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  1. Boeser wanting a shorter deal isnt necessarily mean he wants to leave. It more than likely means he's betting on himself and that he thinks he'll be worth a lot more than 7m when he has UFA status looming. To be honest, if I was him I'd want a shorter contract too. Id be confident in myself and I'd take advantage of the salary cap continuously going up, especially with the Seattle expansion, and subsequently star players contracts going up continuously as well.
  2. They snuck into the playoffs? They were a point away from 1st in arguably the most stacked division in hockey and were 9 points ahead of the last wildcard spot. St Louis is legit, and will likely have a lot of confidence heading into this season. Theyd be at the bottom of my list of teams that might mis next year.
  3. You couldnt post this in the Miller trade thread?
  4. Dallas had an average capacity of 97.7% in 2018, 2% higher than our attendance percentage. Anaheim had 96.9% in that same year, which was higher than ours as well. All the Cali teams, Dallas and Vegas all had higher attendance percentage than us. Arizona was the only "desert" team below us in attendance.
  5. Sure it likely isnt a big deal this year or next, because the only big ticket we have to spend big money on is Brock (although there is some big ticket right shot D such as Barrie and Larsson that are UFAs next year and we may want the cap for them and other UFAs) but year three, it likely will be a big deal, when not only does Brock have a new contract, we probably spent money on UFAs because our team is getting better and we want to support our core, and Hughes and Petterson need new contracts.
  6. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one. But I'm not sure what metric you could possibly be using that wouldnt show Virtanen has been thoroughly outplayed.
  7. We definitely gave up a fair bit to get Miller but I think it was the right move and the type of move I wanted to see. This team doesnt need another late first round pick that statistically isnt guaranteed to ever be an impact player, and likely even if it pans out as a impact player isnt one for years to come. What we need is to fill out our top 6 and give the young stars we have now the support to actually make the playoffs. We did that by adding a 26 year old player on a good 4 year contract that has second line offensive output and also is a great fit as far as size, style of play, defensive capability and PP position and production goes. We need good players that can play now, not late first round picks that statistically dont have a good chance of ever becoming as good as Miller. (obviously if this ends up being a lottery pick we sh*t the bed)
  8. I'm not a Virtanen hater, and I do think he has great potential and I'm optimistic he reaches that level. H'es certainly trending in that direction and I've been vocal at times when it has appeared to be on the block that we shouldnt give up on him. That being said, his aforementioned peers have outplayed and outscored him by margins that cannot be ignored. They played those minutes and with those linemates because they earned it, it wasnt gifted to them. A lot of Jake's career he couldnt even earn his way onto our pro roster let alone with top linemates.
  9. They showed up during the only portion of the season we can compare the 3 players in. Although I'll agree their playoff performances havent been great, Virtanen has yet to show up in the playoffs as well.
  10. I mean, even with last years regression both of the players in my example have like 3+ times as many Nhl points as Virtanen. Definitely not a poor example.
  11. I like rooting for our team. The vast majority of our most prolific and talented players have not been Canadian. I'm not convinced we overpaid for Miller, and its definitely too early to tell. A 3rd and a 1st that isnt a lottery pick is definitely worth a 26 yr old top 6 forward, that is good on the forecheck, good defensively, physical, just an overall well rounded player, on a good mid term deal. Lots of people overvalue draft picks and dont understand their statistical value.
  12. Who cares where the player is from? Swedish, American, Canadian, it doesnt matter. I want guys that can play good hockey on this team, nationality doesnt matter. Picking players because of where theyre from is how we got Virtanen instead of Nylander, Ehlers etc