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  1. PS: PHOTOS RELATED WITH THIS TOPIC ON GALLERY SECTION. INCLUDING WITH SUBTITLES OF IT... MOROCCO A LAND OF CONTRASTS When my mother invited me to pass 14 days in Morocco my very first thought was “better she knows where she´s going” because even being the most liberal Muslim country on earth Morocco is still a Muslim country and as such has its own rules that westerners and especially Brazilians are not that used… Despite being just one hour by turboprop from Lisbon/Portugal and with Spain on the other side of Gibraltar for all purposes Morocco is in Africa, to be more precise in North Africa so technically it would be my first trip to Africa and to a Muslim country at the same time… So I gonna skip all the boring details of the trip preparation and gonna try describe it on a way that you can understand on a very easy way… As usual when I go to other countries I prefer use the national airline of the country. Since Royal Air Maroc flies to Brazil from Casablanca I decided for them to get both the Moroccan way and the Muslim way right on the airplane and comes with a bonus of flying the brand new state of the art Boeing 787 Dreamliner and as an Aviator/Pilot this factor was also an excitement for me because I never travelled on the Dreamliner HERE WE GO TO MOROCCO With the bags made and pretty much everything done and checked we headed for the 1st part of our trip. A 50min domestic flight from Curitiba to the biggest city in Latin America a.k.a São Paulo Curitiba´s Airport isn´t big and pretty much focused on domestic and regional flights although operates some flights to/from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay and frequently receives some big cargo planes such as the MD11 and the 747-8F. for aviation standards the runway isn´t big considering the 3000FT elevation and the frequent fog happening there. Welcome to the London of Latin America… Luckily for me the weather was unusually nice and sunny and for a miracle of God our flight wasn´t delayed. Some tricky problems at the check-in since Air Maroc isn´t a member or any global airline alliance like Oneworld or Star Alliance so pretty much a domestic-international connection with them is pretty much arranged “the way it can be done” so our domestic part had some problem to print the international boarding pass in Curitiba witch forced us to redespatch the bag in São Paulo on Air Maroc check-in and to be fair wasn´t GOL´s fault because Air Maroc isn´t a member of any airline alliance. A thing that air Maroc should fix ASAP It took some time but GOL came with a nice thing. For R$19 they provided us a premium economy seat for my mother and gave me a courtesy because I´m a Pilot in Brazil. If there´s a place where a Pilot´s license make difference is inside an airport. We can make miracles there because pretty much we know how the Aviation works. They didn´t give courtesy to a 70 year old women but gave a courtesy for a 32 year old Pilot and give our bags priority on the arrival so we could pick it faster and redespatch faster. Considering a 9 hour flight ahead a 50min flight on a premium economy seat was a nice start. 50min later already at night we arrived on the biggest airport of Latin America. With 6 passengers terminals + cargo terminals + general aviation + military area Guarulhos Airport is a paradise if you like Aviation or want to go everywhere on earth OR pretty much a nightmare if you hate a lot of people on the same place… For me it´s the 1st option Bags picked up fast and there we go redespatch on Air Maroc. A thing that would be WAY EASIER if the Moroccan airline was part of some Airline Alliance but no way jose since they´re not we had to go again and do the process all over again and since the airport is big and filled with people as usual it took some time to do it on a humane way without rushing the 70 year old woman with me. Luckily we had 5 hours to spare so pretty much we were ok in terms of time… Things done time to go to the international boarding. Since things in Brazil are pretty much digital now you don´t have to fill those annoying papers saying all your information. All you have to do is show your passport and your airline ticked/boarding pass to the Federal Police and in 1 minute you´re ready to go. Everything is under surveillance so stay calm/relaxed and things will be fast. The Lines are divided in 3 groups “Brazilians/Mercosul Citizens/Non-Mercosul Citizens” and pretty much the only noticeable difference between Brazilians and Mercosul citizens is the language, the Federal Police officer is speaking spanish because for flights inside MERCOSUL you only need your standard ID and for flights outside Mercosul your passport works just fine because many people from Mercosul use São Paulo as a connecting HUB. The “Non Mercosul Citizens” is the standard. For those needing Brazilian VISAS the officer asks the VISA and for those who don´t need a Brazilian VISA the passport is more than enough. Simple and easy. As usual if you´re married with a Brazilian citizen you go on the Brazilian line and even if you don´t speak Portuguese your partner does and things are pretty much the same Once you´re done you go into some areas because from these 6 terminals 4 handle international flights so depending where you´re getting your plane you might have to walk a bit but since each terminal has its own international and domestic boarding you can do the immigration process right on your terminal and avoid long walks Since our terminal was the number 3 we did it all right and sooner we were waiting for our Boeing 787 to Morroco Unlike many airlines that stay for long hours waiting the connections from passengers from Brazil and South America the flight to Morocco is a go-and-back meaning that nothing more than 1 hour and 30 min of ground time in Brazil and as usual it delays because the airline don´t consider that clean and catter a plane after 9 hours of flight plus refueling it actually take at least 2 hours to do it decently so be prepared for at least 15min of delay if you´re luck. THE 787 DREAMLINER Probably the coolest thing made in USA after the Boeing 747 and the Piper Seneca the 787 doesn´t look like a Boeing at all. It´s sleek and young. Looks sportive and aggressive yet small. Passengers near me disconsidered the airplane calling it “too small for a transatlantic flight” but as an Aviator I knew why I was excited about the 787 1st of all it´s a new generation airplane, more composite material than metal years of study to get this marvel I knew a lot before even board on the airplane The plane has huge entry/exit doors, large and tall the interior is wide and the windows don´t have traditional curtains since it use those retrolight system used commonly on executive planes making the light from outside less aggressive. Takes precisely 5seconds to get used with the button that opens or close the “curtain” and pretty much let you control how much light from outside you want see without actually choosing if you want see only half of the window. On the 787 you can see the entire place around you but with less intensity if you want and the window is very big actually. Everything on this plane is digital and sleek. Imagine a gigantic Android phone with led lights and digital sensors. Welcome to the 787 Pushback done and these 787 engines are pretty much noisy during the start and honestly I was waiting for something like that considering the gigantic fan and hydraulic pumps this thing has. It vibrates a bit and looks like you´re on a turboprop during the engine start but things become pretty quiet after that and remains like this during the entire flight. The wings are sleeky probably because the wing of the 787 was inspired by the wing used on a 4 seat airplane called CIRRUS that simply doesn´t use metal on it´s composition especially on the wings. When I looked at the 787 wings I saw “geez these are CIRRUS wings” because you don´t see rebits or anything like that… The take-off was done using the runway 09L and the departure was straightforward actually. Since the 787 can fly for 15 hours nonstop a 9hour flight isn´t exactly long for it so the airplane wasn´t fully loaded and with the use of the full power (I talked with the Captain later) the airplane took-off quite shortly for a transoceanic flight and the noise during the take-off is actually pretty low and the wing is a beauty on its own Heading into a route that passed near Rio de Janeiro and straight to the Atlantic ocean leaving Brazil near the cities of Salvador and Recife I had a lot of time to eat my dinner and even drink some tea. It´s a tradition of Arab airlines and I liked the tea stuff after the dinner. Relax your stomach and it´s nice and comfy since I can stay up to 10 hours without use the bathroom and I do my exercises seated since small airplanes are way more restrictive on this subject than big ones. If you can stay 4 hours on a Seneca without going to the bathroom you surely can stay 10 hours doing the same thing on a big airliner… Since my mom was seated in front of me there wasn´t a jackass kicking her ass mainly because the jackass behind her was me and I booked this way. Both got windows and I was behaving pretty well since I´m skinny even an economy class for me is very spacious. Again. Fly a small airplane and you will become a Ninja in terms of flying as a passenger After that I took sometime to look the flight entertainment and then proceed myself to sleep just to wake up hours later over the Atlantic ocean with the sun raising on our horizon. The computer controlled windows of the 787 avoided blind everybody at once and made the transition very smooth and the airplane handles very well the turbulence. Points to Boeing for that The Breakfast was a standard one and was good enough. Not perfect but surely not bad eighter. By my calculations and by the screen on the IFES (In Flight Entertainment System) we took our 1st bites on the other side of the Atlantic right above Dakar/Senegal and while many people might come with some philosophic stuff like “food tastes differently on the other side of the Atlantic” for me it tasted like normal food actually We started our descend near Marrakech, a city where we would spend 5 days there and pretty much the “hot point” of the entire travel Land as usual and as I studied weeks before was done using the runway 35L of Casablanca, when you have 4kms of runway you don´t have to force it but apparently the Captain wanted to clear the runway soon and although the land itself was smooth the brake after it was a 2 stage thing. Started softly but once we approached a taxiway it became harder and I really felt those carbon discs brakes from the 787 acting firmly and oh boy they go hard when you need because brake a 350ton plane like a Formula-1 car requires some good machine and some good equipment to do it… SO WE ARRIVED IN CASABLANCA/MOROCCO Although the runways are big and the parking area is big the airport itself is “without salt” to say the least and considering the reviews I saw about Casablanca International Airport I was waiting for something crude and inefficient and guess what I got pretty much this thing… However I would get the “whole package” on the return trip to Brazil where I would discover WHY people hate Casablanca Airport so much Since the flight from Brazil was pretty much the only big flight coming at that time the immigration was kinda fast but unlike many countries it was a 5 stage process… 1st as soon you leave the airplane you get into a funnel meaning that EVERY SINGLE PASSENGER ON THE PLANE will be interrogated by a Moroccan officer about your goals there simple and easy, you show the hotel you gonna stay and if asked your return trip. Then you go for your 1st hand luggage inspection followed by a body search scan… After that you go directly to the immigration itself and with everything in French and Arabic but no English at all despite the airport receiving flights from USA so if you have some questions ask the officer especially about that horrible paper you have to fill it, it´s too much bureaucracy because my mom was with me and I considered annoying why I couldn´t fill 1 paper for 2 people since we were together. I had to fill it for me and another one for her. The paper is small and doesn´t leave to much space for actually write something forcing your handwriting shrink like a Pokémon and I noticed that you have to fill a lot of these papers because ON EVERY FLIGHT YOU HAVE TO FILL THEM. Domestic flight? Fill the paper. International flight? Fill the paper. Regional flight? Guess what fill the paper. Sightseeing flight on a single engine airplane? Guess what dude fill the paper. It´s the start of a beautiful “joy” (pfffff) of the Moroccan bureaucracy where you test your patience and pretty much train yourself like a Jedi Master because man oh man you will have to have patience because apparently Moroccans LOVE bureaucracy and the more they have it the more they love it… Without realizing I was just inserted on a Jedi training… Immigration done and as usual in Muslim countries the guy didn´t talk with my mother