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  1. Cody is great and will excel with more responsibility. Kassian is great, fills a big hole on this team, as well as gets a chance to develop with the leagues best. It seems like a bunch of people feel the same way about CoHo as 14yr old girls do Justin Beiber... The "fans" need to get over their crush, look at this with clarity, and see this is what is best for us AND Hodgson. Hodgson would never get the oppertunity to become a star behind the likes of Hank and Kes, and it is completly unfair and selfish of people to expect him to wait it out. I look forward to watching his NHL career explode with another team, and can't wait to see Kes and Hodgson faceoff at some point! Kid will be a superstar, and will be a superstar faster because he got traded.