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  1. 2016-17 Utica Comets Thread

    Albany just qualified so they need St johns to lose both at home to the Marlies. Sadly I think the season is over for the Comets.
  2. [PGT] Canucks @ Devils

    Check the standings. 28th place should give them a pretty good chance at picking in the bottom 3.
  3. 2016-17 Utica Comets Thread

    Plus Cal gets to play with his brother and is very close to home whether in Rochester or Buffalo. He wasn't great in Rochester last year but has really picked it up this year, I have to echo UticaHockey's comments on the leadership of the Comets. I'm a Marlies season ticket holder and comparing the two franchises is sad right now. The Marlies are stacked. They have Kyle Dubas as the GM and seem to have an endless amount of Leafs executives around. It doesn't hurt that both teams practise in the same facility and their rinks are a concourse away. The Marlies have also taken great pains to get Sheldon Keefe to run similar systems to Babcock. It kills me that the Leafs have such a well run AHL team. It is nice to be able to watch great hockey in a great building at that price and my sons love the Leafs and Marlies. I feel sad for the Comets fans because they really are amazing. I've been to all three Comets games this year in Toronto and there are usually a lot of Comets fans. Not just Canucks fans watching the Comets but fans actually from Utica and vicinity with Comets jerseys. They travel well. I'd say only Scranton and Hershey are close to having as many away fans. It's also kind of sad that you rarely see player growth with Utica. They just shuffle new bodies in without it seeming to have a lot of purpose.
  4. I think you are right. Tanev is going to miss at least 13 games this season and has never played more than 70. He always seems to be injured. Even in the short season he only played 38 of 48. Under sized and gets hit a lot. I think if his value is as high as we hope it is he should be moved sooner rather than later. But I think he will be a tough sell for top end players. I know Hall deal and all but that was a terrible deal. I don't think LL makes a deal that bad. It's also pretty emotional for Vancouver to trade with Toronto. Far more focus gets paid the Toronto market in Vancouver than vice versa. I live in Toronto. Canucks talk is almost non-existent here.
  5. Superstitious NHL Schedule??

    I think it was empty because it was Monday night. Monday and Wednesday seem to be the lightest nights on the schedule. Easy to schedule days off because most teams don't want home games on Monday.
  6. Hunter Shinkaruk to AHL

    Markstrom and Baertschi played 45 and 36 games respectively in Utica. I guess you can give Green a bit of credit but both had played well in the minors for years. Labate hasn't played a game in the NHL. I like the Comets and appreciate the respect he gets but I would say the results don't yet match the praise. Shinkaruk isn't a regular yet so not sure you can count him. I'm going to both Comets games this weekend so it will be interesting to see Demko, Stetcher etc.
  7. Hunter Shinkaruk to AHL

    For as much love as Travis Green gets around here, is a player from Utica ever going to develop into a decent NHL player? I guess Guance could contribute this year. Other than him what has come out of this development system lately?
  8. i just don't get the upset. Obviously it is impossible to accurately predict any of this because there are too many variables. However, in reality the Sedins and Eriksson are more likely to have a decrease than an increase but he predicts Daniel will be the same and Henrik will be better than last year. That's impressive for 36 year old players. I'm not sold on Eriksson. He has really good contract years with a whole lot of dipping in between. I think 23-25 goals out of him would be great and the Sedins getting 60 is great also. That's not the problem on this team. They need way more production from the other lines and especially the D.
  9. I have a feeling they are in on Barrie in a big way. JB likes bringing home BC boys. I'm curious to see how it plays out. But it's going to be expensive in assets and contract. His age and RFA status dictate that.
  10. He just spent four winters in North Dakota!
  11. 1 way or 2 has no bearing on waivers. The player claimed has to be kept in the NHL anyway.
  12. Thatcher Demko | G

    I don't think when he starts will matter to his UFA status. He will get to 27 before he gets 7 years at this point. If he signs an ELC this year it has to be 3 years and if he signs next year it will be 2 years so he gets to RFA status the same whether he signs this year or next unless they can burn the year next year. It would have been beneficial if the Canucks had the ability to burn a year this year like they did for Tryamkin and essentially turn it into a 2 year deal but BC making the Frozen Four ruined that.
  13. The Detroit model (discussion)

    It's not necessarily following a model. The biggest thing is not rushing players. Right now I'm not completely sold on the way the Canucks are developing their young talent at the NHL level. For that matter, of the multiple AHL call-ups in the two years since Benning took over I can't say anyone has been outstanding or really forced their way into the lineup. Kenins did last year but has been a shadow of that this year. I guess Biega has been solid also but he is still in and out of the lineup. I'm not convinced players like McCann and Virtanen should be playing limited minutes on third and fourth lines at 19 when they could be playing on power plays, short handed situations, etc in junior. Neither has shown they are anywhere close to the top rookies that gave their clubs no choice. Guys like Larkin. So why waste a year of development? Sure you can sell the whole thing about training and being around NHLers but in the end a young player has to play if he has that opportunity. With technology the Canucks can easily participate in someone's training from afar. And is Horvat really being developed well? You constantly hear how he is going to be a two way shut down C. He's a gas fire defensively so I'm guessing that hasn't worked so well. And his penalty killing has left a lot to be desired. Yet he keeps getting thrown out in those situations. Keeps getting D-zone starts. Is that really beneficial? Is it poor coaching at the NHL level? His possession stats are awful. People got frustrated with AV but AV knew how to deploy players. I guarantee you Horvat wouldn't be seeing as many D-zone starts if AV was here. So I think it's hard to argue that the Canucks are doing a great job developing right now in the NHL. Is it coaching or is it because management has put these guys in to difficult situations? Ultimately I hope they don't waste this crop of prospects. No need to rush. It's such a recipe for disaster.
  14. The Canucks have never had a 50 point D. Tyson Barrie looks like he will put up his second 50 point season at the age of 24 and you think Colorado wants Sbisa? For something this team has never had? That would be amazing. Kind of doubt it though.
  15. That's an Austin Matthews D right there.