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  1. Lmao, I'm sorry but that trade is way off. It would take quite a bit more from Toronto to get Schenn, even if they are taking on Lavavalier's contract with it
  2. TBH I really want to see Hamhuis retire a Canuck. In my opinion he is the perfect example of a class act, hard working Canadian hockey player that ALL Canadian teams need more of.
  3. Edmonton is looking for top centers more than anything right now. They are going to have anywhere with #1-#3 pick this year, which they will use to get any of McDavid, Eichel, or Dylan Strome. While I like the idea of getting such a high pick, Edmonton wouldn't even consider a trade with us unless it was something along the lines of: Edmonton: 1st 2015 Vancouver: Horvat, Virtanen, 1st 2015 And I would never want to make that trade
  4. Here's the way I see trades (and this is just the way I see it, does not mean it's law lol). As soon as you need more than one hand to count the number of players being moved, the trade has next to no chance of working. The way to do trades in today's NHL is to trade a few pieces of equal value, not a plethora of players to equal 1 or 2 people.