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  1. To Las Vegas: 2019 Rangers 3rd To Rangers: Laurent Dauphin @Tylez @Tigs
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  12. To Detroit: Thomas Greiss To Toronto: Jimmy Howard (0.5M retained) 2019 Islanders 3rd @Tylez @Tigs
  13. I originally had Dubois with Strome, but I remember McKenzie mentioning Jost and Strome having some really good chemistry this summer, but not the made up Marner-Strome chemistry that was hyped. He said the same about Barzal and Stephens. Maybe Crouse could go on that LW. Cirelli has really risen in HC's eyes, it seems. Seems like a perfect energy forward Canada could use on the 4th line. I have Joseph there purely from his numbers. Just seem like too much to leave off of the team. HC is weird though. The most unsure I am about the lineup is 3LW. If Blake Speers recovers in time, they could try him out there. Not sure how much LW he's able to play though
  14. Jost - Strome - Raddysh Dubois - Barzal - Stephens Howden/Dube - Steel - Gauthier Cirelli - McLeod - Joseph If Crouse is loaned, 4th line with McLeod and Cirelli would make a great energy line. Thoughts?