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  1. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    I like Boqvist too, but there are concision issues early on in his career. He suffered one earlier this year, and another one a few days ago apparently.
  2. Tank Thread

    I feel just as bad for Boeser
  3. https://thecanuckway.com/2018/01/27/vancouver-canucks-business-decisions-may-cost-jim-benning-job/amp/
  4. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Getting Dahlin would complete the core of this team
  5. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Lol beat me to it by a sec
  6. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Pettersson scored 1 goal so far today.
  7. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    I don't have the link but I saw on HF boards that Bob Mckenzie tweeted something about Buffalo taking calls on Sam Reinhart. Buff needs defence so maybe something around Hutton for Reinhart?
  8. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    Too bad Toronto doesn't
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Montreal Canadiens

    Nah that's just crappy oilers management destroying prospects again
  10. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Nah I'd keep our 1st ever first OA and draft Dahlin. Hes a #1 dman in the making and would anchor our Defence core for the next 10 years minimum. We never had a true #1 dman this guy is a stud.
  11. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Would you trade Pettersson and this years first for him let's say if we drafted 5oa again?
  12. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    Would you trade Virtanen for him?
  13. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Please God let us get Rasmus Dahlin.
  14. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

  15. Loll VGK are in their first season, currently 3rd overall. Their home record is 14-2. Visiting teams must be pulling all nighters the day of the game against them.