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  1. Yeah losing Tryamkin & Sbisa really got rid of our two best (only) hitters from last year. With Gudbranson coming back and who knows, maybe Virtanen making the team, some of that will be offset. Though you can't really replace Tryamkin's size. Right now toughness isn't that big of a concern for me, as we'll be bullied on the scoreboard all year. So there will be no point in trying to intimidate the Canucks physically. This is an area we'll need to address for the future, so that teams don't take liberties with our players in future playoff games.
  2. Most anticipated? -Draft lottery -Seeing how good Boeser is over a full season Most hopeful for? -Benning either adding some (1st, 2nd round) picks or getting fired -OJ showing signs he's the next Boeser, not the next Virtanen Not anticipating at all, but dreaming of? -Virtanen shocking the world and turning into a quality NHLer -Drafting Dahlin
  3. IT 9/10 Horror movies are absolute garbage 95% of the time, this is the rare exception. I really enjoyed it.
  4. So can't judge prospects based on one game. But can judge our drafting based on one player after two games. Typical CDC logic.
  5. Sick shot by Boeser.
  6. If Benning managed to do this he'd have a fan for life.
  7. Vegas has them as the 2nd most likely team to win the Stanley Cup.
  8. I'm excited that we have new scouting staff. We'll see if they're good in a few years. Didn't mind rookie coach, as I expected the team to be god awful no matter who we brought in. An AHL coach could potentially have been ideal, to teach youngsters. Of course, those elite youngsters never came for WD to work with. Didn't mind rookie president, his only big job was to hire the GM. Didn't mind rookie GM. Until I saw his first move was to sign Miller & Vrbata, I knew right then that a rebuild wouldn't happen until his plan fell on it's face. Finally a rebuild is happening, but all our assets have walked or aged to the point where we can't load up on picks. So be it Benning or whoever eventually replaces him, the challenge ahead is much harder than it should have been. We should have had multiple picks in multiple rounds for years, not been trading our picks away for ridiculous playoff dreams. We should have been targeting Matthews & McDavid not the playoffs. I have a feeling we'll be watching those guys win cups while we continue to retool year after year.
  9. Having 3 of the top 4 rookie scorers isn't blind luck. What a stupid statement to make. Even if Toronto didn't get Matthews they'd still have two other rookies score 60+ points and a 50% shot at drafting Laine. LOL only on CDC do you get logic that rookie GM Benning relies on skill, but hockey hall of fame inductee, 3 time Stanley Cup winner Lou Lamoriello just relies on blind luck.
  10. Well by that argument you have 0 examples of teams that didn't tank in the cap era that won the cup either. So we might as well not talk about drafting or winning the cup for another 5 years. At least I can use Toronto and Edmonton as examples of what elite talent (gotten at top of draft) does, as they're the two best young teams in the league.
  11. Until we have Vezina, Norris and Selke trophy winning vets on our team, we're not using the Boston model. The Detroit route was only possible because they had the best defenseman of all time on their team.
  12. Anti-Tank people always point at Edmonton. Why not point at Toronto instead? They tanked too and it worked out great for them. I could point out a lot of teams that refused to tank and haven't won the cup in the last 10 years. I don't bother because none of them matter. If your goal is the Stanley Cup, you have to look at the teams that won it and what they did to build these great teams. In the cap era they almost exclusively tanked or sucked enough to get top picks and usually added a lot of 2nd/3rd round picks in the process. So I would say drafting and developing "properly" would be drafting at the top, and drafting a lot of 2nd & 3rd round players. The ironic thing is anti-tank crowd say they don't want to rely on luck. That the lottery is based on luck and a chance at getting an elite player isn't worth it. Yet they have no problem relying on luck even more, by going into a draft with only 2 picks in the first 4 rounds like we did a couple of seasons ago. Benning has done his best to make sure this team didn't bottom out. Thankfully he did such a horrible job that we're getting good picks despite his efforts. Now if he actually goes and adds some draft picks the next couple of years (and we get some luck in the lottery), we're in business. If not, I fear my prediction from 3 years ago will come true. Benning will build a team good enough to make the playoffs but not good enough to ever be an actual contender. I guess then the anti-tank crowd will be once again happy to rely on luck and hoping for a Cinderella run.
  13. We've always had a lot of pieces to move but chose not to. I'd say we've had less and less to give up as years have passed. If Benning manages to get 7 picks in the first 4 rounds this year then he'd have an amazing year.
  14. If he traded them away he could have replaced them with serviceable through free agency or through acquiring bad contracts on ok players in those trades. Why is it trade them all or trade none of them? You could keep the Sedins & Edler like we eventually did & trade the others while they still had value. There was no reason to keep guys like Burrows, Hansen and Hamhuis and others. No reason to let Santorelli walk for nothing then use a 2nd round pick to replace him with Vey. Kind of a ridiculous statement. They have the 2nd best odds to win the Cup next year according to Vegas, if McDavid is the difference between being the 2nd best team or the 2nd worst then he must be better than Gretzky already. Nope. Moves for Baertschi & Granlund were Benning's attempt to have NHL ready players to make the playoffs. It's not like he traded vets to get them, he traded picks & prospects. The trades worked out in our favour but trading away picks & prospects for older prospects isn't rebuilding. Right, so if Virtanen put up 60 points last year and Nylander couldn't crack the Leafs you would be saying that Nylander just needs time and it's too early to say he was a worse pick than Virtanen. I'm sure. So if the Leafs & Oilers didn't get McDavid and Matthews they'd miss the playoffs for 10 more years. Forget Nylander or Marner, Draisaitl and others, they'd still suck but Vancouver is looking good because of our prospects? That makes no sense.