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  1. I don't think so but I think they would trade him if they thought there was any chance he would be offer sheeted and they couldn't match for cap reasons. If I was the Tampa GM I would satisfy myself that I could re-sign him up to the level of the 1st and 3rd compensation, otherwise I would look to trade him for something better than a 2nd. I would risk the offer sheet if I couldn't get a better offer than a 2nd though. Perhaps the Canucks could indicate to Tampa that they were thinking about the offer sheet route and then settling on a trade for something slightly more than the required 2nd round compensation.
  2. That wouldn't stop Tampa from trading him to Detroit or Ottawa and I suspect their offers would exceed the projected 2nd round pick from Vancouver.
  3. Detroit and/or Ottawa would make more substantial offers so unless he values winning over money we are unlikely to get him.I like the idea though.....
  4. Orr took control of the game better than any d-man in the history of the game and whoever would be in 2nd place as a d-man is far, far back. He controlled the game in every aspect, shorthanded, PP and even strength. I once saw Orr literally kill a 2 minute penalty virtually all by himself. He skated the length of the ice, circled around the opposing net, continued down the ice and stood behind his own net and when an opposing player chased him out he simply circled the net and stood there again, very funny to watch actually. Like you, I see some of the same skills with his skating and he looks more and more like he is going to control the play whenever he is on the ice. I would be perfectly happy if the only player ever to do it better than Quinn was Orr....unbelievably happy actually.
  5. Man, I love Hughes as much as the next guy but I think we need to set our sights a little lower than Orr, at least for now. Orr won rookie of the year at 18, won the Norris at 19 despite playing only 46 games, won his 2nd Norris at age 20.......these are all things that Hughes will not be able to do by the same age. Orr was 6th in voting for the Hart as an 18 year old, was 4th in voting as a 19 year old, 3rd in voting as a 20 year old and then won the Hart at 21, 22 and 23.......of these, I guess we can't rule out that Hughes will not win the Hart at 21, 22 and 23 at this point. I guess we can't rule out winning the NHL scoring race at 21 as Orr did either. Maybe we should just start out by comparing Quinn to a plug like Brad Park who didn't break into the NHL till age 20 like Quinn. Park was 2nd in Norris voting (behind Orr) at the age of 21,22 and 23.....maybe the Orr/Park rivalry of those years will be replicated with the Hughes/Makar rivalry......Hughes will play the role of Orr though!!
  6. Those are all "win now" teams so I suspect they will give up draft picks and/or prospects to retain their key pieces. GM's will try not to make the mistakes they made with the Vegas draft but in some cases history is going to repeat itself.
  7. I don't believe so. A transition rule in the collective bargaining agreement extension that re-started the season allowed the Canucks to sign Rathbone on Tuesday during the short window to get it done following ratification. Rathbone is not eligible to play for the Canucks when they travel to Edmonton later this month for the playoffs, but the rest of this season counts as a year on his contract.
  8. Maybe not this year but sometime soon Quinn Hughes is going to bring a Cup to Vancouver......
  9. It's a round robin for the teams that don't have to qualify for the playoffs so the result doesn't mean much. They are basically playing for last change in the later playoff rounds.
  10. And that includes about 600 goalies that are at least 6'5".................lol
  11. The CHL seems to be the one in decline for graduates going on to the NHL while the NCAA players continue to make up a larger percentage of NHL rosters. Thirty percent of the NHL (283 players this season) went to college for at least one season, and 71 percent of that group played at least three seasons of college hockey before turning pro.Mar 21, 2018 Jun 22, 2019 - The United States has gained the most ground. Last year, 26.5 percent of the league's players — or 286 — were Americans. That was up from 16 percent in 2003-4. The surge in the number of top-tier American players is partly attributable to the expansion of hockey into untraditional, warm-weather markets. Meanwhile the number of CHL players drafted over the past 4 drafts has fallen by 12.7%. https://stories.featurd.io/2019/06/23/number-of-nhl-draftees-from-chl-in-steady-decline/ Not sure what any of this means in terms of ranking the various leagues but I did find these numbers interesting.
  12. Yeah, just wanted to make sure the 22 man roster was an intentional decision. Personally, I wouldn't be too comfortable with that but I understand the math. Pretty sure the management team are working on solutions to their cap issues and everything should be on the table for consideration. There is not much doubt in my mind there will be significant changes made in the off season that many here will not be too pleased with.
  13. It looks like you plan to run a 22 man roster? What about performance bonus carryover from the 2019/20 season?
  14. I really think one of Hughes, Juolevi or Rathbone will eventually move to the right side to ensure these 3 will get the ice time they will deserve. My guess is that Hughes will be the one that moves to the right side and will pair up with either Rathbone or Juolevi. “I feel just as comfortable on the right as I do on the left,” said Hughes. “There’s positives and negatives to both. If I’m a rightie on the blue line, I can just walk in on my forehand. if I’m a leftie, I have to skate over. I don’t know if I explained that the best, but trust me, there’s positives and negatives to both.”