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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Washington Capitals

    To some dummies, yes. Welcome to the internet. The Canucks should be called smoke and mirrors because that's how they were getting their wins. Even when so many things were going right at the same time (both goalies playing great, everyone important healthy, Boeser lighting it up, Dorsett lighting it up, and so on..) the Canucks were an average team. Now some of our most important players are out for long periods, at the same time. It's not a tough team, so when the skill is injured there's not much to go on here. It shouldn't be shocking to see them get dominated. i·ron·ic īˈränik/ adjective adjective: ironic when someone complains about self entitlement, then makes a completely self entitled claim that those that don't agree with him are immature and don't get things "It is self entitlement at it worst. Imo it is a sign of immaturity and a lack of understanding of what team sport is all about." synonyms: sarcastic, sardonic, cynical, mocking, satirical, caustic, wry "Edward's tone was ironic"
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Washington Capitals

    We riot.
  3. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Washington Capitals

    Reality set in. Any player/team can look good for parts of a season. 10 games into the season Ottawa was one of the top teams and Washington was one of the worst. Who are the offensively talented defensemen we're getting?
  4. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Washington Capitals

    Disagree, there are desperate GM's every year.
  5. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Washington Capitals

    The crying about refs on here is out of hand.
  6. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Washington Capitals

    Best part of the game.
  7. Report Cards: The halfway point [Discussion]

    All A's & B's from the OP. How do we have any losses?
  8. Stealth-Rebuild Is Possibly 91% Done!

    Yeah I criticized Benning for blowing assets on playoff dreams instead of a rebuild, deservedly so until the last deadline. I think he's done a pretty good job since then. We have some good prospects and hit a home run of Boeser. Should get another top 5 player this year. Should get more picks/prospects this year. When Benning went for the playoffs I was worried we'd never draft low enough to get top players, luckily the team ended up bad enough anyways. There are a lot of pieces that could fall into place (Tryamkin, this year's top 5 pick, Petterson, one of our other prospects over-achieving), you don't need all of them just some of them. Of course, you have to have luck too. A lot of variables with injuries, players asking for trades, having a meddling owner. Would it surprise me if we were bottom 10 next year? No, but it would be a disappointing year for me. Whereas this year I expected bottom 5.
  9. Stealth-Rebuild Is Possibly 91% Done!

    No excuses for being bottom 10 next year unless Boeser/Horvat/Tanev miss big parts of the season. Or if Boeser has a terrible sophomore season. Or if we don't fix our defense/goalie situation..... ok so there are some excuses for being bottom 10 next year but I'm hoping to make the playoffs.. with Rasmus Dahlin leading the way
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

    LOL if you look at the Toronto forums that's exactly what they say about him except that he hates Toronto.
  11. Stealth-Rebuild Is Possibly 91% Done!

    English is not your strong point but you make some good points. This team needed to stink, and it has stunk. Now we have the prospects, especially when we get another top pick this year (and hopefully trade for a few more picks). If there isn't a big step forward next year then it's a bad situation all around.
  12. Jim Benning's Trading

    My criticisms of his trades usually didn't have to do with his trading ability. It usually had to do with the goal of the trade. Too many times there were draft picks leaving instead of coming in, too much of a win now mentality. It's not always about who got better value anyways, it's about what you get out of the trade. It's ok to "lose" a trade and give up a really good prospect for a role player, if that role player goes on to score a key goal on your way to the cup. I actually agree that he's at least average at trading, and thankfully the state of the team has made him stop trading our picks away. Hopefully we get an even better trade deadline than last year if we trade Vanek & Gudbranson.
  13. January 3rd, 2018: Linden Meeting with Media at 11:45AM

    He sure did!