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  1. I always liked that quote some one had in their sig that said they checked under their bed for torres
  2. from that old classic brewsters millions
  3. the newest console I got is a ps2. I still play my snes from time to time and i'm actually looking forward to that nintendo mini then I am to these new thingys comming out
  4. maybe not sbisa but pedan could play on the 4th line. It would be way easier in a game when a D goes down to throw pedan on D and double shift a forward for 4th line duties. It would help save the D
  5. Clinton hasn't had a press conference since December 15 2015......this is true which throws shades of concern of her health she released today that IF elected she would no longer accept donations from foreign/corporate to the Clinton foundation (in other words start donating today before she's elected) Polls show what people are telling on a land line (most people don't have those) This just makes me sad I can actually see Trump winning this
  6. just play jenga with a bunch of sea containers and make them into apartments
  7. well im sure that will go over real well now
  8. took me way to long to click what that joke of lmao was
  9. lay off the blow
  10. I was always disappointed they never finished but ended after only 2 season. Had that nice creepy vibe
  11. I'm not a hippy by any means, but I want a solar powered house along with a wind turbine for the winter and be completely off the grid just so I wouldn't have to support or rely on Government power
  12. I'm gonna start building a wall to keep yous people from invading inland
  13. if you can't figure it out I feel sorry for you son