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  1. That would only make sense if he was guaranteed a spot on the team.
  2. Let me put it into context then, Virtanen was a bad pick.
  3. Huh. That's interesting. Not too long ago you were arguing how Sutter is a foundational player worth Bonino and the pick, and the money, and now he's a 4th liner?
  4. Also, it's not a hockey vs soccer thing. It's a Vancouver thing. Look at Winnipeg fans, they're sick.
  5. The only suit responsible for that (and many other Canadian teams) is Gary Bettman.
  6. We have serious fringe NHLer depth though bro. The bar isn't set very high by some.
  7. This Chinese cameraman can't follow the puck, I'm going to have a seizure trying to follow the play.
  8. This always happens when I have a day off from work.
  9. CDC: Analytics don't matter!!!! Oh wait... Virtanen had a good corsi? Hooray for analytics!!!
  10. This anthem/presentation reminds me of growing up behind the iron curtain as a child.
  11. Yeah losing Tryamkin & Sbisa really got rid of our two best (only) hitters from last year. With Gudbranson coming back and who knows, maybe Virtanen making the team, some of that will be offset. Though you can't really replace Tryamkin's size. Right now toughness isn't that big of a concern for me, as we'll be bullied on the scoreboard all year. So there will be no point in trying to intimidate the Canucks physically. This is an area we'll need to address for the future, so that teams don't take liberties with our players in future playoff games.
  12. Most anticipated? -Draft lottery -Seeing how good Boeser is over a full season Most hopeful for? -Benning either adding some (1st, 2nd round) picks or getting fired -OJ showing signs he's the next Boeser, not the next Virtanen Not anticipating at all, but dreaming of? -Virtanen shocking the world and turning into a quality NHLer -Drafting Dahlin
  13. IT 9/10 Horror movies are absolute garbage 95% of the time, this is the rare exception. I really enjoyed it.