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  1. Not saying he was a great fighter, but he was one of those guys who could handle himself pretty well due to size and strength.
  2. There's not much competition for him right now honestly. A few years ago that would be different but after Reaves there's not too many much better than Stewart. Sure there's Lucic, McQuaid, Prout, etc. but one could argue that they are in the same tier. Not to mention in his last 8 years in the NHL (according to dropyourgloves) he has only lost 3 fights.
  3. He was a pretty underrated fighter. Held his own at a young age against Mcgrattan, did pretty good against Ivanans after a hard hit on Henrik I believe, and destroyed Chris Stewart who is one of the top fighters in the nhl right now. He did get clocked by Engelland a few years ago and I giess thats what people remembered him for
  4. At least if they go here the kids are guaranteed a ton of playing minutes.
  5. Just a few years ago oilers fans hated Kassian for what he did to Gagner.... now they love him and Gagner is with the Canucks.... so much can change
  6. For someone his weight, he seems pretty strong on his skates which is a good thing to see because he is only gonna get stronger
  7. To think we could have had both of these guys on our team at one point.. oh well hindsights 20/20
  8. Weird seeing Burr in a different jersey but I'm happy he did well in his first game with them!
  9. Missed the game, how was McEneny?
  10. Best neutral zone player in the league... can't say the same about the other two zones
  11. That is true now that you mention it. Even the years we had Mitchell, Hordi, Glass, Rypien, Bieksa, O'Brien, Brown there were times they would stick up but not really as a pack. The closest I've seen it was the year under Torts when we had Sestito, Kassian, Stanton, Bieksa. Good times. It even carried over early on to the next season for a bit(only two games, one vs Edmonton and one against Phoenix where Sestito tried to fight Hanzal who injured three players the previous year) with Dorsett added in as well... That is before Sestito was waived and Kassian was given the WD treatment.
  12. Ritchie is beasting it out there this game.
  13. What a load of BS. No one can match Bartkowskis neutral zone play
  14. The Gallant bros are pound for pound some of the toughest guys out there. Iirc Alex Gallant tko'd McGrattan last year