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  1. Only 83 players have done it before, I would have thought it would have been many more. Makes it that much more of an accomplishment.
  2. Juice by a long shot.
  3. The simple straight to the point answer...........nope.
  4. Ya I can say the same thing.
  5. Everyone will survive. The fans, the team, the media and the players. I don't have a problem watching a young team that plays to win even if at this point they can't.
  6. Now that they have moved some non ex oiler players into management positions a few years and they will be unstoppable if they hang on the these young players. Edmonton will be an awesome place to see a hockey game. Oh and for the record I hate the word tank. I much prefer just plain not good enough.
  7. The girl in the box series by Robert J. Crane. I think it is a 7 book series.
  8. Hansen over rated........................bah.......................I have seen enough thank you.
  9. Win or lose, young or old I would just like to see this team play hockey. Play like they love the game, play like they want to be there, play like they mean it.
  10. Exactly. Win is a win, loss is a loss and a tie is a tie. A hockey game lasts 60 mins, that's it.
  11. Back to old school. After 60 minutes the team with the most goals wins. If after 60 minutes the teams have scored the same amount of goals each then 1 point each. Oh and the game ends after 60 minutes, no OT, no shootout.
  12. I would like to see the two point system again. Sixty minutes whichever team has the most goals gets two points. If they have the same amount of goals they each get one point.
  13. Howie Meeker and Peter Puck. Great intermission entertainment.
  14. Simply stated my answer is yes. His job to lose or have taken away.
  15. I don't think this team is a contender next season no matter where they pick in the draft. Just my opinion.