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  1. Jett Woo | D

    Woo! Physical defensive player to play with Hughes?
  2. Anywhere to watch the other rounds of the draft on TV?

    1. Pears


      Sportsnet has it

    2. johngould21


      Telus 911HD, I didn't realize it was being covered.

  3. So if we sign Hughes now can he play in the AHL next year?

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    2. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      Thanks! Would love to see him in the A next year.

    3. Jaku


      Yes. But, he sounds pretty convinced he's going back to U-Mich. 

    4. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      @Jaku From what he's said today, it actually seems like Hughes thinks he can play in the NHL next year. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see him turn pro.

  4. Calgary: C Sam Bennett Ottawa: LW Mike Hoffman Calgary had trouble with their offense amongst other things this year. Bennett hasn’t lived up to his potential but is still only 18 *cough* 21 sorry. Hoffman give them a proven top 6 winger. Ottawa is a mess. Hoffman’s value is low and need to go. The allegations against his fiancé are serious but the guy can still play hockey. Ottawa gets a young 21 year old player for their rebuild, and ya they need to start the rebuild NOW. what doth thou think?
  5. That’s one more gone from “The Sad Club”. Well deserved.

  6. Balancing the NHL

    Cut the teams down to 16. 8 highest earning teams from each conference get to live
  7. Colton Parayko. What would it take to get him in the Canucks. 

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    2. Guile


      Hey, not a bad idea, I just think he's one of those guys (like Ekblad, Seth Jones, Theodore, H. Lindholm) that is still young and too talented to be traded for anything less than a king's ransom. Doesn't mean we can't fantasize, particularly when we have a (incredibly raw and thoroughly reduced experience-wise) similar player currently biding his time in Russia that may be that sort of defenceman for us in the future

    3. Pears


      Probably a starting point of Juolevi+7th overall++. This dude is a beast in every aspect of the word. I think we’d have a better shot at prying Trouba away from Winnipeg via offer sheet. 

    4. Phil_314


      If we could find gems like Lind, Gadjovich, Demko, Corrado/ Hutton (lesser but still a success story) and Tree in later rounds I don't doubt that we could find a Parayko.

  8. (Proposal) VAN -DAL

    It’s Honka OR Ritchie. Not both. And I would argue that Nilsson does get you Spezza and Ritchie. Dallas unloads Spezza’s contract and gives us a throw in with Ritchie or Honka while shedding like 6mill in cap space. With the addition of Tanev and our 2nd I would say that’s more than enough to get the 13th overall pick.
  9. Vancouver: D Chris Tanev, G Anders Nilsson, VAN 2018 2nd (37th) Dallas: C Jason Spezza, RW Brett Ritchie or D Julius Honka, DAL 2018 1st (13th) *If Spezza waives his NTC. Dallas: -Dallas has problems on Defense. Tanev is a great defensive D-man. Though often injured he still has some good value and can push Dallas into the playoff picture. He would be a great partner for offensive guys like Klingberg or Heiskanen. -I don’t think they want Lehtonen back so they’re in need of a backup. Nilsson was decent for us and is easily an upgrade on Lehtonen. Could steal them a few games unlike Lehtonen. -They also get to unload Spezza’s contract. Rumours have them wanting to get rid of him. Vancouver: -We get a guy to fill in at C while Pettersson adjusts to the NHL. Then if Spezza plays well we could flip him at the TDL. -We also get either Brett Ritchie or Julius Honka. Ritchie would add toughness to our weak roster. Honka is a young puck moving d man with potential. -Their 1st this year for taking Spezza’s contract and giving them a top 4 defensman. What do you guys think of the value? 3rd line C, B prospect, 13th overall Top 4 d man, backup G, 37th overall
  10. Hypocritical Racism

    Thinking white people cant be the victims of racism is a part of the problem. How are we to move past and unite if people continue a cycle of racism? This just divides us more. A black person can’t be a Republican? And if he is he’s turned into a white racist? Apparently people can’t have their own opinions. Give your head a shake people and stop trying to separate our species.
  11. I’d still do it
  12. Why won’t they have a 1st in 2019? Was that part of the Duchene deal?
  13. I updated my trade idea taking into consideration your guys suggestions while balancing it with my own perception about how I think Melnyk runs his organization (Still think he’s a cheap SOB who will look to cut salary)
  14. I think you guys both underestimate Melnyks cheapness (or perhaps I am overstating it). Unloading Ryan’s contract has been one of his goals for a few seasons now. perhaps we add but I don’t think it is far off. however the question I was proposing was just if you would take Ryan’s contract if it meant getting the 4th overall pick if we didn’t have to give up an arm and a leg to get it. If the trade was reasonable. His contract is pretty brutal. The Baertschi idea was just an idea.
  15. Soooooo I was thinking, would you take on Bobby Ryan’s contract if they gave us the 4th overall pick? I know they said they’re 99% sure they would keep the pick but knowing Melnyk’s cheap axx he would probably bite if he could cut that salary. I was thinking something like Vancouver: -LW Sven Baertschi or LW Nikolay Goldobin -D Ben Hutton or D Derek Pouliot -VAN 2018 2nd (37th overall) (Edited from simply Baertschi) Ottawa: -RW Bobby Ryan -OTT 1st 2018 (4th overall) Who knows maybe Bobby Ryan can get back to at least 20G playing with Pettersson or whoever we draft at 4th and 7th.