instead talked with me and took 6x more than the same process done in Brazil. The officer gets the paper + the airline ticket + passports + hotel information + other things and eventually look at you trying to guess if you´re a Sith Lord or a Jedi. All with that “I really hate you all” face expression But solved normally. After that guess what? Oh yeah buddy more inspections! Another passport inspection because I just did one 30 seconds ago now there was another one and it´s done ON EVERY SINGLE FLIGHT not just ours… Then we got our bags but before that we converted our US Dollars to the local money. Dinhrams. Basically for simple calculation 1US Dollar = 9 Dinhrams and 1 Euro =10 Dinhrams and we would use that Euro/Dinhrams pretty frequently actually Got our bags with no delay and then again guess what? Yeah Sir another inspection. This time bag inspection followed by guess what. Another passport inspection The Moroccan officer opened our bags and asked many things until he saw the Brazilian national team T-shirt we brought there to use in Morocco. Then as a miracle things worked… The guy asked if we where from Brazil and we said yes. Then he suddenly relaxed and asked me about what football team I support in Brazil and I came pretty much with the 1st name that came to my mind and luckily was in fact the football team I actually support in Brazil. Flamengo The officer smiled and cleared us but of course before leave the arrival area a final passport checking… Then FINALLY we left the stuff but not the airport… You see normally when you carry your bags and do the stuff and leave all you have to do is go outside all call a taxi right? Yeah in Casablanca is not that simple… Mainly because the airport is very old and was expanded “the way it was possible” so you have “an arrival inside another arrival” meaning that to call a taxi or get a bus you have to “exit the exit” because the “real exit” is outside the exit you just left because in Casablanca you cannot get/call a taxi inside the airport nor wait for the touristic bus on the airport area… Looks confusing for you right? Don´t worry it will become way worse when I talk about this airport during the return part.. SO OK. FINALLY IN CASABLANCA. THE CITY Even the airport being a piece of $&!# the Hotel we stayed was actually very nice in fact and since the tour guide would start only on the next day we had half day in Casablanca independently and although the airport staff refuse to speak English the people on the city actually does speak English even on the most basic form but if you don´t speak French try Spanish because they might not know English but thank Allah Morocco is close to Spain meaning that a lot of people speak or at least understand Spanish and thank Allah the most spoken language in Latin America is Spanish and since Portuguese and Spanish are similar languages I was on a friendly terrain. Well. Sort off… The city is not exactly cute and pretty much seems chaotic with people driving like drunk NASCAR drivers using cocaine. You might say that I´m being offensive but believe me I´m being polite. Moroccan drivers really don´t care about “driving rules” because they disobey every single one of them. Cross a street in Casablanca really test if your faith with your god is good enough and also test your reflexes because unlike Japan or Sweden the “drivers” in Morocco don´t give a $&!# about the human life so if you want be alive while in Morocco PLEASE think less and cross the street. Not like Ulsain Bolt or a fast runner… If you wanna survive as a pedestrian in Morocco I suggest you run like Sonic The Hedgehog with the 7 chaos emeralds united + 50 rings because or you do that or you gonna be hit by a VW Golf going at 150km/h on a street where the limit is 40km/h and I don´t think it is a good idea… The city isn´t cute but is far from ugly. It´s a 6 million people city that sure has some problems but also has some good points too. The Medina of Casablanca is actually nice and big, the restaurants are nice and the TRAM is very clean and efficient and people there are friendly… Since we were tired we walked inside the Medinas and some areas around it and it´s very impressive actually. The architecture is huge and imponent and you can notice the concept of “being massive” of Muslim design… The weather is nice and wet. Easily handled by Brazilians… SO THE TOUR BEGINS Next day and I was still deciding about what language I should speak in Morocco we met our group and our tour guide. Some sort of Moroccan dude wearing a typical Muslim vest and by the course of the days we would also discover he was also some “King´s propaganda” because he talked how awesome the king was pretty much like agents do in North Korea with their leader. And although cool at the beginning it became pretty annoying after some days… HASSAN 2- 3RD LARGEST MOSQUE ON EARTH Muslim or not this mosque is one of these things you have to see in person. It´s huge, massive and truly impressive. The heat in Casablanca was acceptable so we could enjoy it and take some good photos but off course we took the appropriate respect because for tourists is a cool stuff to see but I knew that for Muslims is a very important temple so I did a short pray and behaved on a very respective way. Still you can´t stop admiring its massiveness. It´s REALLY gigantic and I would say it´s pretty much the hot spot of Casablanca. The city have other things to see and they´re pretty much good too but nothing compared with this mosque. And it´s not even hard to get there because all you have to do is go directly to the biggest construction in town or just as for “Hassan 2” and people will point to you TO RABAT After a short lunch in Casablanca and seeing other stuff there we headed to Rabat (capital of Morocco) on our twinky bus without toilet and a built-in refrigerator and I soon noticed these 2 things are REALLY necessary if you want carry people around a desertic country. Not for me because I handled very well but I noticed the other passengers suffered very much actually The highway to Rabat is large with 3 lanes each way and it´s just 1 hour and 30 min by bus at 100km/h. not actually long but there´s a train doing the same route in just 1 hour so if you come alone without guides get the train and you will get there faster… The guide started talk about the king of morocco and how awesome he is and although it was very nice to listen I sooner realized it would be a long long trip if this guy intents to do this all the way to Marrakesh doing a North Korean style “our dear leader is &^@#ing awesome better than any other leader on earth”. And for my lack of luck this is exactly what happened… RABAT-THE IMPERIAL CITY Even not used with the term you kinda enjoy the expression “imperial city” because gives the city the entonation of very important and majestic city and Rabat is pretty much that. It is a very important city to see for it´s monuments and it´s a very interesting city to see because of its historic architecture. The Mausoleum is REALLY impressive and shows the tradition style of massive imponent Arab architecture. It appears that Arab can beat the Chinese on this because every single construction Arabs make they make sure it will be massive and imponent and this is a thing that I really liked as well my mom. They don´t go humble at this. As by decent education we behaved very nicely at the mausoleum and took very few photos there respecting the fact that the King´s grandfather is buried there and remained in silence or talked very little there. We preferred concentrate our attention on the very spectacular design of the entire stuff. Sure a place worth to visit… Then we went to some medinas and I sooner discovered you can be lost there very easy if you walk like a fart face because Medinas are basically old ancient cities or the “original cities” as Moroccans say. In practical terms means a “city inside a city” and the “streets” (pffff) get narrow and narrower to the point of getting space for only a single person pass each time and believe or not people actually leave there. If you hate tiny croudy spaces with large temperature variations I suggest you avoid the medinas because you gonna get exactly this inside one… Also Medinas have a very clunky tradition of uphills and downhills so you better be in good shape or you gonna torture your body on a way you didn´t think it was possible, on the other hand if you do walk like me it will be a very pleasant experience Rabat is a very organized city and as the capital you might imagine that the mighty king pretty much owns half of the city with gigantic palaces, stables and whatever he wants and we visited the outer part of the majesty palace with a very dry heat of 38C on our heads and while I was having a blasting fun burning my heat the other tourists were spending a ton of sun protectors proving to everybody that Pilots are the craziest types of people on earth… Everything in Rabat is organized and seems to be made in some sort of Sim City game but since the majesty lives there I considered kinda obvious because if you´re a king you do not want that the capital of your country/kingdom look like a Somalian guetto so you gonna make everything look cool and fancy including the airport that I didn´t visited but later saw the photos by myself and as usual Mr.King has his “royal touch” on everything making us poor bastards look like miserable creatures compared to him. Still he sure has style and it´s a city worth to visit and hotels are very nice. HEADING TO FEZ WITH MIDSTOPS ON THE WAY Following our tradition of long hours on a bus that could be done in less time by train or even faster by airplane we headed to Fez seeing the mixed landscape of Morocco. Some green areas followed by desertic areas worth to see but pretty much you can find it on every country in Africa too although you see a lot of olive trees there on a point you think Morocco might be the largest exporter of this thing (Olives) Some technical stops because apparently the tourists on my bus had some urinal incontinency because they need to pee almost every hour while I can control my body to stay at least 5 hours without pee (although to be fair when I pee I can fill the fuel tanks of a 747 with my urine) so a trip that was supposed to be short became a very very long trip thanks to the “pee stops” Some stops ahead to see markets and of course to let the “pee squadron” do their global urination tour we got to the very relevant stop of the day. The Roman ruins of Morocco If you speak any language originated from the Latin language such as Portuguese, Spanish, French, Romanian and obviously Italian your reading problems are pretty much solved because even considering that Latin is a dead language the languages that came from Latin are not and you can actually ready those things written on the ruins and understand the basic of it. There´s a lot of guides offering guide you around but I did my homework and studied a lot about it before get there so no thanks I can guide by myself… It was at least 45C on a flaming dry sun outside and I was (and still am) considering converting myself to some sort of solar-powered hybrid human because Morocco is a very very VERY sunny country and seems that they don´t see that thing called “rain” very much. For me it was a blasting fun having my skin being burned. For my mom and the other 2000 people around it was some sort of weird survival test involving climb hills, walk on the sand and lose liters and liters of corporal water in seconds. If you gonna visit the ancient Roman ruins in Morocco be sure you bring a 747 of water with you or you gonna burn every single part of your body. And I mean EVERY SINGLE PART OF IT The ruins are very impressive actually and shows the period of maximum Roman expansion that reached Morocco and probably used the Moroccan region as a slave trade post and military outpost. Inside the ruins you can clearly see a clear definition of houses, stores and bigger places and even between houses you can see small houses and big houses and even “bath houses” for the rich Romans have their shower with class and you can even sense the notion of streets and even avenues. The extreme dry weather of the region preserved the whole thing very well and if you like history I recommend you visit these ruins a lot. You surely will enjoy it despite having your body melted by Jupiter (supreme Roman god, equivalent to Zeus) himself But aside that I recommend you go there. A lot. Worth the visit There´s a lot of tourists there from many countries and as usual from China… The Chinese people take a zillion of photos but they´re usually polite, well at least when I visited the ruins, all they do is take photos every second and ask you to take photos of them but that´s not really a problem because it´s a touristic site so you expect see exactly this type of thing… Continuing our trip to Fez and obviously the “pee squad” making sure they would irrigate Morocco with their urine we eventually arrived in Fez. The “Learning capital of Morocco” FEZ Although Fez have many universities and considering by many people having the best airport in Morocco the