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  1. I don't get this the NHL makes big money from selling the broadcast rights to their games, why would they give that up for what would amount to a pay per view model?
  2. I apologize to all the people I haven't offended yet, don't worry your time is coming.
  3. Did it though? Or were they just carried by CM and LD? I personally hope they crap the bed vs. Chicago and they both ask for trades along with JE in Buffalo. Would make for a very interesting shortened off season.
  4. cant wait. going to have to book the week off work when they give the actual release date.
  5. lol ya because he really went and lit it up after he left Vancouver. If he were smart he would have realized he got carried by the Sedins and enjoyed the ride just like Burrows did.
  6. What about kimchi? I convinced a friend of mine who had never had it before that the spice block that comes with it was actually a cookie that was meant for desert. He took a bite out of it and gave me the Petey death stare.
  7. we all know that NJ is going to get the first OA again this year. they are the new oilers.
  8. I have seen some things in the media claiming he is. Rumour is that he is looking to fight again, that may be why people are saying he's broke. Word is that he has a big gambling problem as well.
  9. Well I heard Floyd Mayweather is broke. Tyson v Mayweather?
  10. yes I know that. I am irritated that I am being punished twice for it. already got my discount cut because of it, now I am being charged for it again.
  11. so just got some great news today. because of 1 50/50 accident 3 years ago where the other guy claimed injury my premiums are going up by 80$ per month. anyone else enjoying the new icbc rate calculation method?
  12. so who else here needs a haircut but cant get one because everything is closed?
  13. you should wait until later in the year to buy something at this point. PS5 and the next gen Xbox come out later this year.