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  1. Todd Bertuzzi says Thomas Vanek a good pick

    The league should have let the two teams settle things the game after the Naslund hit. They didn't. Moore should have stepped up and answered the call instead of running. Bert should not have done what he did. Number of factors that led to the whole mess.
  2. Have Vancouver offered/or will they offer him anything. Is this a case of if he signs elsewhere, Vancouver goes oh geeze now what? I like what Miller did here. Hopefully he ends up with a contender.
  3. My prediction not that anyone cares........ More of game 6, rough and oilers win big.
  4. Is there a future for the Sedins after their current contracts?

    For some reason I fully expect to hear about extensions sometime during the season.
  5. Can you imagine him maybe starting to become the player he was expected to be. Would probably make someone like Lucic expendable next season.
  6. What are you listening to?

  7. Automotive Enthusiast Thread

    The daily driver The summer driver And of course the dream car
  8. The NHL is on high alert for Dec3 Leafs game.

    Remember the last time the league was on alert for a Canucks game. Does Bertuzzi ring a bell.
  9. (Old Rumour) Seems the decision has been made to free Willie

    Yes Mr. Crawford did have some passion behind the bench.
  10. Dangerous dogs registry

    It should include every breed then. Be certain that every breed has the potential to kill. Period.
  11. Dangerous dogs registry

    I have a rottweiler. The chances of her going after someone are about the same as the tree in my backyard stealing your car. She is simply not aggressive, dangerous in any way shape or form. Now you can say well you are saying this because it's your dog. Nope that gene just simply does not exist in her. It's not there. If she were an aggressive dog I would not have her. That being said I would never put her in a position where she or someone could be hurt. My dog is never ever left alone with someone. That's for her protection not yours. I could go on with this for an awful long time because it is something that I am very passionate about but that would get us no where. I will end with this. There are going to be bad dogs just like there are bad people. Please do not judge my rotty by something another has done, she is not that dog. I have said to people that do not like this breed. Come and meet my dog, if you come with an open mind you will leave with a little different view of the breed. No one has taken me up on the offer yet.
  12. Did the Canucks Tank on Purpose last Year

    I don't think it was on purpose. I just can't picture a professional team doing that. I think it's more of a case of a team making changes that will benefit in the long run and hurt in the present. Unfortunately I think it will be more of the same this season. Guess I am setting my sights low so as not to be to disappointed with the season.
  13. {Article} Sedins Will Make History In 2016-17

    Only 83 players have done it before, I would have thought it would have been many more. Makes it that much more of an accomplishment.
  14. What Are You Currently Reading?

    The girl in the box series by Robert J. Crane. I think it is a 7 book series.