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  1. Will the Sedin's/Miller fulfill their contracts as Canucks?

    i should add that if JB does not sign anyone worth while this summer all bets are off list of difference makers worth paying for: 1. stamkos 2. Erik stall 3. seabrook 4. okposo 5. ladd 6. lucic 7. yandle 8. doan 9. eriksson 10. yandle
  2. Will the Sedin's/Miller fulfill their contracts as Canucks?

    Dooms day anyone? Wow. If the Canucks get a top pick, which is VERY likely, and sign a few players, it could be a instant turn around. i saw a post on here yesterday claiming Stamkos is to old to sign ! The twins will be come one of our 3 scoring lines next year. don't care if they play on the so called 1st/2nd or 3rd line. but to say that the Canucks are entering the dark ages is crazy off the deep end.. i would agree if they were sitting in 9th right now.. but looks like we will have top draft pick in a Very good draft.. that being said JB needs to make a splash in free agency. there's some great top end talent available this off season, and we have enough players ready to compete on entry level deals to afford them.. now is the worst time to get rid of twins. they may not be 1st line all-stars but if they are your secondary or 3rd line scoring in a few years or next, watch out. Bring on the lottery draft! Demko will be back up next year, or they risk losing him for nothing, and given his year i bet he does just fine
  3. This is so true.. I think Moulson Value will drop, although i think he is still very good.. Booth + 1st and 2nd for Moulson??? I know booth is not worth anything, but thats the only way it works cap wise.. that also gives sabers 2 1st and 2 2nds for a UFA.