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  1. Every team dives, it is what it is. Stop crying about the refs, this wasn't the 2011 finals.
  2. Also. As with any addict, Kassian needed time until (thankfully) he made the decision to clean up his life. Maybe it took that car accident in Montreal for him to realize he needed a change. I'm sure the Canucks did all they could but it was up to him and not the team.
  3. This was the worst move of that regime and it's not even close. If you're trying to win the cup, and you trade one of your best assets. Trade it for someone that will help RIGHT NOW to win that cup, not for a minor leaguer! Even if Kassian turned out to be a really good player on the Canucks eventually, we would have still lost that trade because by then this team would be past it's prime.
  4. Well it's all about perspective, you could use all kinds of excuses if you want. But in sports there are no excuses. You either get the job done or you don't have a job.
  5. Except the Pens were missing much better players.
  6. Horrible excuse, 3 guys were in the lineup when we blew a 4 goal lead to Washington.
  7. Let's say the Canucks become arguably the best team in hockey. When will it happen? IF it happens, it could go down a lot of different ways and I feel here are a couple of realistic possibilities. Next year scenario: The young guys catch fire. Petey, Hughes, Boeser & co put up some of the best numbers they will in their careers while some of them are still on cheap contracts. Our goalie(s) play great all year. Players coming off the cap are replaced by better replacements. 2-3 years in the future: I feel like this is the least likely time period for a cup winning team because all the young players are going to get PAID and like with virtually every other team with young talent, good depth players will pay the price. 4-7 years in the future scenario: The current team fails. Management is replaced and the team is rebuilt around the young players in their primes. As the cap goes up the young players eat up less and less of the % of the cap, enabling the team to add more talent. My fantasy scenario: A certain lovable giant Russian mongoloid comes back and plays like Chris Pronger & Zdeno Chara had a baby.
  8. I don't think Green deserves to get fired so it's a moot point. I think you need to see how far the team can go with Green. Also, if the Canucks get to the point where the play is poor enough that someone gets fired... is it going to be another coach? A lot of people feel it's playoffs or bust for Benning. To play along though, I'd pick Green. I think Babcock is a great coach but his abrasive style is only worthwhile if it means you're challenging for the Cup. This current lineup is unlikely to do that. I think this potentially up and coming team could use some AV right now.
  9. He's in his last year of his KHL contract and expected to sign with the Canucks after.
  10. If he kept played all season he would have won rookie.. and maybe Hart Trophy. He didn't though, he didn't play enough games. So shut your mouth Binnington.
  11. That's not what this thread is about.