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  1. Montreal gets Terrance Hickey (BPA) @Vrienzy
  2. Vegas selects Charlie Bennett with their skipped pick
  3. I think @Stamkos can help
  4. Quebec selects Geoffrey Kropf (list) Toronto selects Johann Ortner Buffalo gets Geoff Borderleau (BPA) @Dion Phaneuf again
  5. @Dion Phaneuf
  6. To COL: Pehr-Ove Melin Marvin Gundlach To NYI: Kal Kaskinen @Tigs @Tylez
  7. @ThaManbeast
  8. @AntonRodin for an hour.
  9. New Jersey skipped Nail takes Alexander Marchkov with his skipped pick @Go Faulk Yourself
  10. Nail skipped @AntonRodin
  11. This was me lol. Totally understand the score for the Travis Scott one. I don't even like autotune-heavy trap stuff, but I just really enjoyed that one haha.
  12. Nothing But Thieves - Trip Switch Nothing really stuck out to me on this. Instrumentals were fine and vocals were kind of meh. Originally thought this was about some sort of infidelity with the first and third verses, but apparently it's about addiction to technology or something. Anyway, not bad, but pretty forgettable. 5/10 Tame Impala - Cause I'm a Man Okay, so anybody who has been in these mix exchanges knows that I love Tame Impala. I thought Currents was a good album, but had some bad tracks for his standard. This was one of them. Bassline and production are good enough, but I just find it so drab and dreary. Hoping for less of this on Kevin's next project. 4/10 The Cult - Rain Run of the mill 80's rock song. Nothing bad here, but nothing great. Guitars were decent enough and vocals were fine. Didn't mind listening to it, but I wouldn't really listen again. 5.75/10 Judas Priest - Caviar and Meths Thought these guys were super edgy so I expected a real thrasher. Pleasantly surprised to have gotten a calmer instrumental. Guitars and drums were pretty okay, but again, it's nothing I'd ever really listen to again. 6/10 Simple Minds - All the Things She Said Another very 80's song. Fun riff. Nothing of note, lyrically. Pretty catchy overall though. 6.25/10 Alannah Myles - Black Velvet An okay country rock song. I don't know who Alannah Myles is, but she has a nice voice. Didn't really know what this song was about. At first I guessed she was singing about her song, but with the help of the internet, they say it was about Elvis. Once again, nothing I'd listen to again. 6.5/10 Chris Isaak - Wicked Game First thought I had was that I knew this from Friends at some point. Did my research and I was correct. Still find it pretty boring though. Tears for Fears - Head Over Heels Pretty simple romance song. Liked the keyboard and other instruments enough. Once again, nothing really special to me. 6/10 Eddie Money - Two Tickets to Paradise Really liked the energy shown in the chorus and the solo. Fun guitars and drums. Decent. 7/10 Hall & Oates - Out of Touch Good stuff. Nice vocals and instrumentals. Just a fun pop song. 7.5/10 Overall: 5.5/10 Pretty bored with most of it. Nothing really noteworthy to me. Only song I'd really listen to again were the last two. Apparently a lot of these songs were featured in GTA games, so that's fun. Sorry I didn't have much to say about your songs. I just found them kind of boring. I'll just shoot in the dark and guess Rubik
  13. To Dallas: Tony Laporte To Rangers: Joonas Donskoi Leif Renholm @Tigs @Tylez
  14. @kj29 for two