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  1. I mean, I saw Broberg compared to Virtanen in the way he thinks the game... I like him a lot, but he has to get smart.
  2. Hypothetically Speaking Hughes goes first, Kakko goes second, Byram goes third, Dach goes fourth, Cozens goes fifth, Turcotte goes sixth, Boldy goes seventh, Caufield goes eighth, Podkolzin goes ninth... Who are you picking at 10?
  3. I would be horrified if what Button's mock draft says comes to pass. Literally overlooking Turcotte, Krebs, Zegras, Newhook and Soderstrom for Harley... that would be a very disappointing day in Vancouver in my books.
  4. What about who they take at 8? I could honestly see them picking Soderstrom or Broberg if Byram isn't around. Caufield would be my guess, though, simply because he does everything Kailer Yamamoto can but at a more proficient and consistent level.
  5. I know this has been marked but goddamn. Last year Caufield had a combined 89 goals. Up until today, this year he's accumulated 109 goals. If he scores two more goals this year, he will have scored 200 goals combined in the last two seasons. He's 18 years old. His attitude and competitiveness are special too. Even when the team's down, he doesn't get frustrated or angry, he just ups his game. Oh yeah, my top 15 mock has been uploaded. Go check that out if you have time! http://www.mynhldraft.com/2019-draft/post-lottery-nhl-mock-drafts/
  6. Actually... He does. And he goes in and pins guys along the wall that are two times his size. I've been impressed with what he's willing to do, just as I wrote last year on Elias Pettersson's physical aggressiveness when he was a super lightweight. I see that fearlessness in Caufield, and a pretty well-rounded game. Pretty creative too with his puck movement and cycling. Now, if Krebs is available I'd rather have him. I feel like Pettersson and Boeser could use a similar guy but left shot over there on LW. Krebs might not be as good as Caufield will be, but he's a guy who would be able to make plays on their wing and finish on the odd occasion. We saw how limiting the right shot guy on that line was with Virtanen there. Yikes. Then again that miiight be because Virtanen's kind of... umm... dumb. But whatever.
  7. I like this delineation. Think about it this way - if the NHL were based in Greece or Latvia, where the language is completely different and the cultures are different, where would you want to develop? There, where it's not as comfortable but the level of hockey is higher, or where you are situated, where you feel comfortable, things are familiar, the hockey style is familiar and you get to grow up properly and perhaps even get some education that will serve you post-career? I don't know. I'd take the latter, even though most of the more successful guys will take the first route. It also depends on the team drafting and the direction they want to take. Whoever drafts Podkolzin might want him to step in right away, which could create dissonance. He's an exceptionally talented two way player that can do it all and competes hard. Great vision, great feet, great sense.
  8. My mock draft considering some of the U18 performances we've seen, as well as team need and major junior playoffs. 1. New Jersey: J. Hughes 2. New York: K. Kakko 3. Chicago: B. Byram 4. Colorado: K. Dach 5. L.A.: D. Cozens 6. Detroit: A. Turcotte 7. Buffalo: M. Boldy 8. Edmonton: C. Caufield (I'm so sorry buddy.) 9. Anaheim: V. Podkolzin 10. Vancouver: T. Zegras (Boston College.) 11. Philadelphia: P. Krebs 12. Minnesota: A. Newhook 13. Florida: V. Soderstrom 14. Arizona: P. Broberg 15. Montreal: A. Kaliyev
  9. Broberg's skating on full display today at the U18s, Soderstrom's decision-making and responsibility on display too. While Soda isn't as dynamic a skater, his all around game is much better. Depends on what you want - an elite offensive guy in Broberg, or someone who can play D, chip in offensively, and do everything well but not one thing to an outstanding degree.

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      I'm really hoping Broberg falls to the Canucks. 

    3. CRAZY_4_NAZZY


      One complaint scouts have on Broberg is despite his offensive skills, he often lacks decision making in his own zone  and is prone to turnovers.  Reminds me when Luca Sbisa was first touted in his draft year in 08, good offensive skills but has issues exiting his own zone.  Soderstrom on the other hand is far more superior in that area, but doesn't have offensive flare like Broberg.


      Considering that moving the puck and making decisions in the defensive zone is what has hampered us for a while, I'm more inclined to go the safer pick and take Soderstrom.  He may be small, but Craig Button and Cam Robinson scouts on Vancouver Radio have said that Soderstrom plays bigger than his actual size and is far more engaged in his own zone than Broberg is.  

    4. S N Y P E R S 7

      S N Y P E R S 7

      Both exciting offensive guys and safe guys, defenseman-wise, are really difficult to find in free agency or trades. Can't really go wrong with either through the draft.

  10. There hasn't been a whole lot of talk about swapping up or down. I'd think that, if Byram gets far enough down, say in the 6-8 range, Benning could package up a prospect like Juolevi and 10th to move up if the participating party is interested in a player around 10. There's also moving down. Guys like Samuel Poulin and Nils Hoglander could be amazing additions. Hoglander would add a little bit of nasty and a whole lot of skill to a Pettersson line.
  11. I just saw this. I trust Malloy so much, like he taught me everything I know about evaluating prospects. I'd add Zegras to his list, but yeah it'll 90% be one of them. Soda, Boldy, Krebs, or, in my personal opinion, Zegras.
  12. I like this idea. It doesn't matter how many goalies are in the system if none are ready to play, a la Mikey DiPietro. With more goaltending depth, injuries can be dealt with accordingly and situations like what happened earlier this year can be avoided. They've got Jake Kielly and DiPietro coming up, two solid prospects. Shoring up the position could be huge for them at the draft. I mean, if Spencer Knight is there in the second round I'm taking him without a doubt.
  13. Canucks might like him, he almost came to prospects camp last year!