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  1. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    I give the ladies the "C"
  2. NY islanders 1-3-1 trap to playoffs

    on Tuesday's I take my accountant's mechanic's cat to swimming lessons.
  3. ICBC Situation.

    tough situation. I am thinking its like some others have said, seems like its an admin. error at ICBC. My driving history from when I was around your age is way worse than yours from what you have described and I have never had the problems you are having. Drove with just my "L" for multiple years got a bunch of tickets had my "L" suspended 3 times still drove anyways. never handed it in at suspension never went in to have it reinstated when the suspensions were over. When I got my "N" again lots of tickets even one for blowing over 0 (I came in at .03) that got me a 12 hour suspension and my car impounded. luckily for me I got in for my class 5 road test and passed it before my 30 day appeal window closed or my "N" would have been suspended and I would have had to start the 2 year waiting period over again. I did still get an angry letter from the super intendant of motor vehicles though, but dodged the suspension. since then I have been pulled over once for speeding on the #1 between hope and bridal falls of all places.
  4. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign Tyler Ennis

    I'd do her.
  5. [Proposal] Colorado and Ottawa

    haha woops fixed it.
  6. To Colorado: Eric Karlsson To Ottawa: 2019 first round pick (from Ottawa) 2019 first round pick (Colorado) Gabriel Landeskog
  7. 31 Free Games For PS Plus, Xbox Live, And Twitch Prime In July

    we seem to be getting them here in Canada. Can only speak for PSN though.
  8. [Signing] Nail Yakupov signs with SKA St. Petersburg (KHL)

    Daigle still had 327 points in 616 games in the NHL. Are you sure injuries weren't a factor for Daigle? Looked at his games played and he only played in more than 50 games in 4 of his 8 full time NHL seasons. If you add in the ones that were split between the NHL and AHL he still only seems to have played a full season twice in his entire career and had another season where he played 78 games. Considering that I would have to give the biggest bust title to Yakupov. Edit: woops didn't notice a couple of those NHL seasons were split between 2 teams but he still did only manage to play 2 full seasons in his career.
  9. [Signing] Capitals sign Jayson Megna

    obligatory WD meme
  10. NHL 19 Thread

    yes. next season will be on NHL 19
  11. NHL 19 Thread

    there are 3 leagues NHL, AHL, CHL. Each team has management consisting of other people who are signed up for the league. At the start of every season they have scouting games to find players for their teams. If you are new you have to start in the CHL, after your first season you can be drafted. If you are not drafted you have to play something like 40 games in the CHL before you can move up to the AHL or NHL. There is a salary cap, you can be traded, called up, waived.
  12. NHL 19 Thread

    Do any of you play League Gaming?
  13. [Discussion] if you could ask or tell JB one thing

    so patience is fine when it comes to MT but not OJ? kind of hypocritical don't you think?