city is kinda blank. It is a nice city but somehow you miss that massiveness of Rabat or the chaos of Casablanca. The Medinas are the “hot point” of Fez and boy oh boy the Medinas is Fez are BIIIIIIIIIGGGG. They have some very good textile stores there and the sense of “&^@# I´m lost” is a very funny and interesting thing. Fez in general is blank and lack that taste but the Medinas in Fez are exciting and gorgeous with zillions of stores and buildings and the smells are intensive and vary each turn you make and you can and will discovery very interesting stores one after another so better control your pocket or you gonna spend you money REALLY fast there… A good way to guide yourself there is by the sun´s position and remember if you´re climbing or descending during your exploration. If your walk is basically descending so the return way will be climbing again, remember the big things such as stores and other significant places and don´t let people guide you unless is a police officer. People inside medinas will guide you to some store and you will find yourself trapped there until you spend every single money you have so they will eventually guide you to an exit and this can take some hours and the luminosity inside a medina is different. After 4PM things start to get dark there and there´s not many “street lights” since there isn´t actual streets inside medinas. So if you walk inside a medina (any medina) better watch your orientation there. You will be distracted because it is an amazing place to go and as usual you will get lost and then bazinga! You´re screwed So a quick tip is start slowly. Go inside it, explore then return, then entry on another point and explore. At some point you will see that the streets on a medina converge to some sort of center that you already have been there many times. From that point you can start exploring the whole thing but this process takes time… The hotel we stayed in Fez was marked as a 5 star hotel but I´m not sure if people in Fez understand for a 5 start hotel. The room was dirty, the pot was literally separated from the rest of the bathroom and was tight to the point that the pot on the toilet of the Apollo was wider and doing your “stuff” there was a real challenge The staff was rude as &^@# and for a 5 star hotel the refusal of speaking English, French or Spanish was astonishing. We weren´t getting things for free, we paid for a 5 star hotel and we wanted at least a 5 start treatment, decent staff and decent accommodations. The main area of the hotel was nice making it look like the rest of the hotel was the same but nope. The hotel was barely a 3 start hotel with a 1 star staff. Next time I go to Fez I ratter stay in a military transit hotel than on this thing and I will probably get a better treatment too. Absolutely disgusting… AND HERE WE GO TO MARRAKESH. By Bus A train/car trip from Fez to Marrakesh would take on average 9 to 10 hours The same trip on a regional turboprop or even small plane would take 2 hours And then there´s the bus trip on the same route that took us 11 hours and 30 minutes… Hell yeah baby guess what option we were in… The day before this trip the tour “my King is the greatest person on earth” guide said clearly to “get ready for a long trip” and as usual I did exactly this and prepared my mom for doing the same thing. That means no tea, no coffee and no foods that you know it will force you go to the bathroom quickly… Yeah too bad the other passengers didn´t get the same idea and apparently decided to eat an elephant on the night before the trip and drunk a Hoover Dam of tea during the breakfast… So you might have an idea of what happened when 48 passengers eat and drink too much before a long an exhaustive trip across the desert right? You also remember when I said at the beginning of this report that a built-in refrigerator and a toilet would be missed on the bus during long trips? Yeah. The “Pee Squadron” strikes back! Urinating across Morocco filling each gas station with their urine and making the bus smell like a horse stable after 11 hours because even when you clean the stuff after urinating when you do a lot of it in the middle of nowhere things start to smell weirdly… Well so we got into the bus and started our beautiful journey filled with discoveries of the country called Morocco, the guide saying how awesome the King is and of course stopping on every single gas station across the way because the 48 passengers need to pee on a very very VERY regular bases… In other words I almost asked to the bus driver stop on the nearest airfield on the way so I could rent a plane and fly direct to Marrakesh, even an old one would be enough, pretty sure the Moroccan Air Force has some retired Cold War plane somewhere and planes pretty much fly the same pull up the plane goes up, push forward the plane goes down, left and right and the throttle. so no problem man! The trip started us by leaving Fez on a sunny morning where the tour guide told us how many wives the King has and how great the King is and that the King has many royal palaces across Morocco for a reason and honestly I didn´t pay attention because I was looking outside and enjoying the view and was pretty good actually until the 1st Urine Stop that happened 40min later and people except me went outside to urinate… After the “Pee Squadron” return from the “territory marking” we were back on our track seeing the poor side of the country, the side that the tour guide refused to tell us why the King has 10 gigantic royal palaces around the country while we saw people living on very poor and miserable conditions, not a single word from him and in the end we preferred not to ask him because he wouldn´t say anything anyway… I made my conclusions about it and honestly is not up to me say what have to be done. It´s a gigantic distance between the royalty of the king and the poor condition of those who live in misery. It´s up to Moroccans decide their future based on their reality… These conclusions of course came between the “urine orgy” from the “Pee squad” creating their own trail of urine and acid behind the bus. Probably never on my entire life I stopped so many times on a bus other than on the Fez-Marrakesh trip and sometimes wasn´t even on a gas station… Nope. Sometimes we were in the middle of a small city in the middle of the desert and everybody except me had to urinate again so the bus stopped in front of a grocery store or something like that but what was supposed to be a “4 people go outside and pee” became a “49 people go outside and pee and buy water and coffee” witch led to me thinking about “screw this thing. I gonna hijack this bus and drive to Marrakesh alone” but luckily for them my common sense kicked in and I refused to put my “GTA feelings” outside and do my stuff… After many and many KMs away and many “we have to urinate again” between these KMs we got into the very desertic area 300kms away from Marrakesh. A gigantic straight line where you would be able to see nothing more than sand and sand and occasionally some clouds above the sky and some breeze blowing guess what? More sand of course since we were in the middle of the desert Eventually the boredom and came and got the “Pee squad” right on their knees and they slept finally so we could run 50kms without some asshole complaining they had to pee. This whole thing would be perfectly solved if that bus had a damm built-in toilet… We had a lunch in the middle of a city that I don´t remember the name but hey they have a Glider flying school and even an Airclub where you can learn to fly on the Moroccan way and start your Pilot career on a good and reliable Cessna 172! The airport was small but clean but I didn´t see any traffic on our presence on the city but hey if a city has an airport and an airclub that´s enough for me and I almost rented a plane there. Next time screw it I gonna rent a Cessna 172 in Morocco! Some KMs and we did our last stop for guess what. Urinate! 90kms away from Marrakesh and people had a unique opportunity to see something very rare… Me going to the bathroom… Since men can pee stand up things are easy so the men´s bathroom was pretty much empty because men just do a “stop-and-go” and if there´s 4 men in the bathroom men consider it as “full” while women need 10min to use a bathroom and consider 20 people inside a bathroom as “half full” Considering it I took 30sec to do my stuff and stayed the remaining 19min and 30 sec doing absolutely nothing near the bus while the women did their stuff so me and the other men took some time together to admire and talk about the bus we were in and at some point women discovered that while the ladies bathroom was filled with 40 women inside the men´s bathroom was LITERALLY empty so they had a brilliant idea to use the men´s bathroom too… Honestly men just use the bathroom to look polite because if things go really screwed we can just do it like the old way, pants off, pee and bazinga! We´re ready to go! After 20mins we departed to the Las Vegas of Morocco and hopefully without “urine stops” And finally the hot and dry weather came in and the “Urine League” slept for about one hour and the urine smell was replaced by a gigantic orchestra of people snoring louder than an entire Air Squadron of WW2 planes during the warm up engine procedures It was a blast. Some people snore like a B17, others like a B29, some like a P51 Mustang or a P47 Thunderbolt and some even snore like a Soviet made MIG-3 And obviously some of them snored like a gigantic blue whale having an orgasm while having sex with a Koala and this noise is still giving me nightmares. It´s terrible… How did I came with these things? Well chump stay 11 hours with 49 cranky “urine fanatic” people and I was about to learn Korean if I had to stay another hour with these creatures… But eventually 10 hours later than a plane we finally arrived in Marrakesh and with the bus smelling like urine and doing more noise than a nuclear explosion all thanks to the passengers inside… But hey we were there. Marrakesh! MARRAKESH &^@# YEAH! People might not know where Morocco is but they know where Marrakesh is on the map. Do a test and you will see… Marrakesh is a vivid city with stores of all types of things. You can buy literally anything there and this is why people love this city because it´s a gigantic store and as usual women love this city because there´s everything they want. From jewelry to perfumes and it´s very cheap. Need a slave? A nuclear missile? A Mig-21? Go to Marrakesh! I bet you can buy even a Stanley Cup or a Superbowl there! We arrived on the city with a clear message that this city is suitable for tourists on a very peculiar way by having a Boeing 767 roaring above the highway on its way to land on Marrakesh airport and of course for my happiness I was happy to the a plane again and the 767 is a good airplane… We went to our hotel. Atlas Asni. Good hotel but the best part is the location of it. In the middle of the main avenue and close of everything. You don´t need a taxi there since all the interesting things can be achieved by walking and the hotel itself is very nice too unlike the “hotel” (pfffff) in Fez… While the women decided do a night city tour me and other men decided to walk around and spend the next 2 hours basically doing nothing more than jokes. We visited the main train station of Marrakesh and from far it looks like a Mosque but sooner you hear the train noises and realize that or this is a very unique mosque or it´s a train station… Marrakesh is a city you have to visit and I would recommend you do it with at least 3 days to spare to actually enjoy the city. It´s a gigantic chaos with people walking around, selling things and at some points you don´t know what language you have to speak and this chaos mixed with sounds and smells from different parts of the world is what make Marrakesh a unique city. You can have a Canadian on your left side and a Russian on your right side and all of you are deciding in what language you should talk to each other. It´s a gigantic massive unorganized chaos but if you open your mind you gonna hate the city on the 1st day and love it for the rest of the days you stay there The quick tip to explore is basically say “&^@# it” and explore by yourself as we did. Walk around and burn on the 45C sun of Marrakesh. Yes you will suffer, your skin will melt and burn and very likely you will have a massive dehydration and the extreme dry weather there will burn your neck and your voice will become dryer… But given it all it´s an unique experience between a chaos but actually a funny chaos. A chaos that you feel it´s funny not a “oh my god we gonna die” chaos… More like “damm there´s so many options here that I can´t decide for only one” chaos. It´s a funny chaos Spanish there solve basically all your problems in Marrakesh but English also solve your problems too, just remember to speak slowly. French is desirable but if you don´t speak French go for the Spanish before try English… My Mom of course did her party and bought as much as she could and she was on her right to do it. If you go to Marrakesh and don´t buy like a maniac you didn´t go to Marrakesh at all. They serve some excellent teas there and I tried some and the mint tea is my favorite. Really good one and I really enjoyed this “Tea culture” of Morocco. It´s classy yet young… Our guided visit ended on Thursday meaning that So long “Pee Squadron”! But while people returned to their countries on Friday we had some plans on our sleeves… What happened is that I intentionally asked my mom to book extra 4 days in Marrakesh without the guide witch became a 5 day because since people returned to their countries on Friday on practical terms we got an extra day without guides… Translation. SELF EXPLORING Already knowing the basic of the city we took the remaining days to explore the city with the calm and peace we needed. No offense to the guides they´re cool but when you travel with a group things are way too much rushed. You can´t enjoy the city this way… So we got the guided visit to know the basic of Marrakesh and when the group left we explored the city by ourselves… Yet I had a little extra trick on my sleeves that basically became an adventure inside the adventure… Knewing stay 5 days in Marrakesh would be too boring to my mom I thought: “hmmm. What if we get a train and visit another city? Just for fun?” So I went to the hotel secretary and asked what was the closest city I could go by train from Marrakesh and aside from Casablanca and Rabat she came with a twinky city called “KENITRA” Filled with a “&^@# yeah” spirit I went to the train station on bought 2 round-trip adult tickets on economy class. 