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  1. [GDT] Canucks and Penguins

    We need to see more than just a little spirit from the team tonight. If we do, I don't care what the result actually is. I want some urgency from Kassian, some real shots from Daniel, some variety/inspiration from Henrik, and some sandpaper from Edler. #Doyoumeanit, #Imeanreallymeanit
  2. [PGT] Sharks @ Canucks

    Got my kid to bed, remembered that the game wouldn't be over, and turned it on. So, while I'm looking to check the score late in the third (it was depressing, btw), the Sharks score... Click. But I will watch another day. I'm stupid like that.
  3. Practice and Optional Skates

    There you go. If that doesn't get Kassian interested in the game, nothing will. Do it, Willie.
  4. Kassian speaks out about the Sunday benching

    Psst...put them on the same line...
  5. [PGT] Jets @ Canucks

    What a great game! It's been a while since I enjoyed a Canucks game so much. I got me to thinking... I would REALLY like to see WD put Kassian and Kenins on the same line. Kenins has speed and fearlessness, not to mention urgency; He quite obviously wants to stay. He seems pretty good along the boards, and he's certainly not afraid to shoot. Kassian should be challenged, not sat. His strength and passing ability could work...It would be like, "Last chance, buddy..." Kenins Horvat Kassian Then we will see the beast arise! ...I hope.
  6. Rate the players concept

    Thanks for doing this, dood. It is quite interesting, especially the 'most variable' players. Due to fans' preconceptions, expectations, or just different opinions on the game performance (or all of the above, I spose). If you were to change the scale to 1-10, you might be able to strip the statistical outliers? Or would that be to difficult/clunky? Anyway, giving you a +1 now and again for the work.
  7. One of my favourite Canucks still..

    Ronning and Larionov are in my top 5 favourite canucks. I wass really disappointed when they left/were let go. I so enjoyed watching Cliff turn people inside-out as he practically ducked between their his best, he was pretty amazing. And a very sportsmanlike player, which gets votes from me.
  8. Canucks win 3-2 in SO; Vrbata with SO winner! Hey, if Radim sticks with the team long enough, he might get that missing vowel on his sweater...even if it's on the front, rather than the back. It could happen. And Seahawks? WIN 27-21. And I hope it is a comeback victory, because I just can't watch the 1st half.
  9. Stop saying Buffolo. 5-2 for yooouuuuurrrrr VANNNCOUVERR CANUCKS!
  10. [PGT] Ducks @ Canucks

    I regret to say that I not only stopped watching early in the second, but also that I am happy that I did: I sorted out my hiking stuff and found my topo maps. I promise to try to stay more interested next game. Please, my Canucks, show some spirit then. What I did note: Matthias was playing like he meant it - a one-man band of brothers... Kassian just stood there at the top of the circle sometimes, while three of his team-mates worked in the corner to get the puck out of the zone - totally lost in his own zone. Henrik and Daniel are pretty much being game-taped into mediocrity - opponents are not awed by them at all any more. Kesler is a bigger douche now that he isn't wearing the right colours.
  11. Jiří Šlégr Thread

    I always liked Slegr - just wish someone had taken him aside to show him how to aim a slapper. He had a decent career, all in all. I seem to remember him being quite feisty, too...? Didn't he coach at the olympics as well?
  12. Should the Sedin twins be broken up for 5 on 5 play?

    No. But they should be split up on the PP, at least for a few games. It might spark some actual goal-oriented hockey instead of the mind-numbingly eternal passing. Geez, boys. Reserve the cycle for 5 on 5, where it makes sense. They are both too excellent at passing to need to play catch 5 on 4. Once upon a time, Daniel would lead the team in goals, not sit in 5th. And if it weren't for Vrbata (and each other), neither would be up there in assists this year. OK, maybe assists would come no matter who they play with... Anyway, it's not the 5v5 that's their real problem, it's their stale play with the man advantage. Looks like they picked the wrong year to quit amphetamines.
  13. [PGT] Vancouver 1 @ Tampa Bay 4

    Henrik has a baaaad habit: when he receives the puck along those right-side boards, he does this turn/spin to the boards counter-clockwise (on his backhand). I have watched most of the road trip, and the last three games, it has started to bother me how often he does it, even when there is no pressure on him at all. It might be as often as 3 times in 4. Those boys need to change it up and get hungry. Henrik, just bank it in off somebody instead of circling away! Daniel...I don't know. Wait! I dare you to stay off the boards for an entire shift. Maybe they do need to be split up. Harrumph. My favourite part of today's game: "It's not a gift, Joey. It's the rule." Absolutely classic.
  14. I want to see an inspired effort from the team. Show us that they have turned a corner, and will finish the season strongly. 3-1 Canucks Daniel Horvat Hansen
  15. Canucks Playoffs

    No, Must be Apollo. Edit: Forgot what I was going to say... Anyway, these team has put lots of good teams right on their backs this year. Yes, the same has happened to them. But once you're in, you're in, and you never know. For the first time in a while this team may wind up having to bear down just to get into the playoffs, and actually make it, on a roll. Why not?