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  1. Marlies are deep too. Emery is their third goalie. Not that Emery is necessarily good anymore but it's still rare for an A squad to carry a third who was recently a regular in the NHL.     
  2. Was there also. Did you see what happened to Subban on the EN goal? We were sitting right in front of the Marlies bench and he went down and crawled to that bench. Looked like he caught his own players stick but he looked in distress.  Also I disagree a little on Pedan. At one point he lost a puck battle to Brandon Leipsic! Leipsic is half his size and he muscled Pedan off the puck.   
  3. No suspension

    Ask Packers fans about that after Saturday. Or any team really. Bengals fans against the Steelers. It gets way more intense in the NFL. Officials have way more sway in the outcome of a game. While we may not like the NHL's officiating, it's rare that specific calls decide the outcome of the game. In the NFL big games are often decided by calls or no calls.  You can't tell me pass interference is consistent at any point from game to game and even in the same game. Holding etc.    I'm not arguing that NHL officiating is good, I just think that desiring NFL standards is funny because it's horrific. 
  4. No suspension

    No league should ever aspire to have officiating like the NFL! That is probably the first time I've ever heard anyone think NFL officiating was something to copy. 
  5. Zack Kassian told by MTL not to report to the AHL

    I was selfishly hoping for him to join St. John's as I'll be there tomorrow against the Marlies. Wanted to see Kassian play.
  6. [PGT] Nucks 3, Habs 4

    So you want to take Shinkaruk off the line he was on and put him on the offensive juggernaut of Horvat and Virtanen? Horvat has been weak all year and playing mostly in a defensive role. Been playing that role rather poorly. Throw an offensive winger and a rookie who appears to be floating around right now on his wings and see if he gets better? That's a solid decision! 
  7. Pass the torch to Markstorm already

    Since Demko is a 19 year old junior I'd say so. If he decides to play his senior season he is going to be 21 years old and four months when he finishes. Pretty young and he could easily decide to go the UFA route. The problem with Demko is there are no guarantees you can sign him because he is so young. It's not like he will be 24 like Brandon Tanev.
  8. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    But I think I counted at least 19. 
  9. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    Hunter was in the pre game. I'm here. Lots of Canucks jerseys!
  10. Darren Archibald Talk

    I'm very surprised he can't find a deal in the A. 
  11. Being a Canuck in Toronto.

    I live in Toronto and I never notice anyone really getting harassed for sporting opposing teams colours. And as much as it can bother, the Canucks really don't get a lot of coverage. Games are late and most people don't care. That being said when the Canucks come into the ACC every year there is pretty good support. It's not like in Vancouver where it basically becomes a Leaf home game but there are a noticeable amount of blue and green wearing fans. And I don't get hassled. Nobody really does. Leafs fans are even more corporate than Rogers Arena so generally well behaved.
  12. Metal detectors being introduced this year... chaos?

    It will work but it will be chaos during the opener and early season games. There will be articles and complaints because lines will be long. Pre-season won't help because it's lightly attended. Everything will be smooth and there will be a confidence and then opening night will hit and all heck will break loose.
  13. Canucks hard copy tickets

    It is a tough transition. The first time it happened to me was 3 years ago with the Florida Panthers. We were expecting our usual package and kept waiting. Eventually we called. They said did you get you season ticket holder card? We had received it. The response was that is your ticket. When you are based in a different country entirely it seemed like kind of a pain to just have a card but it works. You e-mail tickets to people and it saves money. They are much easier to sell now that they can be uploaded. Less chance of fake tickets. But it's pretty sad.
  14. I'm impressed that there is even commentary on an Adam Cracknell signing let alone 5 pages worth of arguments. Slow news time of year. Bring on training camp. You know when a 30 year old who has played for 13 or 14 teams in his pro career gets this much attention we are all starved for real hockey news.
  15. Cole Cassels Talk

    He was moved to the wing in Bellville when they acquired Tyler Graovac for their run in 2013. Had nothing to do with Erie initially.