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  1. Tory Krug is pretty close.......... Jordan Subban Defense -- shoots R Born Mar 3 1995 -- Rexdale, ONT [22 yrs. ago] Height 5.09 -- Weight 178 [175 cm/81 kg] Torey Krug Defense -- shoots L Born Apr 12 1991 -- Livonia, MI [26 yrs. ago] Height 5.09 -- Weight 186 [175 cm/84 kg]
  2. His value may be down but it doesn't look like the asking price is down if they are asking for PK+.
  3. And that's why we are not in on this........nor should we be.
  4. Unless the market value for Duchene has come down a long ways I just don't see the Canucks being on their short list. How come the Juolevi's never going to make it crowd aren't in here with their proposals yet?
  5. Everybody on Nashville is going to wear a letter this year. Josi will wear the C, Ellis will wear AC, Ekholm, Forsberg and Johansen will wear A's and everyone else will wear P's (Peons)......
  6. I thought they only had Associate Captains if they were rotating the captaincy.
  7. So they have a Captain, an Associate Captain and 3 Alternate Captains? Sounds like too much hierarchy to me.
  8. Yup, Bettman took away their 1st round pick to show he runs a tight ship and nobody gets away with anything under his watch. Problem is, when it came time to pay up, Bettmen conveniently knuckled under and gave it back to them. Surprise! Darren Dreger ✔@DarrenDreger Needless to say, NHL teams are not happy with the leagues decision to let the Devils off the hook. 11:22 AM - Mar 6, 2014 141141 Replies 236236 Retweets 146146 likeshttps://www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/devils-kovalchuk-penalty-reduced-get-first-round-pick-back/
  9. How would Demers know that the trade would be for Gudbranson? I can't imagine Tallon going to Demers with anything other than "would you accept a trade to Vancouver". To mention a specific player before you have a deal done is totally unethical and would lead to teams being unwilling to deal with you down the road. That is not Tallon. I call BS on this one.
  10. Don't think Shorthouse is doing the game as he is on his way to China. The game is a national broadcast (SNP and SN1) and I think we get Randorf and Corey Hirsch.
  11. Nobody is going to trade for Dorsett until he proves he can regain his former play after his neck surgery.
  12. They used to say the same thing about Bret Hull. Calgary shipped him out to St. Louis as they thought the only thing he could do well is shoot and he wouldn't have much of a career with only one skill. I think they may have been wrong.....
  13. It was probably played differently by kids everywhere but here is how we played. We played with a minimum of 4 players.One team of 2 would be up to bat while the other two would be in the field, one as a left fielder and one as a shortstop. The team at bat would get three outs as per a normal baseball inning. The batter would receive soft pitches from his teammate and as long as he could get a "hit" he would remain at bat. A "hit" had to be hit between 2nd and 3rd and could not be caught by the fielders nor a groundball fielded by the shortstop - those would be considered outs. A flyball over the left fielder would be considered a homerun and a groundball that got by him was considered a double. Anything to the right of 2nd base was considered a foul ball and three foul balls constituted an out. We kept score for a 9 inning game and the losers had to buy the pop after the game. Am I close Joe?
  14. Yes they were. Seemed like they always had brawls with the Portland Buckaroos as well.
  15. I remember most of them, particularly Guyle Fielder for his great play and Connie Madigan for being one of the toughest sob's to ever play the game. A little bit of trivia, Fielder is one of only 3 players to score over 2000 points playing professional hockey in North America (other 2 being Gretzky and Howe). Francis went on to be a very successful executive. Fontinato was a very tough guy and I will always remember that infamous fight with Howe where Howe almost killed him. I remember Eddie Dorohoy....good hockey player.