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  1. Markstrom and Baertschi played 45 and 36 games respectively in Utica. I guess you can give Green a bit of credit but both had played well in the minors for years. Labate hasn't played a game in the NHL. I like the Comets and appreciate the respect he gets but I would say the results don't yet match the praise. Shinkaruk isn't a regular yet so not sure you can count him. I'm going to both Comets games this weekend so it will be interesting to see Demko, Stetcher etc.
  2. For as much love as Travis Green gets around here, is a player from Utica ever going to develop into a decent NHL player? I guess Guance could contribute this year. Other than him what has come out of this development system lately?
  3. i just don't get the upset. Obviously it is impossible to accurately predict any of this because there are too many variables. However, in reality the Sedins and Eriksson are more likely to have a decrease than an increase but he predicts Daniel will be the same and Henrik will be better than last year. That's impressive for 36 year old players. I'm not sold on Eriksson. He has really good contract years with a whole lot of dipping in between. I think 23-25 goals out of him would be great and the Sedins getting 60 is great also. That's not the problem on this team. They need way more production from the other lines and especially the D.
  4. I have a feeling they are in on Barrie in a big way. JB likes bringing home BC boys. I'm curious to see how it plays out. But it's going to be expensive in assets and contract. His age and RFA status dictate that.
  5. He just spent four winters in North Dakota!
  6. 1 way or 2 has no bearing on waivers. The player claimed has to be kept in the NHL anyway.
  7. I don't think when he starts will matter to his UFA status. He will get to 27 before he gets 7 years at this point. If he signs an ELC this year it has to be 3 years and if he signs next year it will be 2 years so he gets to RFA status the same whether he signs this year or next unless they can burn the year next year. It would have been beneficial if the Canucks had the ability to burn a year this year like they did for Tryamkin and essentially turn it into a 2 year deal but BC making the Frozen Four ruined that.
  8. It's not necessarily following a model. The biggest thing is not rushing players. Right now I'm not completely sold on the way the Canucks are developing their young talent at the NHL level. For that matter, of the multiple AHL call-ups in the two years since Benning took over I can't say anyone has been outstanding or really forced their way into the lineup. Kenins did last year but has been a shadow of that this year. I guess Biega has been solid also but he is still in and out of the lineup. I'm not convinced players like McCann and Virtanen should be playing limited minutes on third and fourth lines at 19 when they could be playing on power plays, short handed situations, etc in junior. Neither has shown they are anywhere close to the top rookies that gave their clubs no choice. Guys like Larkin. So why waste a year of development? Sure you can sell the whole thing about training and being around NHLers but in the end a young player has to play if he has that opportunity. With technology the Canucks can easily participate in someone's training from afar. And is Horvat really being developed well? You constantly hear how he is going to be a two way shut down C. He's a gas fire defensively so I'm guessing that hasn't worked so well. And his penalty killing has left a lot to be desired. Yet he keeps getting thrown out in those situations. Keeps getting D-zone starts. Is that really beneficial? Is it poor coaching at the NHL level? His possession stats are awful. People got frustrated with AV but AV knew how to deploy players. I guarantee you Horvat wouldn't be seeing as many D-zone starts if AV was here. So I think it's hard to argue that the Canucks are doing a great job developing right now in the NHL. Is it coaching or is it because management has put these guys in to difficult situations? Ultimately I hope they don't waste this crop of prospects. No need to rush. It's such a recipe for disaster.
  9. The Canucks have never had a 50 point D. Tyson Barrie looks like he will put up his second 50 point season at the age of 24 and you think Colorado wants Sbisa? For something this team has never had? That would be amazing. Kind of doubt it though.
  10. That's an Austin Matthews D right there.
  11. Obviously they need other options besides the Sedins. That was the concern last season yet Benning traded a lot of even strength goals without replacing them. Vrbata is obviously off of last years pace by a lot and the younger players haven't really stepped up enough. Progress is fine but no one is setting the house on fire. Horvat has had a tough year. I think this has been a problem for a long time and the scary thing is that the primary scoring from the first line will need to be replaced soon enough. Then what? Is anyone on the current roster capable? I doubt it. Sedins go 4 games with 1 assist between the two of them and the Canucks lose all 4. I'm more than worried when that scoring fades even more.
  12. Marlies are deep too. Emery is their third goalie. Not that Emery is necessarily good anymore but it's still rare for an A squad to carry a third who was recently a regular in the NHL.
  13. Was there also. Did you see what happened to Subban on the EN goal? We were sitting right in front of the Marlies bench and he went down and crawled to that bench. Looked like he caught his own players stick but he looked in distress. Also I disagree a little on Pedan. At one point he lost a puck battle to Brandon Leipsic! Leipsic is half his size and he muscled Pedan off the puck.
  14. Ask Packers fans about that after Saturday. Or any team really. Bengals fans against the Steelers. It gets way more intense in the NFL. Officials have way more sway in the outcome of a game. While we may not like the NHL's officiating, it's rare that specific calls decide the outcome of the game. In the NFL big games are often decided by calls or no calls. You can't tell me pass interference is consistent at any point from game to game and even in the same game. Holding etc. I'm not arguing that NHL officiating is good, I just think that desiring NFL standards is funny because it's horrific.
  15. No league should ever aspire to have officiating like the NFL! That is probably the first time I've ever heard anyone think NFL officiating was something to copy.