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  1. I lived in alberta, I have family in alberta, when I see a truck lifted up like that I automatically assume alberta. That being said not every one in alberta is a racist because of it. If you were offended I'm sorry
  2. all in good fun, like the time space conspiracy about the BerenSTAIN bears not BerenSTIEN bears *I thought it was Berenstien myself
  3. with their accent and flag patches so similar I assumed wrong and he let me know it
  4. I called a New Zelander a Ozzy once and he was really offended, with respect I feel like canadians and americans could easily be mistaken, (except newfies, they have their own awsome accent in a big group)
  5. I fear Tryamkin is gone..............then some how wind up in Edmonton down the road to full fill my nightmare
  6. I like the fact he would have players on the opposite side taking 2 looks back and wondering instead of looking back and expecting a hug into the boards. Yes he is a duel edge knife with a sharp spur on the handle but some times you have to bleed a little. but that's just how my mind operates
  7. I love that hit so much, all shoulder hit that spun him around like a top
  8. ya he knew he did bad right after the fact. looked at the ref like he was caught with his pants down right after *contact to the head I guess but not dirty dirty, just a little dirty
  9. damnit LaBate! does any body know if infractions like that carry over to the NHL? like would he be considered a repeat offender in the eyes of the NHL?
  10. you all do know Trump ran before also. Free publicity for his crap show and never expected to win that's his style. The people this time around are sick of the status quo and decided to run behind the outsider. Trump even tried to sink his own capaign at the start but the people pushed him threw. If elected will he make a difference? no not in the slightest but it does send a message that the people are sick of the way things are run. The old way was effective to a point but in this day and age where every thing is permanent on the internet and whispers are exposed for all to see makes the old status quo difficult. When 1 person with access can cause huge damage to any empire with just a memory stick shows the control they had and the control they are losing. Revolutions are no longer fought with people lining up in a line it evolved, and will continue to evolve
  11. like I said racism is lazy people in general. You take 10 people put them in the room and have 1 of them different colour there is GENERALLY (not always) one person out of 9 that will hate the tenth person just by skin tone. Why is it lazy? because if you don't like the person the first thing they see is the obvious difference and walk that path of why they don't like them. The path becomes laid out and beaten down that it becomes second nature to walk it without even thinking. I let people present themselves first before I decide why I don't like you
  12. not with racism just with the truck. bc has little use for trucks like that
  13. disappointed that the truck didn't have at least alberta plates. racism is people who are to dumb to think of insults and are generally lazy then pile a certain colour in a category then keep on banging that drum
  14. sadly Burrows used to be like that
  15. keep in mind the 2nd guy is over 200lbs...