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  1. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    edit miss read the question.
  2. Jersey sale

    Definitely Fake The ecommerce site isn't https secure The social icons aren't clickable (faking social media presence) All of the security badges are fake and aren't clickable ( they're supposed to open the issuing website where there will be information verifying the legitimacy of the business)
  3. Canucks Property in Olympics?

    Can you name some ex canadian coaches that are more better than Willie D that isn't currently employed in the NHL/AHL/CHL. None come to my mind.
  4. [Value Of] Jannik Hansen

    This ones easy the cost is Goldobin . Personally I wouldn't do it.
  5. Canucks call up Anton Rodin from Utica

    Goldobin is waivers exempt.
  6. A loan exchange of players between their respective farm teams so utica can make a playoff push. I belive it was Blair Jones for T.J. Hensick
  7. Michael DiPietro | G

    No need to worry benning could potentially draft him this year .
  8. [Report] Canucks fire Willie Desjardins

    Doesn't that also mean no boeser, granlund, baertschi. I think boeser is going to be a star of that caliber
  9. Bo horvat to centre the 4th line.

    The person was supposed to be creating space was virt and he was invisible

    Why would anyone claim a player who is going to be a ufa?
  11. The canucks did offer a contract to brouwer and we did make his shortlist but he choose calgary.
  12. I don't think they got it

    Yeah and they had only two top 10 picks during there supposed rebuild and one that is currently on there roster. By that definition we've been tanking we have 3 top 10 picks .
  13. Didn't we call up and play Grenier, Gaunce and Zalawski Wasn't TO so injured that they had to use them and wasn't that also so they have a bad enough roster to finish last. To me it appears to be more orchestrated by the gm rather than the coach. I too think pedan was just okay, he wasn't really that good defensively mostly just a wrecking ball. In my opinion his ceiling appears to be a bigger Shane O'Brien. I honestly think he would have but wouldn't have been Baertschi-horvat-Vrbata but Baertschi-Sutter-Vrbata. He did give horvat a chance at the 2c position at the start of the season, he gave hutton and Tryamkin top 4 minutes on defense, Etem and Granlund both averaged between 14-15 mins a game. Baertchi wasn't ready for top six minutes at the start of the season so he didn't receive them. Mccann wasn't physically ready and Vritanen was ready physically but nothing else was quite at an NHL level.
  14. because he has grit and size and can score which is what benning is looking for. If we can get him for Sbisa + B prospect I would do it in a heartbeat
  15. Helm signed with Det Boedker still free agent