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  1. overheard two women talking in the lab. "I wouldn't marry, let alone date, a guy who isn't 6 feet. At least 5'11 that's the lowest I'll go."
    Shoot me now :)

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    2. Odd.


      @RRypien37 Jesus 4000 calories a day? Meh, i don't think I can take all that in but 2500 calories wouldn't be out of reach for me. Intaking my carbs while cutting down on the sugar and upping my fat and protein in those 2500 calories will do. 

    3. hatedkid666


      im 7'5 so im good 

    4. RRypien37


      @Odd. Have to be willing to do what it takes our else can't complain that you can't gain weight

  2. Does anyone play Puzzle & Dragons on mobile? 

  3. Mitchell Mattson - 6'4 - 186lbs - University of North Dakota (2016-17) Bound A taller Brock Boeser? A tall, lanky center that has just as much offensive potential as any of the other guys in the first round. He skates well, and likes to use his long stride to his advantage. Proficient transitional game, and can start a play from anywhere. He is creative with the puck and makes quick decisions that keep the opposition on their toes. He has the potential to dominate offensively. He has excellent positional awareness, the soft, quick hands to keep puck possession, and the size to shield the puck away. He is the one that dictates the play and he knows when the right time is to either snipe home a bullet or make that cross-crease play to a teammate. He has a professional-level shot. Isn't relied on defensively, as he is a bit slow in his own end. His skating, his shot, his offensive abilities - they are all very good, and will get better as he develops under Brad Berry at the University of North Dakota. Those are the special parts of his game. His defensive game and overall strength should also be bolstered and expanded upon at UND. He's a center prospect in the truest sense, a guy with game-impacting potential. Whether he reaches that point is entirely up to him and how he develops. Anything else to add? Chip in!
  4. Both have so much potential, both have home run steal potential
  5. Cam Morrison or Wade Allison
  6. What if I told you I make a cameo appearance in Goat Simulator?

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    2. S N Y P E R S 7
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      I was hoping more of this. 



    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      are you the horny one?

  7. He was playing through two injuries, and it was a weak tournament for him. Exactly that. I can't see much tougher competition than the best in the CHL at the Top Prospects Game, but you don't see me investing a whole lot of my opinion in on that showing. Honestly, he could have played better, but he has grown and his game has evolved over the course of this year. He has gone from being a potential top 10 talented two-way forward to a powerful, dominant two-way presence that has the aptitude for elite level success. He has transformed his game over the course of this past season. I know you're a Dubois skeptic, but every player has their faults. I don't see any with Dubois. He has the capacity to dominate in every area of the game when you see him play. He has that kind of potential, so very few other prospects have. He's going to geta lot more opportunity to develop his game into franchise-material as well because he already has that star status in the QMJHL. The coaches and trainers have singled him out as that special player with a long NHL career, and he will be given the opportunity to flourish into a foundational talent. His offensive skill is undeniable, and he has a complete understanding of the game that wasn't very refined at the beginning of the season, to tell you the truth. But yeah, I would attribute his poor national performance to injury and a little bit of ineffectiveness in all roles he was thrown into, mostly checking line when he was already battling ailment.
  8. saw Civil War

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i didn't realize, you were that old...

  9. I watched every one of the London Knights' games this year, so I've seen every game Jones, Juolevi, Tkachuk, and Pu played in. We have our own EP stream for those ones. I've also seen the Sting more than my fair share of times, and Chychrun has progressed from last year for sure. Nobody touches the pedigree that Dubois is at. He is the only one I would say has game-breaking potential after the top 3 because every time he is out on a shift, he forces things to happen and nobody can deny him. Nobody else like that this year.
  10. Oilers clearly needed another left wing

    1. Gstank29


      They clearly need more forwards.

    2. S N Y P E R S 7
    3. ItsMillerTime


      Thats why they will draft Tkachuk ;)

  11. Dryden Hunt introduced? He signed with Florida in March.
  12. Hahaha nope
  13. Who wants to guess my age?
  14. I feel, and I think Edmonton feels this way as well, as fans are starting to think about actually keeping their pick, that the battle is more of a three-way between Tkachuk, Dubois, and Juolevi. Juolevi has played his name into the top 5, and he should get some recognition there. Do I think it would be the right pick? Dubois is the only guy I feel to be a home run after the top 3. If he isn't there I think Juolevi is the next best thing, the consolation prize that isn't just a consolation prize. Otherwise trade down.