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  1. So... what up everybody? Gonna be doing game recaps for the UBC Thunderbirds, and some writing for the Ubyssey on the down-low. 

  2. I have to agree with Sid/Fez's evaluation of Pettersson. He did look a bit bored. While I'd like to credit some of that to the fact that he's getting used to the smaller ice surface, it wasn't even an in-game situation. However, did you notice what he was doing while the coaches were giving directions? He was often farther away and not really paying attention, and then he'd watch what the others were doing and then copy them... but he'd do it a lot better. Yeah, that is infuriating, but also quite reminiscent of how the Sedins were when they first entered the league. Give him time to mature, he'll come around. Getting used to the smaller ice surfaces will also be good for him. Also the coaches need to make sure they're being heard because half the guys couldn't understand what directions were being belted out out a mile a minute from the other side of the ice.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen... Jonah Gadjovich. SaltGad2017 "Is this how it's done?" - Scott Walker "Nope" - Salt Gad
  4. Loving the look of these three. Pettersson and Dahlen looked kind of lazy today haha. That's it for me and the Canucks prospects this year. Heading to Germany to help out with a small skills camp on the 10th and then going off to Malmö to meet up with my business manager and the rest of the EP staff in August before the 17-18 regular season starts! Lots of work to do.
  5. I liked how responsible he was though. His awareness is good, he was the first on the backcheck a lot of the time. That's what's going to make him a good two-way forward.
  6. MacEwen now reminds me of the way Burrows was at the beginning of his career. Kind of that roller-bladey style of skating; could use his edges better and use his vision a bit more. Ball hockey-like hands and accuracy on the shot.
  7. Best skater today was Boeser. NHL-level stride and agility. If MacEwen could take that in and maybe pick Boeser's brain about those little things, he could be in the NHL sooner than later. Pettersson wasn't far behind Boeser in terms of speed. In that last scrim shift, Pettersson was dangerously fast and hard on the puck. Not afraid to go hard to the net either.
  8. The guy that stood out today for me was Zack MacEwen. I think everyone will agree he looked pretty good. Looked pretty fast, albeit not the strongest balance or the shiftiest. Battled hard but didn't put himself out of position to get physical. Great hands, great shot, and looked good with and without the puck. Could be a great bottom 6 scoring threat. Needs to work on his passing and using his teammates better.
  9. Imagine - Elias Pettersson highlights. When the dream comes true
  10. Yeah, there were some attitude things about Mittelstadt and Vilardi that I didn't really like at the end of the day, but Mittelstadt was my favorite going in. He was kind of my Ehlers. Pettersson is sort of like my Nylander from that year, so not far behind at all. Pettersson is really humble, and he's just as skilled as Mittelstadt, which gives him an edge. I don't think Vilardi or Mittelstadt would handle the city's pressure very well - or the media scrutiny. Pettersson was the right pick in so many ways. I compare him a lot to John Tavares. I think he'll be an extraordinary pick down the road, just as long as the Canucks give him enough attention in the areas he needs development in, and leave him alone in the areas he's already refined. Don't try to change him or make him play a game he doesn't know it isn't suited for; build upon his strengths and correct the weaknesses. He's already coachable, so coach him and let him find his own way into the system. He could be a superstar at the NHL level if he wants to be... the sky is the ceiling for him. So make him want to be the best player he can be in a Canucks uniform.
  11. [Poll] The 5th Pick of 2017 Draft

    As Shane Malloy said: " [...] what does it cost, gentlemen, to get a potential top pairing D-man that can run a [play]? At the NHL level? In trades or free agency? You'd have to sell your children-- that price is ridiculous [...] so if you can draft one? Draft one, and bring him along slowly" There is a real chance a D-man gets selected by Dallas or Colorado.
  12. [Poll] The 5th Pick of 2017 Draft

    Hmm kind of variable. 1. Hischier 2. Patrick 3. Mittelstadt 4. Vilardi 5. Heiskanen 6. Tippett 7. Glass 8. Necas 9. Makar 10. Pettersson
  13. [Poll] The 5th Pick of 2017 Draft

    I'm not getting too optimistic about this draft. I've always been optimistic - Ehlers, Boeser (worked out!), Dubois... I mean, okay, my guy for this year is Mittelstadt. If Mittelstadt or Vilardi aren't available at #5, I'd simply say trade down to a 7-15 slot and select Elias Pettersson. Get the most value out of that pick and get some extra assets and/or draft picks back. Pettersson is the go-to if Mittelstadt and Vilardi are gone because, otherwise, anybody chosen at that 5 spot could be considered a "reach." Pettersson is an excellent hockey player that has the smarts, competitiveness, and individual skills that can't be taught. You can control only so much but you can't control a player's drive/work ethic or attitude. That makes him coachable and a player that'd be able to slide into the system with ease. Pettersson checks all those boxes - and he's played with Dahlén. Give him a couple years and he'll be golden.