -slightly cold white rice to go with the soup didnt have an appetite until I came thru to this thread and it got me going straight to my fridge Seems like there’s a lot of good cooks on here.
  5. Crazy how for most of the season Raymond, Edler, Hansen, and Schneider  were considered our youngins at 24 back in 2010-11... Currently, our captain is 24 with younger guys making a solid impact on the team.... wonder how the team will look with a few years of maturation

    1. drummer4now


      I think rather good imo.. Some really nice pieces coming in future.

      Fingers crossed no one pulls a Kesler and the core remains for many years.

      I predict at least a 2nd round advancement in the playoff this year if we can get in, and maybe

      if we are lucky 3rd. 



  6. my heart still hurts.... I was on a basketball highlight binge when I heard the news and im just still so shook RIP Kobe #8/#24
  7. Booth actually became pretty physical his last two years with us. I remember he looked like Volpatti out there throwing hits at times.
  8. -First round pick turned into McCann, who turned into Gudbranson, who was swapped for Pearson. -Third round pick was traded for Dorsett -Bonino was then traded for Sutter -Sbisa taken in the expansion draft.
  9. Iirc Sedin-Sedin-Burrows Raymond-Kessler-Samuelsson Torres-Malhotra-Hansen Higgins-Lapierre-Oreskovich/Glass Tambellini Bolduc Edler-Ehrhoff/Salo Hamhuis-Bieksa Ballard/Alberts-Salo/Ehrhoff(only playing here if Alberts was on the L) Tanev Luongo Schneider Our D was so deep. Imagine if Ballard played like he did before getting to Van...
  10. I understand why they're trying to limit the amount of fights... but deep inside (probably watched at least 60% of AHL and NHL fights the past 10 years) it sucks as a fan... Especially when guys who do know how to fight (Wilson) opt not to because it's just not as common anymore. Even last night, seeing Wilson refuse Ferland sucked, would've been a good fight. Prior to that, Wilson turned down Kassian and started glove punching him instead against the Oilers on Thurs. Gonna be interested (or sad) seeing what will be considered a "fight" in hockey 10 years from now. Maybe it'll just be two guys squaring up and facewashing each other with gloves on.
  11. Already lost our chance by losing Jensen-Schroeder-Kassian
  12. Any avid hockey fight fans out there know what happened to dropyourgloves.com? Noticed it's been down for more than a month or so

    1. RRypien37


      Hard to keep a site with no new content. Sad times. 

    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      There's hockeyfights.com but it isn't as good IMHO.


      Besides, I'm a lover not a fighter.






      Actually I'm a gutless coward.:P

    3. LeanBeef


      @RRypien37True, was still nice to go on and check out certain fight cards when bored... Feel like I spent more time there than CDC the last few years. RIP (hopefully not) dropyourgloves.com I guess

  13. Let's hope Ferland and Wilson show up this series... Seems like theres always a series where a older style powerforward dominates... Byfuglien in 2010 vs Canucks (Brown in 2012 vs Canucks and Kes in 2011 vs Preds but they arent really classic powerforwards) Ferland 2014 vs Canucks Kassian 2016 vs Sharks Wilson 2018 vs East and LV Now theres one on both sides... hope it's a physical series