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  1. Didn't we have like 7 AHL guys playing at forward. Way past their prime Sedins, no coach can squeeze more blood from that stone. Other than a couple of exceptions, this was and will be a soft team with guys way past their prime or not in it yet. Our ex coaches are winning coach of the year and Stanley Cups. I'm not saying Willie is great but he wasn't the problem.
  2. "There will be pain." Babcock when he got hired. Benning fans don't take him for his word when it's inconvenient. He clearly believed that this was a team that would compete and soon, it's why he traded away draft picks and signed old vets.
  3. I said that our team will be softer this year than last, that's a rant? OK then. I never said my opinion is important, not any more than anybody else's in here. So don't try to twist my words. Also, this isn't a Disney movie this is real life. Fans being positive doesn't turn a franchise around, good management does. So bring a realistic view of sports, and I will respect it.
  4. CDC has an interesting relationship with pundits/media. They're totally credible until they criticize the Canucks. Then the media becomes, the "media".
  5. "This is a team we can turn around in a hurry." Benning - the day he was hired. I guess he's one of the "ridiculous people" then?
  6. My 'negative' posts are an observation of the current state of the team, if this was 2011 my posts would be 'positive'. Call it a counterbalance to Hortankin's blindly positive homerism. A dash of honesty and realism because, ya you actually DON'T all get that. Most on CDC are delusional to the state of this franchise. If you're looking for only positive comments maybe you should start a cheerleading thread.
  7. Giving Gudbranson a 1 year deal was a mistake. Unless he's way overpaid I think he's going to free agency.
  8. Losing Tryamkin & Sbisa in the same offseason has done the impossible, it's actually managed to make this soft team even softer.
  9. You mean people don't want to pay a bunch of money to watch their team lose and get pushed around every night?
  10. He could prove all the haters wrong and walk at the end of the season. He'll be a FA.
  11. I grew up on 2Pac but sorry this movie looks like a B movie.
  12. Wow that's a crazy story, good thing the government got it right.
  13. I tried local beers when I was in Belgium a couple of years ago, best beer I've ever had and it's not even close.
  14. I don't think Belgium was raped and pillaged for control of their resources and I wouldn't be surprised if this guy was born and raised there. His devout faith in his religion made him want to blow himself up, not political greed.
  15. We're trading more guys to Pittsburgh? jk