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  1. It's okay, the next time he plays in the NHL he will blow everyone out of the water and all the fans are going to start a goalie controversy all over again XD
  2. His stick save on a double deflection was amazing
  3. Phamda

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    Size is definitely a concern but in what he has shown so far, I think he could be a solid nhler but he needs some seasoning down in the AHL first for sure to adjust to the forechecking pressure and the smaller ice
  4. Boom! Ave doing work as always on this board
  5. From what I've heard he didn't play much (minutes wise) because of London ridiculously deep backend so it's hard to get a read on him but London has produced some good defenseman lately. So even though he's a 7th rounder I'm excited to see him grow. May see him play a bigger role next year with some guys going to AHL or he may be traded.
  6. Looking for people to join my NHL 12 EASHL club :) Are you interested?

    1. Phamda
    2. Wilfred


      Why is every club except one have to be for ps3 D:<!!! Though I don't have 'chel 12 yet it'd be nice to have a club to join.

  7. good video, but it didn't feel like a season pumper because you ended with boston rising the cup. I think if u have boston raising the cup after all those hits u showed, and then showing different highlights of the canucks through the season and playoffs and then ending with maybe the chicago dog pile, would have been a better way to handle it. just my opinion, but still a great video nonetheless.
  8. hey, wanted to sign up for the sim league, can you tell me how to sign up??

  9. Phamda


    I appreciate you offering me help, maybe we should discuss via e-mail. Feel free to email me at I look forward to hearing from you

  10. RFK

    Hey man. I really enjoyed your piece on Ryan Kesler. That was a great read. As aforementioned, minor editing is the only real concern. If you would like me to have a peak at your weekly output and make revisions, I would be happy to help!