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  1. Not saying the hit itself was so bad. Regardless of what anybody thinks, though, it WAS charging according to the rule books. Now for this above post, I can't believe anybody would say such a thing. "Dirty" is all public perception?? Try playing and being one of the guys(past or present) that took all that physical punishment. It must not be fun to get cross checked in the head or to even take a high hit. These are PEOPLE with family that worries about them. Some of them are fathers, too. Imagine watching your father get plastered on TV and people say "Great hit!" Even worse would be to watch it happen to your son. But I guess it's all part of the game, right?(that you don't have to play)
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks 4- 2 Calgary Flames | OCT 8

    This. Out of everything I saw this game, this was the most promising thing. It was the most common sense, even keeled officiated (Canucks) game I have seen in a long while. I don't know if it was because of the ref cam or not, but I hope they're all like this. I'm sure it's the first time I can remember a refferee's on ice decision reversed on a goal and a penalty call nullified in the same game.(in fact I can't recall any nullified penalty calls off the top of my head) The team has things to work on. I hoped they would have dominated a little bit more both offensively and defensively. At least they seem to be moving in the right direction with time and room to improve.
  3. I don't like to be so PC most of the time. Like some others of you have said, I also grew up with a wide range of ethnic friends. But there's something about this wording that just doesn't sit right. What would you think if it said (Tanned guy in the middle) for someone that had taken a nice tropical vacation. How about (Pale redhead guy in the middle) for those that don't recognize a Sedin. Even the opposite, as some seem to think would be ok to the general public - "What if it was a white guy in the middle of some black guys" - sounds strange (light guy in the middle) -How about some race ones-(Red guy in the middle) for any player of Native descent. Or (Yellow guy in the middle) for anyone of asian descent. They all feel so out of place to me. A simple Jordan Subban (middle) (guy/player in the middle) (pictured middle) would of sufficed.
  4. Umm. LA spent 6 straight seasons and Chicago spent 9 out of 10 seasons out of the playoffs before they could acquire enough talent to begin to be the teams they are now. Do you really want that???
  5. [Report] Torts wanted to buy out Alex Burrows

    Sorry, but if you think that what Erhoff brought and what Garrison brought to the powerplay are comparable, you lose all credibility. It doesn't take a hockey expert to realize the importance of a good skating, puck-moving defenceman. Why do you think they are always the ones nominated for the Norris trophy. You seem to be coming off as a troll. Bash the Sedins all you want. They are(or should be) the most important, productive players on the team, but two players don't make a powerplay.
  6. Hahaha. I love your avatar. I must have been thinking of it when I picked my username. I know it popped in my head right after. I would ask if I could use it as my avatar too, but I wouldn't want to take away any credit for it.