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  1. Lol. I've never heard Tegan and Sara before, but I have heard Hedley. If Hedley is better than Tegan and Sara, then they must be really bad.
  2. Poll: Would you be OK with a Kesler Trade?

    I voted for yes if for the right return. But by right return I mean that the other team would have to overpay.
  3. Oh, man this French language stuff gets so annoying. People want everything in french cause the language is "dying" and then they get pissed off when you try to learn french. Also, bilingualism is a joke in Ottawa, if you can speak french and say can yes and no in english then you are bilingua.
  4. Doctor recommends more freedom for Vince Li

    In my opinion the fact that he killed someone, because he was mentally ill, means that the only way they can ever let him out again is if it can be guaranteed that he will never harm someone again. Which is pretty much impossible, at least currently. And if he has to take medication to suppress this illness that made him kill someone, that doesn't count as cured to me. What if he forgets? Or a burglar steals them to pawn or something? .
  5. I didn't even know DHL was a thing until I saw this.
  6. Clearly we need to draft more Latvians.
  7. PGT Coyotes 1 Canucks 0

    Call up Grenier.
  8. Alexandre Mallet Talk

    No, the problem was we didn't again until the 4th or 5th round, and there was a very good chance that Mallet would have been gone by then. So, it was use a second round pick or not pick him at all.
  9. Jannik Hansen

    A few years ago when he was on a line with kesler and tambellini he was passing a lot and that line was scoring a ton of goals. But then raymond came back form injury so for some dumb reason tambellini got immediately demoted and the line was never as good as it was with him.
  10. Yanni Gourde

    Comets should give him a shot. He may be undersized, but they need the scoring help.
  11. Anton Cederholm Talk

    Sounds like Tanev and Cederholm could be a pretty good shut down pairing in the future.
  12. Ludwig Blomstrand Talk

    Aren't Swedish leagues notoriously hard to score on? I mean AHL has better players (AHL allstars> SEL allstars), but for an individual it is easier to score in the AHL. At least that's what I always thought, I could definitely, 100%, be wrong though.
  13. Multiple Warning Signs Surrounding Zack Kassian

    Yeah, that 33.3 shooting percentage looks like trouble.
  14. Frank Corrado Talk

    That's exactly what I think too, he's a Linden who plays defense.
  15. Frank Corrado Talk

    If Corrado gets cut now he should give Hockey Canada some Mikael Samuelsson talk.