5 hours to get there. 5 hours on the city and 5 hours back to Marrakesh. Fun in the bun for the entire family… KENITRA THE “WTF” THAT BECAME AN ADVENTURE ITSELF, A GOOD ADVENTURE We got the train in Marrakesh at 6:20 and supposed to arrive at Kenitra at 11:20 but the moron here didn´t know that the ONCF, the National Train company of Morocco isn´t famous for its punctuality and we learned on the “in situ” about it… We boarded a wagon and sit on a roomete with 4 asian girls from Japan and a very confused Moroccan man who was very likely thinking “Wtf these tourists are doing? They can get a plane and arrive at their destination much faster” But since Brazilians don´t give a &^@# about anything and hell yeah we were onboard of the train and let´s party mother&^@#er! Chu chu there goes the train!!! Many KMs away and my mom needed to use the train´s toilette and I went to see it 1st just to see how terribly dirty it was so I told her to hold still because that train´s toilet is very VERY unclean… Hours later and since nobody on the speaker told anything about next stations or such thing I was looking around hoping see “Kenitra” and since the wagon door wasn´t closing properly I had to do just like the old sailors did back in the old days… Body outside and try see something until I got something there and asked a local “Kenitra?” and he said yes. So there we were in Kenitra after some heck of a confusing journey by train… Just like any Moroccan city Kenitra is hot as &^@# but since it´s a portuary city it is also wet and not being enough Ketitra hosted an U.S military base during the cold war and in fact was the biggest military base in Africa during that time… So you might think. “hmmm. English might be useful there. Right?” Nah. Not really… Speak English in Kenitra is like trying speak Portuguese in North Korea because means absolutely NOTHING and NOBODY will understand you… Spanish isn´t also that useful nor even French so unless your Arabic is good enough all your talkings in Kenitra will be done by signals and you will become a master of it while in Kenitra… However to be fair the architecture in Kenitra is much more European than many cities in Morocco. In fact looks like a Spanish architecture and not a typical Arabic one. People there actually drive decently unlike the madness driving of the rest of Morocco and you do see a lot of pubs and bars there and they even sell beer there. BEER!!!! We walked a bit and my mom bought some stuff and things are pretty cheap in Kenitra because unlike Marrakech Kenitra isn´t a touristic city so things are cheaper there. A lot cheaper. but since we had 5 hours of train back to Marrakech we couldn´t wait that longer and returned to the train station… Good city in general. Nobody knows it and you might need a heck of a GPS with a GLONASS (Russian GPS) to actually get there and since ONCFs trains are not exactly precise you might get some (many) delays so be prepared… SO BACK TO MARRAKESH. GETTING LOST ON THE WAY… Unlike many cities worldwide Kenitra relies on its train station for its mass transportation between cities and the station is simple but very comfortable for its size. Basically no bus stations and obviously no airports obviously so if you don´t have a car and want go to another city in Morocco get ready for the train… Well. Everything was fine but I forgot that ONCFs have more delays than a donkey pulling a ship so the 5PM train will be delayed meaning that the 6PM and the 7PM will also be delayed and so on meaning that if you get to be on your city on time on you´re counting on the ONCF precision I´m sorry to say but you´re technically and precisely screwed up on every single level you can imagine… So after 1 hour and 30 minutes of delay finally I saw a train and by some calculations I deduced that “this is not our train. The next one is” and stayed there waiting the next train that of course was delayed even more… So I deduced that the next train would be ours and I saw a train coming and guessed “yep that´s our train” Yeah guess what I was wrong and it was the wrong train… While our brief seconds thinking “ufa! Finally a clean comfortable train to Marrakech” the conductor came and looked our tickets and replied something in French that sounded like “Proeuxchonsoing” and repeated many times… Since I obviously don´t speak French I was like “what the heck that means?” until some passenger behind me spoke in broken English “next station” so I guessed “we´re screwed. Got the wrong train and have to leave this one on the next station” And that´s what we did. We left the train at the next station and asked the same conductor what train we had to get to go to Marrakech and as usual the same guy spoke a gigantic sentence in French that obviously I was unable to understand so I found myself pretty much screwed and lost on a train station in the middle of nowhere… Since I was pretty much in a good mood I tried find someone able to help me and found some security officer in front of the train station mosque (is a very small mosque so people could pray there while waiting for the train) my mom told me not to disturb the guy but he seemed just finished his prayers and asked if we needed some help. I showed my tickets and he readily pointed me to the “Gare Chief” and since “Gare” in French means “Station” and the station was very big I deduced that this “Gare Chief” was some sort of “Train station chief” and would be able to help me… So I came there and obviously was confused and even a passenger tried to help us but since I didn´t speak french or arabic and since the Wi-Fi from the station was working I decided use it to get some help from the Google Translator. When the chief saw the upper writing in Portuguese he pointed me and asked “Portugal?” and I replied “Brazil” Then by a miracle of God himself things worked out. I couldn´t believe nor you would… Suddenly he relaxed and asked the most beautiful question I could possibly listen… “Do you speak English?” I looked to the sky and said “Thanks Allah” and replied “Yes! I do speak English!” Then things worked out beautifully, I had to speak slowly but still in English and I was finally able to solve the whole mess and explained the entire situation to him. He looked and the computer and saw our actual train and said: “wait on this chair with your mother. When the right train comes I will personally put you and your mom there. You will have to wait 30 minutes” Finally I was reliefed but obviously tired. It was very very very hot and dry outside and I wasn´t drinking any liquid for the past 5 hours so I was needing some asap. The Chief made some jokes about Brazilian football teams and I noticed Moroccans love football especially Brazilian football. I don´t know why they love so much since Europe is right there but anyway being a Brazilian literally saved our asses there… I saw the security officer yelling to tell the other passengers about 2 other trains coming to different destinations so they could get in correctly and I was pretty surprised how the same polite officer who guided me to the Train Station Chief also was angrily with other passengers. Damm must be a very stressing job working as a train station police… Anyway when my train was about to arrive the Chief came to me and guided me to board on the right train and our mess was pretty much solved. We tanked him and I will always remember this… “Got lost on a train station in Morocco? Go to the Train Station Chief. He/she speaks English” So it was a 5 hour back to Marrakech we arrived there at 11:30PM after a very exhaustive but adventurous trip. It was a discovering trip and was very fun actually despite the problems… But next time we gonna go to Kenitra 1st then to Marrakech SO MORE MARRAKECH… We stayed the rest of our days in Marrakech and it is a city to explore. It´s a clean easy to navigate city and pretty much it hard get lost there because you can use the mosques as a reference point… My mom decided buy more things and as usual I had to be her interpreter and also carry her stuff around the city and was useful to speak English but most of it Spanish since I spoke Spanish A LOT while in Morocco… The city is nice and the people there are nice and for some reason they love Brazil. The reason is very likely the football but in general Moroccan people and the Arabic people in general see Brazilians as very pacific people who don´t put their noses on other countries and also by Embraer since it´s very common see an Embraer there mainly because since Europe is right there you don´t need a big jet to go to France so a regional ERJ-195 or even smaller is more than capable for the job… We also saw many people wearing Brazilian jerseys from our national football team and even football jerseys from Brazilian teams mostly of Flamengo, Vasco and Corinthians although we saw from other teams too and we became pretty shy trying to guess if that person was a Brazilian or just a person who love Brazilian football because even women used it while wearing a hijab. It´s kinda wierd actually, we travel 4000 nautical miles and cross an ocean to see the same jerseys we see on my own country and they seem to know more about their teams than many Brazilians… Wierd but funny at the same time… Muslim architecture is gigantic and they can beat the Chinese on it. A single trains station looks like a mosque from a far distance and they apparently have no shame of impose it. it´s really nice but at the same time it´s kinda aggressive since the Brazilian design is more focused on making things work for a very long time and be efficient rather than be massive and imponent but anyway we considered the Muslim style very interesting because it is indeed a design you can actually remember about and feel good inside it… Our remaining days were fun and instructive. We learned about the Muslim culture and yes they have many and many differences compared with other cultures but honestly I didn’t feel shy of excluded as well as my mom also felt nice. Sure you notice the difference on the first days because it´s a Muslim country with some rules while in Brazil you can do pretty much anything you want with very very few rules… But honestly? We didn´t have problems there. We understood and got used with women wearing a hijab and I actually consider it charming since women in Arabic countries like vary the hijab and use many and many colors each time. Black isn´t a sad color there (pretty much the opposite in fact) and we see them (women) using a lot of black things there… In western culture black color on clothes is usually associated with sadness but Muslims think differently and once you understand that they think differently from your culture things actually work out very fast… We took our final days to actually understand about the Muslim culture with some shop of course. I bought some very good simple yet stylish typical Muslim cloth and fitted me so well that next time I gonna buy 10 of these things. Costed me 40 Euros but was a very good acquisition… Ok before you come with “many Muslims are terrorirsts” I have to say this… Yes some of them are bad people and yes 0.000000001% of Muslim people want do things on the wrong way and become terrorists… BUT Western countries also have bad people and they´re not Muslims, they´re Christians, Hindus, Atheists, Buddhists etc. you can be a bad person regardless your religion. A Terrorist is a person who put things on a very extreme way and any person can do it and religion will just add aviation gasoline on a fire that is already on… You continue going to Germany despite of the Neo-Nazi groups there chanting “hail