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  1. Faith in Benning

    Send him to the minors???? Look through his stats and I think you'll find your answer there: 2013-2014 Canucks 73 14 15 29 -4 124 1 0 2 91 15.4 2014-2015 Canucks 42 10 6 16 -5 81 1 0 3 55 18.2 *Re-entry waivers The 2005 NHL-NHLPA collective bargaining agreement (CBA) introduced "re-entry waivers." With limited exceptions, any player who was subject to waivers before assignment to the minors must clear re-entry waivers before being called back up if said player is on a one-way contract or a two-way contract with an AHL salary in excess of $105,000. Exceptions are players who have played in over 320 professional games (180 for goaltenders) and have not spent more than 80 games on an NHL roster in the past two seasons or 40 games during the previous season On top of that...he'd be a UFA at the end of the contract. At least we got something (better than a bag of pucks for him) rather then letting him sit in the minors until his contract was off the books.
  2. Faith in Benning

    "(FULL ON SARCASM MODE - for those stupid enough that they don't get it... )" Even printed out in black and white you missed it. FFS...did you even graduate from school? Let me make it clear to you if I wasn't before: I see what Benning's doing and agree with it. I think Prust is a good addition to the locker room. He goes full out every season - he's physical and consistent, plus he's willing to stick up for his team-mates. He'll set an example in the locker-room. Bartkowski is a reclamation project from the Bruins - maybe he'll have a bounce-back season playing with the 3rd pairing. We got picks for next year to restock the cupboard. And we got a few good guys that might do well in Utica and provide depth. Benning said it before. They need depth on defense - because they had D going down like flies sprayed with RAID. And if things suck for us, we'll end up in a better position for the 2016 draft.
  3. Faith in Benning

    (FULL ON SARCASM MODE - for those stupid enough that they don't get it... ) I'm SO MAD that we didn't trade half the team to get Lucic. He would have been the missing puzzle for our team. BENNING, YOU SUCK! ~tongue firmly planted in cheek~. #stillhavefaithinBenning I've seen darker times than this... so hell yeah... Bring it on... Full-on Rebuild, Here we go. GO CANUCKS!!!
  4. Are we in full rebuild. Or just clueless?

    Yep...looks like a rebuild is in the works... Yep...saw it coming. 1st year was Benning's assessment year... This year was getting rid of dead-weight (the players who do a disappearing act in the play-offs). Seen it before... Those guys who can't stand the suspense...well, get ready for some pain... Reminds me of the 80s. Gotta love it.
  5. Puckn'Animals Album

  6. Canucks VS Flames Photoshop Battle

  7. If the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, I'm buying a Lotto Max Ticket. I know I'll friggin' win the $50M. In all seriousness, it'll mean everything. Absolute proof that Canucks fans' faith and support of their team hasn't been in vain.
  8. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Probably Sergei Chibisov. “I’m a defensive dman who can join the rush once in a while,” Tryamkin said. “I can handle myself in a fight and protect my teammates.” “It may be easier for him to play in the smaller rinks,” Chibisov said. “We’d like him to get more mean, in a positive way. Cited from: http://blogs.theprovince.com/2014/06/28/canucks-can-draft-russians-again-and-they-get-a-huge-one/ I like how he thinks and how Chibisov wants Tryamkin to develop - along the lines of Chara...but "in a good way". Just do not want to see Max Pacioretty type hits...too much potential for injury and after the Bertuzzi incident we don't need black eyes like that again.
  9. [Draft] VAN selects Jake Virtanen 6th Overall

    DeNiro. PLEEEEEASE. Don't let him back on the bandwagon. I'm starting to get a headache from wanting to cut loose on him with four letter invective. Love how he steamrolls an opposition player. Skilled player with an abrasive edge. I like it.
  10. [Draft] VAN selects Jake Virtanen 6th Overall

    Good breakdown of what Benning could have used to determine his pick at 6. Sorry - can only +1 once.
  11. [Draft] VAN selects Jake Virtanen 6th Overall

    FFS...Just GO AWAY! Guess what. There's a team that needs a guy like you as their fan. You might know of them. They could use you in their fanbase. I think DopeyBrashear thinks he has a medical degree in arthroscopic surgery. Oh my F*NG god... I give Benning credit for having a SCOUTING background... YOU not so much!
  12. [Draft] VAN selects Jake Virtanen 6th Overall

    Hockey's a tough sport, cupcake. SUCK IT UP.
  13. [Official] 2014 NHL Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    His interview with Team 1040 sounded a lot more animated.