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  1. Lmao, I'm sorry but that trade is way off. It would take quite a bit more from Toronto to get Schenn, even if they are taking on Lavavalier's contract with it
  2. TBH I really want to see Hamhuis retire a Canuck. In my opinion he is the perfect example of a class act, hard working Canadian hockey player that ALL Canadian teams need more of.
  3. Edmonton is looking for top centers more than anything right now. They are going to have anywhere with #1-#3 pick this year, which they will use to get any of McDavid, Eichel, or Dylan Strome. While I like the idea of getting such a high pick, Edmonton wouldn't even consider a trade with us unless it was something along the lines of: Edmonton: 1st 2015 Vancouver: Horvat, Virtanen, 1st 2015 And I would never want to make that trade
  4. As a Canucks fan who lives in Toronto, I have had the chance to watch nearly every game that Bozak plays. Bozak is a very good 3rd line center, and an average at best 2nd line center. His offensive production is heavily inflated by the people he plays with (Kessel and JVR), as well as his zone starts. There is nothing wrong with the kind of player he is, but rather what he is paid to do what he does. $4.15M a year for a 3rd line player would not work on a team like the Canucks that are spending so close to the cap. Value is not too far off though
  5. Is it fair value? I think so, so good job there. However I still wouldn't do it. Hansen plays with so much heart and intensity, I would hate to lose him
  6. Points are not everything my friend. While Cormier is not likely to put up 50+ points in the NHL, he is a fairly good 3rd/4th line center, as he plays a fairly good defensive game. While on a pure talent level Buffalo has a few centers that would be above him, they are lacking in someone who could play that bottom 6 shutdown center role next season better than Cormier could; excluding perhaps McCormick (who if I'm correct is UFA next season and will likely be traded at the deadline). In my opinion, Cormier is a lot like Maxim Lapierre in his ability and play-style.
  7. Winnipeg: Patrice Cormier + 2015 3th round pick Buffalo: Drew Stafford Winnipeg adds that 2nd/3rd line RW that they need for their first playoff appearance since the relocation. Buffalo gets a decent prospect who could play a 3rd line role for them next season, plus another draft pick. What does everyone think?
  8. While that may be what you are willing to give up to get him, it doesn't mean the leafs are interested. I agree with you completely on what would be worth it from our end, and I wouldn't want to give up much more really to acquire him. However, if the leafs are going to trade him, they'd want nothing less than a 1st round pick and a b-level prospect/established top 9 forward
  9. If the leafs decide to trade Franson, especially at the deadline, they would get a LOT more than Matthias and Corrado for him. Matthias would be gone in the offseason, so Corrado would be all they'd be left with, and he is no where near Franson's value. I'd say Franson and possibly JVR are their two most valuable trade pieces.
  10. It's nice to see some legitimate hockey trades being proposed here recently. While they both seem to be fair value and could possibly happening, I see the second one much more likely. NYI fans have been somewhat unwelcoming to these "superstar" talent Russian players ever since the horrendous situation with Alexei Yashin. Because of this, I question whether that trade would actually go through. As for the second trade, besides the cap situation with TBL (which I'm unclear of with capgeek.com being down) I cannot think of an argument to why it wouldn't happen. Nice job overall dude
  11. Here's the way I see trades (and this is just the way I see it, does not mean it's law lol). As soon as you need more than one hand to count the number of players being moved, the trade has next to no chance of working. The way to do trades in today's NHL is to trade a few pieces of equal value, not a plethora of players to equal 1 or 2 people.
  12. Honestly (in my opinion at least) this appears to be a very plausible and fair trade all around. Having said that, I think Washington would be very cautious before letting Bowey go, as they are counting on him to be the backbone of their D core for the foreseeable future, so I don't see this sort of trade happening. But good trade idea. Kudos to you
  13. SJS: Joe Pavelski TOR: Nazeem Kadri + Stuart Percy/Jake Gardiner This trade is only if San Jose misses the playoffs and enters the rebuild like they said they would if the fail to make the playoffs this year. Toronto gets the two way no. 1 center they have needed for so long who has proven chemistry with both Kessel and JVR from the Olympics. San Jose gets a young center to play behind Couture, as well as their choice of a young and promising puck moving defender. What does everyone think?
  14. MTL: Conditional 2015 5th round pick (becomes a 4th if the Canadiens make it past the 1st round of playoffs) CAR: Jay McClement Overall this is a very simple trade. Montreal needs one or two more bottom 6 forwards to round out their team going into this years playoffs. Carolina acquires another draft pick to continue their rebuild. Overall a very simple trade. Thoughts?
  15. PHI: Sean Couturier ARI: Keith Yandle As both players have been rumoured to be on the block, I think it makes perfect sense. Arizona is looking for a strong offensive presence, while Philadelphia is looking for a veteran defender. Don't harp on me too much if the value is off haha. What do you all think?