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  1. I need help, looking for a new good receiver and speakers

    whats so special about boxing day? just wait until mid jan when they are clearing out last year stocks and done their inventory 
  2. For Men (and women?) - Beard growth and itchiness

    I always shave my neck to the jaw line once or twice a week. The face part doesn't bother me for the itch 
  3. Trudeau Orders Crude Oil Tanker Ban for B.C.'s North Coast

    what about the people that love to work those kinds of hours? sounds counter productive 
  4. Contract job=No tax deduction?!

    usually independent contractors do their own tax deductions and file them quarterly...........that kind of job I have no clue on its inner workings 
  5. Suspect Dead, 10 Hurt in Attack at B.C. Office

    this place disgusts me
  6. is that tesla home battery available yet? a couple of solar panels and a windmill and i'll go off grid for under 10k
  7. kinda like how the US trained up the taliban in the 80's to fight the russians, even Rambo fought along side them turned out really well in the long run.........
  8. I personally thought that carnivale show was good but they cancelled that after 2 seasons. Nothing beat's 1930's circus freak show
  9. New Zealand's new flag could be one of these 40 designs

    they hate to be confused with ozzys, I worked with ozzys and kiwi's fire fighting they say its like calling us canadians americans
  10. New Zealand's new flag could be one of these 40 designs

    well its better then being a ozzy flag with red stars, or was it the other way around?
  11. Top 5 WWE

    wtf the bushwackers were awsome! the worst was bob "sparkplug" holly, the repo man, and crush before he some what redeemed himself with the biker look
  12. it technically is assault so no sympathy to the guy when he gets identified
  13. Are you a morning or late night person?

    I feel your pain, 2 weeks of doing 430pm-3am is easy for me, but when I change to 6am-430pm it takes me a solid week to get used to it
  14. Top 5 WWE

    1. geroge the animal steel 2. dynamite kid 3. razor ramone 4. junk yard dog 5. king kong bundy