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  1. Ugh, Holiday is a terrible goal song. Nothing to do with anything even remotely to do with sports, happiness, celebration. It's meaningless when the team scores. I love the U2. It's a song about happiness and revelation and the line 'the most beautiful sound I ever heard' fits great with the goal horn and of course, the crowd.
  2. Come on, we all knew that Kesler wouldn't pass.
  3. Not often you see Lack all serious and angry. Good on him.
  4. I might put on 1040 and then just try and line it up with this video. It can't be any worse.
  5. I was wondering if it was my ears... I'm all for equal opportunity employment but can they not find this guy another job? One where we don't have to LISTEN to him? I miss John and John
  6. Anyone else get the feeling that Hamhuis can't see below him?
  7. If these announcers were doing their job instead of just talking about the Oilers the entire time, we might know.
  8. lol. That was my first question too. If I recall last years prices correctly, the basic beer has actually gone DOWN (waiting for fainted people to come to again) to 7.75 or something close to that in cans. There are also other options than crappy Bud (thankfully), cans of Shock Top are going for I think $8.15 or maybe 8.50... I thought I remember reading .15 but that seems like a weird number now. You can also still get the plastic cups. Don't quote me on this but it seems like the food places had the plastics and then the beer/booze only had the cans. $7.50 for the cups. I don't know how long that will last because I saw quite a few cans of the brands sold inside RA outside Rogers on my walk into downtown. Not that its any better or worse than the plastic cups all over the place. On a somewhat disgusting aside, the people in front of me traded seats with another pair so the four of them could sit together a little into the game. After they had moved, the new people in the seats noticed a partially eaten burger and chips underneath the seat they had traded for. They took it down to the people that had been there before but it wasn't theirs. Left me asking myself how long that burger had been sitting there and what else might be sitting under the seats from the last game. Nasty. But it seems like there are lots of changes so I'm sure the cleaning staff are also working out the kinks.
  9. To be honest, I was a little eye-rolling when Lu went down originally with the stick in the neck, but then I felt terrible because it really did look bad. Then I saw in the post game interview you could see the mark there. Scary stuff. Great game!
  10. Me too.O just got another feed.
  11. Someone should do the '1st world problem' one with having to choose between 2 goalies with a shutout. (I'm just too darn lazy to find a hosting site)