Hitler” and still go to Mexico and Rio de Janeiro despite the violence of drug dealers so why treat Muslims differently? We saw many families actually. On parks people playing cards and football or simply sleeping. We didn´t see any sort of pornography and yes sometimes drink on a pub is nice but Arab countries don´t sell alcohol everywhere and it´s how things work there. The good point is that we don´t see drunk idiots on streets nor drunk drivers and not drunk idiots insulting people around. People drink at their homes and hotels and I considered this thing actually nice. I do drink sometimes but honestly nothing more disturbing and annoying than see a drunk idiot trying to get a fight just because he/she cannot control how much he/she can drink… So we understood many things about Muslims that the western media do exaggerate many times. Yes they do have many rules on their society but it´s THEIR LAND and THEIR CULTURE and you have two choices. Understand it and live with it OR you can simply leave and go back where you came from and have your very own rules and cultures and that´s apply to anybody. MY LAND MY RULES. Simple… SO IT´S TIME TO START OUR LONG TRIP BACK HOME. 1ST STEP. MARRAKECH TO CASABLANCA Well it was time to return to our homeland. Yes it was a remarkable voyage with many good things and many friends we made it but the time came and we had to return. My mom was refusing to go because she really liked Marrakech and despite some heavy resistance at the beginning in the end she understood and even liked the Muslim culture to the point that she almost forced me to marry a Muslim woman there… Our flight to Casablanca was simple. A 40min flight on an ATR-72-600. A regional 70 seat turboprop that we also have in Brazil. A lot of them actually. Marrakech airport isn´t exactly cozy and “aviation friendly” but it´s good to handle it. For a touristic city the airport is kinda small and doesn´t have jet bridges so if you come there by a big airliner you better like stairs because you gonna climb and descend on one a lot… BUT since our plane was a regional ATR the stair was actually a built-in stair on the door of the airplane and wasn´t big. But here´s a key that you have to take care off… Unlike most of the countries where a domestic/regional trip is totally independent from the international one in Morocco is not. So basically even doing a simple regional flight to Casablanca our international connection there to Brazil was the main thing… So even doing a domestic flight we had to stamp our passports meaning we were leaving the country without actually leaving it so we had to pass trough the SAME PROCESS that international travelers go even if you´re doing a domestic/regional flight… And considering that Muslims countries REALLY do a heavy screening process and luggage verification you better take a good time before your flight or you will surely miss it. We arrived 4 hours before our flight and believe me it took 3 hours to get trough all the entire process. From the check-in to finally boarding the plane so you better have a lot of patience there and be thankful that the staff in Marrakech is friendly and polite and the fact we´re Brazilians speeded a lot our process… But in any case be prepared. Doesn´t matter if you´re doing a domestic flight in Morocco. If you have an international flight after it your domestic flight will be considered international for legal purposes. Sounds wierd? Yes totally but get used with the Moroccan bureaucracy… The flight itself was fine but don´t think you gonna have a fancy meal. Only water and you have to ask for it otherwise the flight attendants will not give to you. The ATR is a fine machine and as usual I asked to see the cockpit after the flight and did it. The captain asked to see my Brazilian License to see if I am a real Pilot. Once I showed him he relaxed and invited me to see the cockpit of the turboprop. Nice fully digital cockpit looking incredibly like an A318 but hey. The ATR is made by Airbus anyway so no wonder they look similar… CASABLANCA AIRPORT. THE FINAL JEDI TRAINNING Following the connection and my previous experience at the arrival on Casablanca airport from Brazil I knew I was about to have a serious challenge ahead… And I wasn´t disappointed… A lot of things contributed for the messy environment but mainly because Casablanca is too small for the amount of flights it handle. Imagine if you take a small domestic airport but decide to receive a lot of international flights but you only have 2 terminals to handle it? Sounds a very stupid idea right? Well guess what this is EXCATLY what Casablanca Airport is. An airport with 2 big runways and a decent parking area capable of handling any aircraft BUT somebody forgot to make the terminals more humane and not like expensive jails… The problem of being a Brazilian at that time was that for our unluckiness another flight from Brazil arrived at the same time that our regional flight arrived meaning that suddenly the airport was filled with Brazilians coming FROM Brazil but also going TO Brazil and this pretty much confused the already confused staff in Casablanca Airport Add our incorrectly made stamp on our passports done in Marrakech and guess what? A whole new f#$¨&&&& type of problems have being created and wasn´t our fault… You see we arrived at the airport at 10:50PM with a flight to Brazil only at 4PM on the next day so we had a very long time at the airport and we hoped spend this time on the international area witch is more comfortable… THE PROBLEM was that unlike many and many countries where you can stay on the international area for the time you want in Morocco they have a limit where you cannot do a domestic/international connection and it´s about 4 hours so you cannot entry on the international sector before these 4 hours. BUT to discover that I had to talk with many people because nobody knew anything so I had to ask the information to many people until I lost my patience and identified myself as an Aviator as asked what the heck we should do… SO I was instructed to go to the immigration office and ask the Moroccan Federal Police to cancel the passport stamp they gave to me and my mom in Marrakech so we could leave the transient area and actually spend the next 16 hours on the airport before board on our flight back to Brazil… BUT THE PROBLEM was that with a flight coming FROM Brazil the officers didn´t get how we got our passports stamped before the immigration so I had to explain the entire mess of what was done in Marrakech and to make things even worse the English skills from the Moroccan Officers were terrible so I had to use a very basic English to explain very complicated and burocratic things and this is a very hard thing to do when the Officers don´t understand this sentence: “we got a domestic flight from Marrakech to Casablanca and here we will get our flight back TO Brazil. We´re not coming FROM Brazil. We´re going TO Brazil. All we want is that you cancel these stamps done on our passports in Marrakech so we can circle around the airport and pass the time there before board again to our flight to Brazil” Looks simple right? All he had to do was cancel our passport stamps done erroneously in Marrakech so we could pass the time on the airport and then we would board again this time to Brazil when the 4 hour window was achieved… When I barely noticed I entered on a whole new world… Welcome to the “bureaucratic English” Where you have to use complicated words like “Promptly” and “regardless” and many other ones that I had to learn how do the proper grammar so I could use it on a very simplified English. I felt Yoda on my side telling “patience you must have to overcome the problems Rodrigo” it was magical, beautiful, gorgeous… But eventually after almost 2 hours we got things solved and were cleared to leave the transient area… We did but hey hey! More luggage inspections because officers there don´t know the difference between TO and FROM. They did an international luggage inspection even when we showed we were on a domestic flight so we should receive a domestic inspection not an international inspection. I told the guy “Sir we´re going TO Brazil not FROM Brazil” but the officer only replied “I Know” but clearly he didn´t know nothing… So after the whole mess you might think that the next 16 hours or whatever of wait would be a piece of cake right? Nah. Not really… You see unlike most of airports on Earth where the pre-boarding area is filled with restaurants, stores and many things so you can pass the time before boarding Casablanca Airport is the very opposite of that… Only 4 snack bars, no stores and almost no chairs to rest and the snack bars are expensive as hell so you have a choice. Save money and starve to death or spend all your economies just to survive there until your boarding back to your country or city… We somehow did a middle term of it… Yes there´s 2 hotels near the airport and one of them is actually owned by Royal Air Maroc BUT the catch is. They will give you a hotel only if you have 2 CONSECUTIVE INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS… That means if you came from Brazil and are going to Europe doing a connection in Casablanca they will give you a hotel, a small room so you can rest… BUT if I´m going from Brazil to Europe why I would do a connection in Casablanca if there´s at least 40 flights a day from Brazil to Europe? It´s better. Time saving and cost efficient and as a bonus I don´t do a connection on a country I don´t need… SO I asked them to at least give a discount to my mother. She sleeps at a room and I endure the airport. NOPE... They asked us 110 EUROS for a shared room! Yes my friend 110 EUROS for a simple small shared room! We refused to pay that since we considered an absurd that amount of money for a single room… The other option was a croudy 95 EURO hotel. 95 EUROS for a smaller room wasn´t a good advantage and the hotel was a mess. If it was like 65 or 70 EUROS we would consider the option but 95? Pffff. Pass we stay on the airport… Probably the most boring time I had on any airport on my entire life but luckily for me (on a very sadistic way of course) we weren´t the only ones suffering on that jail pretending being an international airport. Asians and Europeans were also having a very bad time, probably even worse than us. I saw people sleeping on sleeping bags in the middle of the corridors and main areas. The airport doesn´t have a cheap transit hotel where for 35 US Dollars you can sleep for a few hours (4 to 6) on a flat seat that resemble a bed, it´s efficient, cheap and it´s already inside the airport so it´s a win-win for the passengers… NOPE. It´s a blanky airport with rude staff that refuse to speak English… Listen I get it people speak Arabic and French in Morocco BUT on international airport the staff MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK ENGLISH. Doesn´t matter if it´s a basic English as long as it is English… If it was a “domestic only” airport I would totally get it and understand since it would be a domestic airport focused on domestic flights… BUT no! Casablanca is the biggest airport in Morocco and a HUB for Royal Air Maroc. People in Casablanca have to speak some sort of English and it´s not my obligation learn Arabic or French to communicate. Would make my life easier but it wasn´t my obligation anyway and I was very polite actually since I saw the British people and the Chinese people losing their patience very very fast. Also the Americans were very angry too… So between the bureaucracy of the Moroccan officers and the extremely rude behavior from the staff in Casablanca airport we somehow managed to survive 20 hours there without going insane and I must admit it´s very easy be angry there… The bathrooms are very dirty resembling a jail´s bathroom, no toilet paper (yes. No toilet paper. Bring your own!) and the airport resembles a 1950s Airport that was expanded “the way it could” just like a Lego where instead buy the whole set you buy small different sets hopping it will become just like the masterpiece it would be if you bought the original set you wanted… It´s a mess. People don´t know anything and ask something around this airport is asking yourself to get very angry or very very lost so unless you REALLY need something there I suggest you explore by yourself until find what you want rather than ask some information… Looks unnatural yes of course. But again. Welcome to Casablanca Airport… It´s not an “Aviation friendly” airport not a “passenger friendly” airport. Is a mess, boring chaotic unorganized airport. A tiny regional airport in Brazil is millions of times better capable than the biggest airport in Morocco… But somehow we managed pass 20 hours there without going insane and with 4 hours left for our boarding we decided finally board to our flight back to Brazil and oh boy I never thought I would say that on my life but God when I saw the name “São Paulo” on the flight screen I almost cried of joy… Yes São Paulo is a chaotic concrete jungle mess but still a million times better than Casablanca… As Usual we got to the immigration. More papers