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  1. Dahlen-Pettersson-Boeser/Virtanen Need a bigger guy flanking them. Kind of like the Sedins and how we were looking for a tough RW to play with them all their careers.
  2. Tanev is worth more imo. Florida would have to add me thinks
  3. Galchenyuk is a 23 year old 30 goal scorer. Dubois is a 19 year old who just had a disappointing draft +1 year. Not a proven commodity like Chucky. I think Chucky is worth more
  4. Montreal: C/LW Pierre Luc Dubois Columbus: C Alex Galchenyuk WHY MONTREAL: -Montreal has been rumored to be looking at trading Galchenyuk. -Bergevin was very high on Dubois during his draft year. -Dubois is a French Canadian from Quebec and Montreal loves their Frenchies. -Dubois can play LW and C. Excelled at C last year. WHY COLUMBUS: -Columbus is a good team ready to compete now. -Dubois is still a few years away at least. -Galchenyuk helps them right away. Columbus may need to add more to get this deal done. I think it would be beneficial for both teams.
  5. Does anyone think Tryamkin will return to the canucks down the road? I sure hope so. Thinking 3 years from now he will come back to us


  6. All these guys that are on my bucket list to see. Soundgarden and Mobb Deep.
  7. Canucks should take a gamble and trade for Derrick Pouliot on Pittsburgh. Hasn't lived up to expectation but was amazing in junior. Could probably come for cheap.

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      pouliot was a defense partner with canuck's anton cederholm. could be a good gamble if the price isn't too high. 

    2. canuktravella


      subban for pouliot       subban wins cupmnext yr lol 

  8. Hoping we get some more Canadian boys on the team. Seems like we have a ton of European players. Nothing wrong with that but I'd prefer hard working Canadians. Also I want fast and gritty. If someone from another team gives a dirty hit I want someone from each line that can pumble them.
  9. Would love to get both but won't happen
  10. Only thing interesting about the finals are the Nashville fans. Hockey has been hella boring 

    1. milk and honey

      milk and honey

      been like this last couple playoffs imo.


      nba is so predictable now


      nfl/cfl and mls for playoffs are fun.

    2. goalie13


      I'll take this kind of boring over 6-0 boring.  At least this way, the outcome is yet to be determined.

    3. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      Im biased but imo the last great series was the Van-Bos series. The hatred and drama in that series was unreal. The entire hockey world was talking about how nasty it was. Nothing like that since

  11. Am I the only one seeing Van-SanJose?
  12. Honestly I think the hard cap is best. You look at the NBA and how bad that is working out with only Cavs vs GSW year after year. I would rather not have that in hockey. Pens for 2 staright years is an anomaly but Cavs and GSW will be the norm for years to come in the NBA
  13. Do you think the Habs would be willing to part with Galchenyuk for our 5th overall? We may need to add but I don't think they are too big on Chucky and the Habs are heading in the wrong direction. They may need to start a rebuild soon. Their team isn't built properly.






    Chucky is a 30 goal scorer and still young. 

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    2. Blue Jay 22

      Blue Jay 22

      If we added a significant piece onto the pick, I could see them having interest. 

    3. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      they desperately need scoring so I doubt its on the table. 

    4. Roger Neilson's Towel

      Roger Neilson's Towel

      I would take this deal and run if I were JB, that said, I doubt it's on the table. They would want too big of an add imo. 

  14. Benning should sign Henrik Tommernes. Had a breakout season in Sweden. Get er done Jimbo

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    2. Odd.


      Sign EVERYONE

    3. mll


      He just signed a two year deal with Geneva.

    4. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      Darn. Should gave grabbed him instead of Holm or Larsen

  15. Don't think Cassels or Lockwood will be NHL players. This is how I see our future lines turning out. Dahlen-Glass-Goldobin -Glass (If we select him in the draft) is a very good playmaker and 2 way center. Dahlen and Goldobin could be our 2 most offensive threats and Glass can be the set up man. Baertschi-Horvat-Boeser -I think this line was our best line at the end of the year. Keep them together and see what they can do in a full season. Granlund-Gaudette-Virtanen -Gaudette had an amazing year in college. Good two way game, and offensive instincts. Jake I see has a Raffi Torres type who can pot 20 goals and be a physical force. Granny had a good year and I think is most suited for a LW spot than C.