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  1. Nick Suzuki reminds me a lot of Brayden point of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Spunk, thick game, good offensive ability.
  2. Josh Norris is a REALLY good player; I'd be surprised if he falls below 20. He's consistent, works hard, and is productive at both ends of the ice. We'll see how things go for him, but I've had my eye on Josh Norris since last year.
  3. I wish the draft were today

    1. Salmonberries


      Me too. I love the draft -- and I'm stoked about that extra second round pick.


      Let the draft begin!

    2. Jam126


      Your profile pick best describes your emotion right now. :lol:

  4. I agree with where Button has Cody Glass. Great player.
  5. Everybody I've talked to has him in the top 10. I think he's definitely a potential elite player, and, in the same boat as Mittelstadt, where he could bloom into a franchise player. Not a sure shot though. Potential is there to reach really high.
  6. Right now I'd say it's more like this Patrick Hischier Liljegren Mittelstadt Tolvanen Vilardi Kostin Foote Vesalainen Rasmussen
  7. Gonna keep an eye on Mick Messner. Saw him at the All American prospects Game. Interested to see where he's at now, definitely had the physical strength to be an NHLer.
  8. Mittelstadt is my Ehlers for 2017 draft
  9. Liljegren has definitely made a case for first overall, to the point that nobody would question the team that takes him instead of Patrick. He and Patrick are going to be for-sure elite players. Mittelstadt has a bit less going for him, as he is in that range where he'd be considered a potential elite player. In my eyes I see him as less of a sure shot, but a higher ceiling. A "maybe" when it comes to being an elite player, and the potential to bloom into a franchise center is what I'd say.
  10. Mittelstadt is by far the best offensive player in this year's draft aside from Nolan Patrick. He's also pretty good defensively and he's very competitive. It should be a no brainer for him to be going in the top 5. By the time the Canucks pick, he could be gone.
  11. so... I finished Pokemon Sun on Saturday, finished the postgame on Sunday, started a part-time job at BestBuy on Monday, realize I have a two-part assignment due today, two comedy assignments due on the weekend, a dialogue and prose assignment due next week, a four page essay due next week, and a final the week after... and I'll be working most nights.  POKEMON IS A HOLE >:(

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      18 points in 22 games so far this year. You were right...*Bows to Master Resident CDC Scout

  12. That's the thing, we don't really have an idea of what this year's draft class will look like in the NHL. It's kind of... well, there aren't a whole lot of sure shots. In other years, there have already been visions of futures for players. McDavid, we already knew, was going to fit in as a league leader and point getter. Nolan Patrick and Mittelstadt have the potential to be league leaders in points, Liljegren has potential to be a #1 franchise D, Vilardi/Hischier/Poehling have potentil to be #1 centers. There's more potential in this draft than many others, but whether potential translates to success and 0% chance of failure is... well that hasn't really been talked about. I would say there aren't any sure shot NHL players yet. We'll see later on in the year whether any players cement themselves as prominent NHLers. Right now, the closest to those ideals are Patrick, Mitelstadt, Liljegren, and Tolvanen.
  13. The top 5 could even go Patrick, Mittelstadt, Liljegren, Hischier, Vilardi at this point. It's so variable and early on in the year. This top five was recently suggested to me by a Sportsnet source; not naming. Whether I'd agree with it... Hischier has definitely risen to that point. Thoughts?
  14. Poehling is really good too if Mittelstadt's gone. He's dynamic, he's fast, and he knows how to bury the puck. He'll impress a lot of people. Mittelstadt is on a whole other level, however.