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  1. Here are some more. Only Highway 1
  2. Not correct +- doesn't include powerplay points which he has 40 points so the actual calculation is roughly 99-40+11 = 60 not 110. Assumption made that he had an assist or goal for every goal made while he is on the ice and vice versa.
  3. Roussell and motte aren't on LTIR just IR so we don't need to shed anything since the cap calculation already includes their salary. In other words we do nothing at all
  4. Actually 3 possibility C Send down two contracts to the Ahl to free up 2 million dollars. (gives us 7.5 million to sign boeser);
  5. Its a reference to the mlb rumor and that Montreal and Tampa are going to share a baseball team. Where half the games are played in Montreal and the other half in Tampa.
  6. He's talking about cap hit retained in a transaction like a trade not buyouts.
  7. I am pretty sure the final nail in the coffin will be if we aren't a playoff team by 2021. If we aren't a playoff team by then he's fired.
  8. There is you are choosing to ignore the answer. Granlund was putt in ahead of spooner, leivo, and Peason because they didn't have good enough games to justify putting ahead of a known decent performer in the shoot out in Granlund. While Goldobin and Horvat through out the game had shown that they were close in beating varlemov and were given another chance to do it in the shoot out. It's weighing of the odds of scoring based on ingame performance and career shootout record. Not just one or the other. If granlund had even a decent game he would have been ahead of horvat and goldy in the shootout in my opinion.
  9. The goal is to score and win in the shoot out not a reward good/bad games. Having a good game increases the likely hood that you are going to score because your dialed into the the game. You weigh the balances and decide who goes. The objective is to win not reward players. In Horvat and Goldobin choice is between highly skilled players having a really good game but in general are bad in the shootout or good in the shoot out but having a really bad game. Turns out neither of them can score in a shootout.
  10. Because he had a 40% shootout success rate at that time for second best on the team. So It's a bad coaching decision to go with one of your best shootout player on your team. Before today's game Boeser 33% 1 for 3 Petterson 50% 2 for 4 Granlund 40% 2 for 5 Horvat 0% 0 for 3 attempts Goldobin 0% 0 for 3 attempts Career Shootout Tanner Pearson 16% 1 for 6 Markus Granlund 38% 5 for 13 I know who I would want in the shootout.