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  1. I'd be more upset but what's the point of a scouting staff when you don't have draft picks.
  2. At this point this is only sort of Canucks and only sort of hockey related. But hey, it's covid19 out there. There's no sports so for those not aware let me entertain you with some twitter drama. A drama that I have gotten dragged into and have been fighting with Boston fans over every since. It started with a most unholy of gatherings. A Boston Bruins zoom party to watch game 7 of the 2011 finals. As you can see by the tweet, at one point they mention Kesler trash talking in the game. Someone jokes that Lucic should watch what he says or it'll be all over twitter and Lucic says... "Buddy he's not even in the league right now, **** him." If you know anything about Kesler... he didn't like the comment. He decided to retweet some serious trashtalk by some random twitter person, alongside a gif of Hulk Hogan dropping the mic. The truth hurts, and Lucic had to respond to save his online honor. He came back with a predictable but savage burn, the only burn he'll ever need in his playbook towards the Canucks. As you can see he went to his DVR to find this clip, this attack took time and effort. The twitter war ended with a weak burn by Kesler, though he got in the all important last word and scored a moral victory. With that, things seem to have come to an uneasy truce.... for now.
  3. So he's done a fantastic job, but also had to grow into being a GM. Canucks were competitive, but also the worst team in the league over 3 year period. His draft picks are underrated, but he's a great scout and built though the draft. You had 3 arguments with yourself in one paragraph. I'm impressed.
  4. Of course you prefer to have a tough team, but the 2011 Canucks were never going to win because of toughness. Of course I'm generalizing but I find people that don't fight or play contact sports, they're the ones that are fastest to criticize a "soft" team or player.
  5. Probably the most behind the scenes article you will ever see. Interesting but painful to read. I got into a twitter war with Boston fans because of this.
  6. What is this term? I'm from Poland.
  7. If the season is canceled the owners would have to come up with who qualified as a playoff team. For the purposes of conditional picks, and more importantly draft positioning. The draft will still happen, so seeding will have to be determined. We could technically make the playoffs, but not actually get to play in them.
  8. Do you really believe that? Quite committed to the stealth then, trading all those draft picks away.
  9. Can't blame the refs for 52 shots on goal. Wait this is CDC... its always the refs fault.