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  1. Did ok, nobody did any damage despite big punches thrown.
  2. Not a bad game considering everything.
  3. Step 1. Fire Benning Step 2. Trade spare parts for draft picks at deadline(s) Step 3. Use your multiple (top 3 rounds) picks to rebuild your roster. You know... the same process that has worked for the Penguins, Blackhawks and Leafs.
  4. You make a well thought out and fact based argument. Usually when that happens oldnews retorts with a "meh" but I see this time he used the equally intelligent counterargument of "woosh".
  5. They have a franchise player. Canucks don't They have 6 players in top 20 rookie scoring. Canucks don't. Their team is full of rookies and is already better than Vancouver who is full of vets. Different teams. Different skill level. Different stages of rebuild. Toronto's aim from this season forward is to win as much as possible, end of story. Vancouver is still using AHL level players on their #1 PP. There's no point comparing them wanting to get playoff experience for their franchise player and top scoring rookies, to Vancouver's average youngsters. Canucks #1 goal should be getting the type of players that Toronto already has, it shouldn't be making the playoffs.
  6. D should be good in the future if everyone develops to their potential. World beating? Not unless everyone develops past their potential. As of now Canucks don't have a #1D or a PP QB in their system.
  7. Did you pay a cent this year? Because everyone outside the CDC bubble predicted the Canucks were set up to have a losing season. Though it wasn't on purpose, it was through ineptitude.
  8. Once outside the top 2 or 3, the draft to a degree is a crapshoot. That's why it's been incredibly frustrating watching rebuilding teams load up on picks while Benning has been trading his. You need lots of picks to hit on a few good players.
  9. If we can get a 2nd for Burrows, I'll drive him to the airport.
  10. No, nobody is giving you a good pick for Miller. The only playoff team that could use a goalie is St. Louis and he was already a disaster there. Hansen could get you picks, but what pick does Burrows bring back. I guess we'll probably see soon. To get lots of picks really you'd have to give up the Sedins or some young player(s) and that's not happening.
  11. Yeah that's why all call in show polls are over 90% in agreement in a negative way. Poll supports you.. you use it. Poll doesn't support you.. well it's just a vocal 90% majority, can't use that.
  12. Every playoff team has a starter already. Fleury & Bishop are on the market too, no buyers.
  13. Fixed that for you
  14. Really OP? Last season was a B? 3rd worst team in the league. Let assets walk instead of trading at deadline. Only drafted twice in first 4 rounds, didn't take Tkachuk. I'd give last season a solid F.
  15. Tough as in able to absorb hits and block shots. The other guy was talking about fighting toughness. It's like Horvat, he's a horse.. a big dude, but doesn't stand up for teammates as far as hitting/fighting goes.