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  1. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Again you're misunderstanding my point. The fact that Domi got cut as well, just goes to further prove my point that Sutter comments and evaluation skills were lacking. what are you even trying to argue with me about? I used monahan as one example and instead of focusing on the point I'm trying to make, you're focusing on Monahan not being available AFTER he was cut. Injury aside, he kept Shinkaruk until the last cuts despite his injury. Again what I'm getting at his Sutter ability to accurately evaluate players. A lot of fans turned on Gaunce AFTER Sutter comments, I'm trying to make a point that fans, especially the fairweather ones, should have their opinions spoiled. Go pick an argument for no reason with someone else
  2. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    YOu're misunderstanding I'm not talking about the actual tournament. Sutter cut him during the summer evaluation camp before the NHL season even started.
  3. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Sorry to beat a dead horse but remember how Sutter said during the WJC Gaunce was a 4th liner? He cut Monahan during the summer WJC camp. Monahan was one of his first cuts. He made the Flames, contributed and now he's going to the World Champions as a junior eligible player. There's a reason Sutter is no longer in the NHL and I said it before his opinion shouldn't bear that much weight on your opinion of Gaunce. Also Gaunce is playing pretty well right now.
  4. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    It's based on the year + month of his birth. Just like player age for getting drafted in the NHL draft. He is eligible to start the year in Utica/AHL.
  5. Dane Fox Talk

    Palat and Johnson both spent time in the AHL under their current coach. Situations a but different.
  6. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Highlight reel assist just now. Gaunce isn't getting as much love as our other OHL prospects
  7. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    People giving Ehlers a hard time saying he's a by product of Drouin. The same was said about Drouin last year leading up to the draft. He was always considered good at the beginning of the year but MacKinnon made him a great. Then nearing the end of the season people started to notice he wasn't a by product at all and he had his own superstar ability.
  8. Dane Fox Talk

    2 game winning goals in a row. I think clutch is really overrated by fan basis and media. Good scorers just score goals therefore more GWG. Unless someone can show me empirical data that you can be a clutch goal scorer and not score a lot. BUT it's great seeing him stand out already in the playoffs. Great sign.
  9. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Would be very interesting if Pens or anyone for that matter, don't pick up Kesler NTC like Anaheim did to Visnovsky a few years back when they got him from Edmonton. But this should probably be discussed elsewhere. Go Gaunce!
  10. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Both guys like to play opposite wings too. Playmaker between them could be fun to watch. I doubt we ssee something like that next year though.
  11. Bo Horvat Talk

    Absolute nothing wrong with Horvat staying in major junior for another year. No player ever suffered from extra time in major junior. Want a guy who's too talented to be in major junior but is? Grigorenko and Drouin are two guys that are getting an extra year in major junior than being rushed into the league. If he shows he's not ready or he's out played by guys under contract, send him back and let him dominate the league for another year.
  12. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I've always been in Jensen' corner and been vocal in this forum when he was struggling.
  13. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    "Oh no! this team sucks because they didnt draft Zykov with their 23rd pick when he went 37th overall" Not only did the Canucks pass on him in the first round, 10 other teams passed on him before he was selected. MTL, ANA, CBJ, CGY, DAL, CHI, FLA, COL, TBL, BUF. MTL passed on selecting him 3 times. All those other teams that passed on him arguably have better prospects and scouts than we do BUT they all passed on him also. DAL took Nich early and had no issues drafted Russians but would had a place with his fellow Russian long-term but they passed on him. But don't bring that up, just focus on the Canucks not drafting him! If you're so good at knowing which players are going to be impactful NHL players go become a full time scout, im such with your great insight you'll move up the ranks in no time.
  14. Darren Archibald | RW/LW

    Hi again troll, this is the last time I'll be replying to you because you obviously aren't reading all of my post and I'll be placing you on my ignore list. 1. I've already mentioned in a previous post that during his second call up he tried to show a different side of his play, a skilled side that isn't fully developed yet. I've already acknowledge that his physical play was lackluster in his second stint with the club BUT you refuse to acknowledge he was physical and consistent in his first stint. (likely cause you didn't see it in person and that where all your opinions are coming from). 2. Not every hockey player can adapt to switching sides, this is a huge thing to ask especially defensively when you're used to your stick being along the boards when you are trying to clear your zone. Also which way you open up for a pass. If a left handed winger is breaking out of the zone on the right side, more often than not he is recieving a pass on his backhand, not exactly optimal for breaking out of your zone. There is usually a huge adjustment period. Look at Alex Ovechkin, a star play who shifted from the LW to the RW because Oates wanted him to. This is a star player who had 7 NHL seasons under his belt and he took more than half a season to adjust. You're asking a prospect who's trying to make the NHL to make this adjustment when every night he will be scrutinized for not being consistent and not performing. Burrows and Linden broke into the NHL in their respective positions before changing over. IF Archibald was being played on both the LW and RW down in Utica, it would be a very reasonable request to say, he should move wings to make the team but he's not. It's not a reasonable request. You aren't a fan who wants his success, if you were you'd be looking at his overall body of work not basing everything you say about him regarding his second call up. More importantly, you wouldn't be coming into the thread making comments about another player being called him instead of him and then saying how badly his second stint has hurt his chances to make the NHL.
  15. Joe Cannata Talk

    Despite a bad early season, I feel the goaltending has been the best story out of Utica this year. Both goalies have been phenomenal when called upon and give the team a chance to win every night.