filled. More inspections. More and more bureaucracy typical from Morocco to the point I was so tired that I thought: “geez. The officer will deport us back to our own country. Afff. Anyway we´re going to our own country anway so what he will do?” But nope. Everything was clear on a very nice way and we finally in diplomatic terms left Morocco and now were on the international area with duty free shops and finally our plane that will bring us back to Brazil… Interesting to notice is that the DUTY FREE area in Morocco doesn´t accept local Moroccan money. Only US Dollars and Euros and it´s pretty awkward because apparently the local money is so useless that you cannot pay anything on the duty free area with the Moroccan money. We considered it wierd at least but honestly we were so absurdly tired that we didn´t care anymore, we converted the local Moroccan money back to Euros and bought something on the duty free area using credit cards. Eated a snack and headed for our boarding gate… As usual since Casablanca Airport have more parking spots than actual terminals this means that the probability of you boarding a plane on a remote spot is high meaning that you gonna have to climb the stairs to your airplane with a huge dry heat on your heat is very very high so be ready to take the bus to your airplane… Our gate was this case. Remote boarding but seems that nobody cared actually. Since this flight to São Paulo also connects other cities in Latin America to/from Morocco we saw many Argentinians there too, some Arabs (including Moroccans), many Europeans going to Brazil after a tour in Morocco and as usual a vast majority of Brazilians since the flight was heading to Brazil… But as usual wasn´t all sweet candy. The bus got us but apparently the driver forgot to turn the AC on meaning that with all the heat outside and no ventilation inside the bus and with the doors closed the entire bus became like a sauna. When we got on the plane the 787 was still refueling so we had to wait inside the bus for 20min and that heat with no ventilation was making many passengers feel sick especially the old ones (my mom included) so not only me but many passengers yelled in English to the bus driver turn the AC on so we could wait decently inside the bus. Apparently the driver didn´t listen us and that bus was becoming hotter and hotter and dryer and dryer but luckily the refueling was finished and we were cleared of that moving sauna and headed for the stairs to climb on the 787 that brought us back to Brazil… Before entering on the plane as usual a last safety inspection. Dammit I was tired of so many inspections. Before boarding I already presented the damm boarding pass to the Air Maroc agent so I put it on my pocket. But on the 787´s door another agent asked me to see the same boarding pass again. I showed to the airline agent 20min ago, got trapped inside a bus waiting for the plane being refueled and now again I had to look on my pocket again and get the boarding pass again to show to another agent… Really Casablanca Airport. Your staff is by far the most incompetent on earth. NOBODY knows what they´re doing there! SO ANOTHER 787. THIS TIME BACK TO BRAZIL Inside the 787, hot and dry outside and all the passengers were visibly tired and many of them exhausted. Everybody put their bags on the overhead compartments while I negotiated get a window seat for the flight. Got the corridor but I F%$%& hate the corridor especially on long international flights because you have to stand up every time somebody decide go to the bathroom or walk around the aircraft and since I can stay long periods of time without moving I always prefer the window so I can stay on my own for a very long time without being disturbed… And was quite easily in fact. Once I yelled in Portuguese “I have a corridor seat and want I window because I can stay long periods of time without moving” half of the airplane popped up offering me a window seat and I got one near my mom´s seat. Was the easiest bargain of the travel… After long hours in Casablanca with rude staff insulting me for not being able to speak French or Arabic I was pretty much fed up with this “let´s be polite even when idiots insult me” and decide to speak my own language after 15 days without speaking it. The flight was filled with Brazilians and Portugueses so technically we were on a very good spot to speak the Portuguese language and so we did it. Before the take-off pretty much nobody was speaking French or Arabic (aside the flight crew). Just Portuguese and Spanish… You know you´re on a flight heading to Brazil when passengers act as if they were on a pick nick and this is a Brazilian tradition. While passengers offered chocolates or peanuts to the other passengers some other passengers offered candies, beers or taking photos from other passengers, talking and making jokes. It is a truly funny thing actually, the plane was Moroccan but from now on it was a Latino party so hell yeah baby! Doors closed, safety instructions passed and there we were. We were heading to South America… TAKE-OFF! 9 HOURS AHEAD TO SÃO PAULO. THE BIGGEST CITY IN LATIN AMERICA The plane was in a good shape and we had a very fast taxi to our runway, the 35L and since there wasn´t any traffic to bother us this was done very fast… Apparently the plane wasn´t heavy so our take-off was pretty short and fast for a long range airline like the 787 although I know the 787 is one of these new generation airliners with high performance wings that can increase the lift a lot when the flaps are deployed yet guarantee a huge speed performance when they are retracted… But still a short take-off… Once airborne a left turn flying over Morocco and 1 hour later we said “bye” to Morocco. A good country with very nice people and we learned a lot about the culture there especially about the Muslim culture. Would I live there if needed? Yes of course without even blink. Will I return there? Sure of course… But Casablanca and especially the Casablanca Airport is a TERRIBLE NIGHTMARE ON EVERY SINGLE WAY POSSIBLE. The country is very nice but Casablanca Airport is a disgusting pile of bad service. If you have to use this airport be prepared for the worst experience you will ever have and please be patient. VERY patient… Rabat, Fez and Marrakech have much better airports with much better and friendly staff. Use them if you can… I eated my food calmly and took my time to actually relax of a huge endurance because since my mom don´t speak a foreign language it was only up to me solve all the issues during this trip. She was tired, I was exhausted. After the food I decided to play some games on the entertainment system from the 787 before had a well deserved sleep… Some hours until Dakar then we “opened our sails” and crossed the Atlantic Ocean heading to the northeast coast of Brazil entering in Brazil at night some hours later near Salvador and Ilheus… Honestly here´s a very personal touch. Once we entered in Brazil I felt a mix of “we´re at home” with “finally I can speak at least English here” because no matter what happened we would land in Brazil. Maybe not in São Paulo as planned but surely on any other city in Brazil. Probably Rio de Janeiro or Salvador, or even Belo Horizonte or Porto Seguro but we would land on a land speaking Portuguese… It´s not being rude. But after 20 hours being bashed by Casablanca Airport staff because I didn´t speak French or Arabic I was happy to think “ok. Now things changed. Now it´s MY LANGUAGE” Few more hours later we were descending to São Paulo. The Coruscant of Latin America. 15 million of people living there. 6 airports and 3 being able to receive airliners and 2 of them capable of receive the big ones. Embraer´s factory very near there and a whole new chaotic place to be… Some turns here and there and at 10:20PM the Royal Air Maroc 787-8 touched the São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport runway 09R with an interesting braking action, not too less and not too much. Enough to do the job. Once the plane cleared the runway some people clapped the Captain but in general people were extremely tired and just wanted go home… Immigration being totally the opposite of done in Morocco. Fast… Same 3 lanes. “Brazilians”, “Mercosul Citizens” and “Non Mercosul Citizens”, no papers to fill. Just the passport and our airline tickets to make it easier show our origin. If we didn´t have those damm tickets no problem because by our names the Brazilian Federal Police can track on what flight you were… In Morocco the immigration process took about 15 minutes with the immigration officer considering me and my mother… In Brazil the same thing, me and my mother took 30 seconds… And before you come with “but it was your own country so of course it would be easier” let me say the airport was full with many flights from Europe and some from USA and South America. What happened is that the system in Brazil is actually become fully digital and so take less time. There was even an extra lane for “Brazilians with Electronic Passports”. There was some people there, apparently is an experimental program with digital passports like an APP for your cellphone where all your data is digital, all your travel is digital and guessing how things work in the future this E-Passport will be standard in Brazil… Immigration done, bags got ready to the inspection right? Yeah but now things are 3D. you put your bags on a gigantic 3D X-ray machine and your bag is inspected there. If the authorities suspect of something then they ask you to get your bags so they can inspect very detailed… But since we were fine and nothing to hide we were cleared very fast and headed to the domestic transition… SO A FINAL PUSH. 40MIN FLIGHT. OH WAIT… Since Royal Air Maroc isn´t a member of any airline alliance you cannot do a “fast lane international/domestic transition” meaning all you have to do is go to the airline check-in right near the international arrival and put your bags there so they will do a domestic check-in and issue a domestic boarding pass. This process is easy and fast… BUT since Royal Air Maroc isn´t a member of any global airline alliance that means you have to do things on the old fashion way… Translation. Get your bags and go to the domestic area and do the check-in again just like you would do if you were flying only a domestic flight but with the privilege of extra bag credit… Since our flight was only at 7AM so we had more airport time in Guarulhos but honestly we had 20 hours of Casablanca Airport and Guarulhos is a 7 start hotel compared with Casablanca. You have McDonnalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and many other restaurants opened 24hours so we eated nicely and relaxed after the long trip… The only complain was the damm AC. Guarulhos we´re not on the South Pole so 22 Celsius is comfortable but 12 Celsius is very cold especially if you came from a country were the average temperature was 35 Celsius… At 4AM we did our domestic Check-in and the attendant there saw we were very very tired to the point of being exhausted so she gave us priority on boarding and arrival and priority on getting the bags and didn´t charge anything from us despite she could do it because normally this whole priority stuff is an extra service… Was a nice gesture from her and this is what I like about being Brazilian. We tent to solve things using the common sense when the situation get messy. She saw our situation and decided to make our life easier where she could charge us for the extra service and we were prepared pay for that extra service but since she didn´t we were glad for it and thanked her a lot. Problem solved and let´s do the domestic boarding! Domestic boarding in Guarulhos is pretty much like a miniature of the international boarding but without passports and without the federal police. Same bag inspection but we were on automatic mode anyway so we just acted like robots. Shoes off, bags on the x-ray and metal detectors. Things done, bags with us. Shoes on and here we go baby Domestic area! Relaxed and calm we decided to see the planes around and see the people boarding and arriving to and from many different cities in Brazil. Our plane was on the remote position but who cares! The airline officer checked our boarding pass and unlike in Casablanca he didn´t check again on the plane since it was checked already. Got some very arrogant person apparently lost on the airport that came to me and asked “Je parle Francais?” and I replied “Do you speak English?” she said “no” Then I asked “Fala Português?” (Do you speak portuguese?) again she said “no” “Hablas Español?” she said “no” again Then I pointed her the information desk so she could get some guidance. Before you come to me calling me rude I say this… I asked her using signals to show her ticket or say her airline and destination so I could at least try help her and she refused to tell me. This is BRAZIL and this is SOUTH AMERICA we´re not obliged to speak French here and English is a common and easy language on international airports and environments in general. I asked her politely with intention to help her but the woman refused to cooperate