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  1. Firstly, I'm not sure if you have poor reading comprehsnion or you are purposely trying to twist my words, but "better part of a decade" =/= "a decade". My source was from Coach WD (source) (Source 2), this is where I got it from, I'm not just pulling it out of my ass, if you can believe it or not. The rest of what you said is worded in a very condescending and divisive manner, so I'm not going to bother wasting my time responding. Clearly this conversation has lost any chance of being constructive or amicable at this point.
  2. Came off of a neck surgery to fix a nagging problem he's had for the better part of a decade. There is no reason to expect him to make anything less than a full recovery. That doesnt reduce his value at all, but if we're going to speculate I'd say there is just as good or better of a chance he comes back better than he has been in a very long time after fixing this long time injury than there is he comes back worse. The age of their core has absolutely zero barring on whether or not they are in win now mode or not. Edmontons core is even younger and theyre already at the point where they are likely to risk a pick here or there and make some moves to try to win now. Foote isnt making the team this year. No way a team as good as Tampa rushes a defensive prospect for no reason.
  3. A few reasons. Yeah Callahan is better than Dorsett, but not by a whole heck of a lot and Dorsett brings intangibles that are valuable in the playoffs. Not to mention just because they have "their players" signed doesnt mean they dont want more depth (maybe Jagr, for example?) and general cap flexibility come trade deadline. With that added cap space they could gain a lot more than what Callahan brings, if they finesse it properly, which the management in Tampa are more than capable of doing. Cal being on his ECL is valuable, but not this year as he wont be playing with the big club. Tampa wants to win now.
  4. Dont take everything they say at face value. Both Henrik and Green are both intelligent men, they know we are far from contending. Think logically about how they have to speak to the public. They cant very well say to fans and the world "we suck and dont have a snowballs chance in hell of even making the playoffs" whether thats what they believe or not, being truthful isnt an option in this situation. We have a lot of cap coming off the books and we do not need to maximize our cap/dollar value right now like we needed to in 2011, because we arent contending. If we can use that to leverage good prospects out of contending teams that need cap space, like Tampa, we'd be foolish to not do so.
  5. And to answer the question you asked Pears, the sweetener that could potentially make this lopsided trade happen is that we would be taking a cap dump back. Thats another thing we should be utilizing, our current lesser need for cap space because we arent contending.
  6. I'm not eager to get rid of anything in particular, I'm eager to maximize the value of our assets. This prospect has significantly more value (IMO) than those picks and fills a big need for us.
  7. A 5th and a 2nd is not bad value for a, what, 14th overall pick? Saying you wouldnt do multiple picks unless its for an elite prospect is a pretty big generalization considering how little late round picks are comparatively
  8. I mean, if youre trading draft picks for prospects... I'm not sure I see the difference between picks and trading for prospects from a stocking the cupboard standpoint.
  9. Canucks crowded forward group.

    I'll agree with you that Virt has shown well this preseason, and it makes me really hopeful he is going to have a bounce back year. I know its been repeated over and over ad nauseam on this forum but, it does typically take power forward style players longer to develop. Hopefully last year was just a hiccup in what will eventually by thought of as an illustrious career for us. I still think playing on our 4th line would not be the best place for him to be for his development though, which is more important than wins right now. I disagree about being worried about losing solid 4th line prospects. Yes, the 4th line is likely the least important line, but 4th lines have massive impact in the playoffs all the time. Calgarys 4th line had a big impact on us just last night. Bostons 4th line and overall depth is a massive part of why they beat us. When you go deep in the playoffs every team has stars, but does your team have loyal depth players, 3rd and 4th line players that are playing hard as heck for you? Thats something I feel you need to have success, maybe even more so now, rolling 4 lines is huge. So I dont think we should be so quick to give up on 4th line prospects. Especially talent we have been bringing up for years. Now I'm not going to lose my mind if we lose Gaunce, but we shouldnt be flippantly tossing him away either.
  10. Vancouver and Los Angeles have two of the biggest per capita (and general) Chinese populations in all of North America, and thus probably have some of the largest followings in China. Good chance that is why they were chosen.
  11. Preseason GDT/PGT Canucks vs Flames Sept. 20th 6:00pm

    Thats about as nice a goal as I've seen out of Virtanen. Beauty.
  12. Preseason GDT/PGT Canucks vs Flames Sept. 20th 6:00pm

    Sure is. This isnt good for Demko, we dont want him to lose confidence.
  13. Preseason GDT/PGT Canucks vs Flames Sept. 20th 6:00pm

    Demko is getting lit the frick up this preseason, holy
  14. Canucks crowded forward group.

    I think both Gaunce and Virty would be fighting for a 4th line spot though. In that circumstance I'd much rather see Gaunce make it over Virtanen. Reason being, all Gaunce is ever going to be is a 4th, MAYBE 3rd line guy, most likely. Virtanens potential is so much more than that. Because of that I think the best possible development for Gaunce right now is playing on our 4th line, learning what he needs to do and how he has to play to fill that role in the NHL. Conversely, Virtanens best development path right now is to play big minutes in the top 6 down in Utica, and learn how to have success down there as the type of player we envision him being (something he has thus far failed to do), playing the style and role his pedigree and potential dictates he can be, rather than wasting away as a checking forward, getting low minutes, on our 4th line. Obviously all that changes if Virtanen some how shows he is ready for a bigger role than the 4th line in the big league, but thats doubtful IMO, with the year he just had.
  15. How many think Brock Boeser looks NHL ready?

    Yeah, honestly I think people have gone to the other extreme when it comes to this obsession on pace of prospect development now. Yes, rushing players is bad, there is no doubt in that. Putting players in a position theyre not ready for can absolutely be detrimental to their development, maybe even ruin it if you force it too much. That being said, I'd argue holding a player back from something hes ready for is just as bad. If Boeser is ready for the NHL now, holding him back because we want to "take it slow/pace his development" is a massive waste. If Boeser is ready, there is no better place to develop than the big show, so lets not waste a year of this kids career and development by holding him back If hes already NHL ready, forcing him to play in the AHL is more or less worthless. You cant learn how to do grade 11 math by doing grade 10 math ten times over, the same as you cant learn how to be a real NHLer till you are playing in it. Let the kid play.