unless I was able to speak French… Madam with all do respect I am in my country and I would not learn French just to please your arrogancy. Speak English, Spanish or Portuguese or get out of my way. Don´t have to be fluent. Just some basic words on any of these 3 languages would make your life A LOT EASIER since Brazilians love to help… But oh the irony. She was on my flight too. A Domestic flight with all passengers speaking Portuguese. Welcome to “my country my rules” mon cherrit… Sunny day in São Paulo with a short take-off using the runway 09L of Guarulhos, after that a sharp turn to the right flying above the 15 million habitants city of São Paulo. After a short flight with some snack we arrived in Curitiba with the usual “off-season cold weather” of 8 Celsius. A decent landing of the 737-800 but hey we arrived… Now get our bags and then FINALLY go home for a day resting… This thing was done fast and we got our car back home. My sister was there waiting for us. We were so tired that me and my mom slept for almost an entire day. After 3 days on a rush we deserved a bed... BUT the travel to Morocco was finally over with a great success… SO WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT THIS TRIP TO MOROCCO? Well when you travel to a different country with different rules and costumes you sure suffer some initial impact but I studied the whole stuff a lot before go there so I was pretty much ready. My mom indeed was very very resistant to the Muslim culture at the beginning mainly because the Brazilian culture is very different from the Muslim culture so yes you suffer some initial shock… BUT if you open your minds you will see very nice things. Morocco is a nice country indeed with very polite people and they like help even if you don´t speak a word in Arabic or French. The rudeness from Casablanca Airport staff is a very bad exception BUT the people in Morocco are very nice and I had this feeling when we were lost at that train station. People actually tried at all costs help us and it was eventually rewarded… Rabat is a nice city and I liked it. The royal monuments are very cool and the Roman ruins on the way to Fez are indeed a very remarkable place to visit especially if you like history and have a good sense of 3D mapping so you can recreate on your own mind a city that existed many centuries ago. You can spend hours on these ruins imagining how it was during the Roman Empire at its best. That ruin was a vivid city filled with Roman soldiers and merchant people, rich Roman people and yes slaves. It´s history we cannot erase it… If you ask me my favorite part of the trip (not counting the planes) was the Roman ruins. You can actually feel the history there! You can imagine yourself centuries ago in that Roman City. A vivid city with hundreds or even thousands of people being part of a huge empire that gave to the world the basis of many things we have today… Fez is nice but the city itself if blank. The Medinas in Fez however are unique. Smells, places and the streets getting narrower and narrower to the point you will feel claustrophobic there, the temperature varies and the culture inside a Medina is different from the culture from the rest of the city. You feel you´re inside an old ancient medieval Arabic city with people from all over Africa and Middle East trying sell you things. The smells from food to textile things are unique and that chaos that will make you dizzy will also make you enjoy and feel that Medinas are a F$&%** hellhole that you will hate during the first 30 seconds but love with all you forces after it. It´s AWESOME! All Medinas are unique but the one is Fez is a must go! Go there, walk until you brake your foot, smell, get dizzy, buy something, talk on many languages as you can and be sure you feel the chaos there! Marrakech is a very awesome city but I would say it´s more a “Las Vegas Style” than a historic city. It´s a majestic city and everybody will love it because it´s a funny chaos and as usual you gonna hate with all your forces that chaos at the beginning BUT will love the same chaos after the adaptation time. It´s a fun chaos with people from all over the world and you gonna be pretty confused about what language you should speak to make things work there. Spanish seems to work very well in Marrakech followed by English. Of course if you know French it´s even better. But if you´re just like me and doesn´t know how speak French. So speak Spanish (or at least pretend speak Spanish) Casablanca isn´t that bad actually. The airport is terrible on all forms but the city is actually nice. The Hassan 2 mosque is REALLY impressive and Muslim or not you have to respect these people. They built some very majestic impressive thing there. Never being to Mecca and would be interesting visit Mecca one day to see how it is. Muslims say it´s an unique experience. Go to Hassan 2 and stay there without hurry. Enjoy the place. You will see a lot of people going there to pray and they do it 5 times a day so you will see a lot of movement there from Men to small kids with their moms. It´s a temple to see, admire and respect and it doesn´t matter if you´re not a Muslim because the engineering of this mosque is so gigantic that you can put 5 Saturn-V moon rockets there side-by-side and will still have space to put a Russian Soyuz rocket there too. It´s impressive to say the least… And let´s not forget the twinky city of Kenitra. Our accident that became a very funny and hot city. We were there for only 4 or 5 hours but heck that city is fun on its way. It´s not majestic nor awesome but it´s a city with a unique thing. Its port is big and the fact that Kenitra as a huge US NAVY military base during the cold war is indeed something to remember. It´s not a fancy city and you will probably never go there but if you´re getting tired and want some good old “let´s freak out” here´s a tip. Get the ONCF train and get yourself lost until you arrive in Kenitra. It´s a funny name for a city but believe-me this little city is very funny on its way and you gonna enjoy your time there as we surely did and will return there next time… And oh yeah. To complete the joy get yourself lost on the way back to the city where you came from. It´s super duper fun! SO AND HOW ABOUT THE MUSLIM CULTURE? WHAT DID I LEARNED? Since I have many Muslim friends I pretty much know the basic of the Muslim culture but was nice see the whole stuff in person. Yes there´s a lot of differences from the Brazilian culture. While Muslims tent to be very disciplined Brazilians are pretty much the opposite and we do whatever we want mainly because Latinos love freedom so much that many times we abuse it with force… It´s not up to me say what it´s right or wrong. I liked many things on the Muslim culture like not drinking alcohol on public places because it reduces a lot the street violence and I do like this “tea culture” that Muslims have of drink tea for everything. It´s nice and relaxing… Some aspects are not that great but honestly all cultures have bad points… We noticed that Muslim women are very very polite and my mom was REALLY impressed when one women asked her permission to talk with me. She did it in English so I had to translate to my mother and my mom was like: “did this girl asked me permition to talk with you? Wow. How polite!” We also noticed that a woman walking with a man is not harassed. Doesn´t matter if it´s a husband, father, brother or even son. All the time my mom was with me we felt unbelievable safe while the short moments she was alone she reported me she was very harassed by men not on a violent way but on a very awkward and disturbing way… Also we noticed that man in Muslim culture must be active. If you´re the kind of guy who loves letting a woman taking charge you´re screwed inside a Muslim society because Muslims like strong man. In Muslim countries is the man who has to solve the problems doesn´t matter what problem it is. The man is a “problem solver” there and yes men have a lot of power on a Muslim society but also have a lot of responsibilities too and I got it all at once… At the beginning my mom considered it too sexist but sooner she realized that letting the man taking charge of everything is so much better that she told my sister about it and my sister is now asking her husband to be more like a Muslim husband. Pro-active So if you´re a passive man don´t go to a Muslim country. The culture there rewards the active decisive men while punish the passive men because Muslims see passive man as weak and “non deserved of being called men” Yes Muslims don´t like gays, LGBT stuff of feminism. They hate it very very VERY much and don´t try change that because they will not. Their land their culture. Being a gay or a feminist in a Muslim country is basically signing your death sentence. Literally speaking… It´s a different culture with different costumes on a different society so before you go to a Muslim country get ready for this. You will find everything you want on these countries and the prices there are actually very low in fact… BUT if you want go imposing your own culture that´s not gonna work on a Muslim country as my mom saw it in person. I will not put political issues here about other countries receiving massive number of refugees bringing their own culture there because this is not the objective here BUT remember that if you´re going to a Muslim country don´t try impose your culture because it will not work and you will discover it on a very nasty and aggressive way… However if you´re aware of it and decide to enjoy the local aspects of the local culture you gonna be fine at all times. Just because people there have a different religion and wear clothes on a different way doesn´t mean they´re all wierd insane people decided to kill a bastard western chump… Muslims just want live their lives normally on their own and in fact I noticed that they have a constant fear of being judged as terrorists by westerners and all of this because some very few idiotic assholes do terrorists attacks and then an entire religion and population are judged wrongly just because 0.0000000001% of the Muslim population do stupid things… I flew a Muslim Airline TO/FROM Morocco and I didn´t feel insecure at all. The planes were well kept and the crews were fine and polite, we walked on streets and didn´t feel scared at all and even during the “pray times” (happens 5 times a day so be used) when the loudspeakers around the mosques call people to pray we didn´t noticed anything aggressive. People just went silently to the mosque and prayed there for a few minutes. If you are in front of a mosque yes you will see a lot of movement there but nobody will be rude with you. Respect their side and they will respect you. Don´t try impose your religion on a Muslim country and they will not try convert you to Islam. Don´t be a typical “I´m an evangelical so praise the true lord” because even on Christian countries this is stupid and you might imagine how Muslims will react to this level on stupidity on their own country with their own religion. One tip? Not a good idea… THE KING OF MOROCCO. ACCORDING OUR TOUR GUIDE Since our tour guide was pretty much like a North Korean style propaganda guy he apparently confused kingdom with God and so he praised so much the king of morocco that I noticed very early that or he don´t know what the term “King” means OR he knows what it means but prefer not understand it… According our tour guide the King of Morocco is what King Jong Un is for North Koreans… Yes people according our tour guide the King of Morocco can bend the air, move the Earth from its orbit, make Mars gain life and even change the course of the human evolution. It´s a magic, a God and the only being capable of beating Chuck Norris, Mohammad, Jesus and Vladimir Putin all together on a fight. It´s a blast on all sources, a true ultimate Jedi Master who has 10 gigantic royal palaces around Morocco, the most peaceful and humble of all Kings who has “only” (pfffff) 10 gigantic Royal palaces all of them surrounded by very humble 20 meter tall double walls and humbly secured by heavily armed guys who will shoot you in sight if you dare enter on his palace without permition… He´s a true spiritual leader, the force that create peace between all religions on earth and end the world poverty at once… Yes. This King and his glorious 12 wives all of them trained as the best wives a man can have. A true ultimate husband and the ultimate true father. The best of all fathers. A King that only punches his wives when they do not obey his divide wishes… He´s a very humble king. A king that only has one since horse racetrack on the entire Morocco (the “humble horse racetrack is bigger than the Daytona Motor Speedway) and only has only the BIGGEST GOLF COURSE on earth. And only has a Boeing 787-8 as his executive jet… He´s a glorious King in deed. Everybody loves him because he´s so great that other leaders are nothing compared him. He´s the ultimate warrior, peace keeper and husband and also father. Oh yeah people the King of Morocco is the pinnacle of human evolution as its best. The combination of all elements of the universe at once that created the Brother of Mohammad but the King of Morocco is so humble that he decided to stay quiet… Yeah people. The King of Morocco is a true unsung hero, the ultimate hybrid between human and god… THE KING OF MOROCCO. ACCORDING THE REAL LIFE The Real life is less poetic than what the tour guide showed us but at the same time it isn´t that oppressive or submissive… Yes the king of Morocco is very very VERY rich and yes he has 10 gigantic royal palaces around Morocco with all the security you can imagine and with all the pompous stuff you can imagine. And this is a normal thing for Arabic royalties… The Political system in Morocco is pretty much like the one applied in the UK. The King is more like a moral guide than actually a legislator and does have powers to dissolve the parliament and congress if he thinks necessary and also it the supreme head of the state in case of total war or anything like this. Yes he has a lot of stuff and pretty much what the tour guide said about his possessions are correct too and this can be see when you visit the outer part of his monumental royal palace in Rabat. It´s probably bigger than the entire area of Casablanca International Airport and walk there with a huge blasting sun of your head might make you very happy OR might cause you a massive dehydration. Anyway yes he has many possessions and indeed he´s a very rich man and since Kings are pretty much a dynasty thing you mortal cannot and will not “be elected king” because that´s not how it works… I saw some mixed feelings about him while in Morocco. Most of the people love, like or at least respect him while I noticed that some Moroccans “endure” the King “because they have to” Don´t know what this “because we have to” means and it´s not up to me say what Moroccans have to do about it. The distance between the King and the poor people is very huge but apparently Moroccans are pretty much satisfied with it and so it´s not up to me put my nose on internal affairs. I just saw it and made my personal conclusions witch will remain personal… Have a King might be good as a moral guide for a country but I don´t think that with a current globalized society the “King with all powers” can actually fit. During the middle ages yes it worked well but the society changed a lot so the leaders must also change if they want be there for a long time. You can´t have royal palaces while the average person on your country cannot afford even a car. Being a King is being an example to be followed and cheered for. People have to see a King as the ultimate moral guide not as a spiritual guide. Anyway it´s a system that apparently work for Moroccans and if they´re happy with it that´s enough for me… ROYAL AIR MAROC. HOW IS FLY WITH THEM… If you never flew with Royal air Maroc (usually refered as “RAM”) I believe you should at least give them a try. It´s not like one of those fancy Europeans or Asian Airlines nor like Emirates or Etihad. But it´s a nice airline anyway… The planes where clean, the entertainment system on their 787s are pretty good and intuitive and the ATR-72 was clean (you can´t expect too much on a short regional flight). Boarding is fast (what delays it is the Moroccan bureaucracy) and the boarding with them in Brazil was very fast actually (it´s done by a third company called “Pro Air”, basically a ground handling company) The boarding service is good enough for the economy class, the space is decent and the food is actually nice. They serve tea and coffee after the food and I REALLY liked this thing. I prefer tea since it´s better and makes your body relax so you can sleep faster. On the 9 hour flight TO/FROM Morocco you have your main food followed by some light food 1 hour before the landing. Don´t think 2 rounds of food are necessary since the main food contains a lot of things and the flight is quite long but not that long so you can easily take 1 hour eating it. Maybe instead of a light food they could bring some snacks with drinks and I think if would be more than enough at least for me… The interior looking red-and-grey isn´t that bad and the 787 makes things more spacious than they appear. Looks narrow from the outside but it´s wide from the inside. The 3-3-3 seat arrangement on economy class seems to be standard on the 787s and I consider it good enough. I hate those 2-4-2 used on some planes. The 3-3-3 seems more logical to me. RAM have enough toilets on the economy class of their 787 although as usual many people decide use the toilet at the same time creating huge lines basically meaning that 80% of the entire airplane want use the damm toilet at the same time and this is not a good idea since the toilet can be pretty smelly when a lot of people use it in a row all at once. Would be so much better if they simply time their use and go there when nobody is using it OR when the lines to the toilets are very short (3 people max) or simply decide to see that the toilets are spreaded across the airplane and not stuck the 4 toilets behind the emergency exit when the 2 rear toilets are virtually empty. So you want return to your seat on the back of the airplane but you get stocked in the middle because 80% of the passengers forget that airplanes doing long range flights have multiple toilets… My mother complained about a heavy smoke cigarette smell in one of the toilets on the flight back to Brazil and I think it was somebody who smoked a lot before the flight and used the toilet a lot spreading the cigarette smell all around the toilet. I refuse to believe that some idiot decided to smoke during the flight and that the smoke detectors were broken because a single cigarette can indeed cause an accident as caused before in the past and this is the main reason of why there are smoke detectors on airplanes today… The bags are fine and they put some bubble plastic thing around the bags we dispatched in Marrakech and didn´t charge us for this and that´s a very good point to them. Air Maroc staff in Marrakech are REALLY friendly, they´re really good. I personally think that RAM should create a secondary HUB in Marrakech with seasonal flights to South America. Would be so much better since Marrakech Airport is clean and nice while Casablanca Airport look like and feel like a gigantic jail with planes on it… RAM has to be part of some global airline alliance such as Star Alliance or One World so the connection between airlines would be a lot better. RAM offers a very good service indeed and I recommend them in fact. It´s a good airline. Maybe not a luxury airline as you might want but surely a very nice airline with good planes and good service. It´s a company that can expand more and become even better… IF Casablanca Airport can improve of course… Really Air Maroc. Your airline is very nice but your HUB is disgusting on every single way possible. It´s a shame a nice airline having the worst HUB possible. The Airline deserves better and the Moroccans deserve a better main international airport… From the technical point of view I didn´t notice anything too different. The procedures are pretty much standards on Aviation although during the ATR part I noticed that the AC was off during the ground time and even at night it´s very hot in Marrakech so we sweated inside the ATR as well the other passengers also sweated. I know the ATR has a system called “prop brake” that allows the right engine work on a low regime just like an APU on big planes so you can keep the AC on during the boarding procedures, turn it off during the engine start and then back on for the rest of the flight. Marrakech runway is gigantic for the ATR anyway and we took off using less than 30% of it… The ATR flight was smooth and at 14.000FT and with a high mounted wing airplane you can really see the cities below. I like ATRs they´re good and reliable planes and the -600 series made it better. It´s quieter and with less vibration, the take-off and climb out transition are softer than the -200 series and the -600 series has a lot of power on take-off. I hope one day I can Pilot an ATR. Damm good machine indeed… The landing in Casablanca was a little bit rough but mainly because our approach and landing speeds were too high for a turboprop but anyway a landing is a landing and we were there safely and that´s enough for me. The lovely turboprop parked on a remote position as expected and we got a bus to the main terminal where our odyssey started… Turboprops became the “unsung heroes” for the majority of the passengers and they only care about the big jets… But as an Aviator I do care about them a lot and I wish I could get a longer flight on the ATR. My record was a 2 hour flight on an ATR-72-500 and I enjoyed it a lot and since the -600 series are better than the -500 series I hope I can get a longer flight on it… Turboprops land anywhere and board and unboard them are a lot faster since they have their own built in stairs and pretty much everything they need… The 787 parts were so standards to the point of being boring. The plane is rigid yet very advanced. The size is similar to the good old reliable like a tank Boeing 767 but more comfortable. I also visited the cockpit of the Dreamliner and considered it a joy and very similar to the cockpit of the Boeing 777 actually. A good plane with good features and Boeing REALLY got the right hand on this machine an RAM is doing a good use of them with good professional flight crews… Both runways in São Paulo and Casablanca are fine and well kept and you can feel the grooving on them. In São Paulo the grooving is more aggressive so the airplane really gets in as soon as it touches while in Casablanca the grooving seems more “melted” but still both very very acceptable in terms of safety, the taxiways are fine with drain points although it doesn´t rain too much in Morocco but the drain holes are there… The arrival and departure procedures are pretty much ICAO standards. In São Paulo is usual a hellhole labyrinth since with 6 airports in less than 70kms you have to give proper procedures to each airport so in Guarulhos you gonna do an arrival track that resembles like Indianapolis Motor Speedway while the departures are pretty much divided into 4 sectors and pretty much the altitude restriction in more on the arrival than on the departure since the Brazilian ATC is becoming pretty standard of clearing departing aircrafts to climb as fast as they can to their cruise altitudes so they can leave more space to the incoming aircrafts and as a Pilot I´m pretty happy with this procedures… In Casablanca you gonna basically use the runways 35L/R and the arrival from the south sector is pretty much a gigantic 50NM (90kms) long final to the runways and RAM pilots seems to REALLY enjoy this because they go high speed for as long as they can doing a steep continuous speed reduction during the final stages bringing you an exciting sequence of reducing the engine power followed by spoilers, flap sequence and gear down before the landing and as a Pilot I consider it very cost efficient and nicely done and obviously very very cool… The ATR Pilots are famous for the “Formula-1 reduction style” and RAM ATR pilots are no different meaning that they go at full speed till moments before landing then they move the propellers full forward creating a spinning wall of drag followed by flaps and gear down all at once making you feel you´re on a gigantic race car in the air meaning that this tinny turboprop can overtake all jets during the final approach to land going from 260kts to 100kts or less in less than 4 minutes. It´s a joy if you´re a Pilot but can scary you if you´re not an experienced passenger… But believe me the procedure is super safe and can be done at any time… The departure procedures of Casablanca Airport are pretty much objective done by basic SIDs or simple vector from the ATC. If you´re going to Brazil and taking off from the 35L/R you gonna do a sharp turn to the left, if you´re using the 17L/R you gonna do a gentle turn to the right. Choose your departure runway and be happy, I prefer the 35L/R departure because the high bank turn after the take-off is really cool… In general both the airline and the planes that RAM has are very good and I recommend it. Casablanca Airport sucks on every single way possible but the Royal Air Maroc does a very good job aside some small little problems (no airline is perfect anyway) that they can correct easily. The planes are clean and the board service is very nice especially the tea part after the food (I loved it) and the flight crews are very polite and humble. If you never flew with RAM if highly recommend you at least give them a chance and very likely you will enjoy a lot fly with them… If you never flew the Boeing 787 I truly recommend it for sure. It´s a state-of-the-art machine with advanced systems. It´s a very quiet airplane and handle wonderfully during turbulences even during the heavy ones and this is the main reason my mom absolutely LOVED the 787. It´s a plane that looks young, radical and cool but at the same time with the pedigree and expertise of Boeing and you know that Boeing doesn´t create bad machines. It´s a plane that you don´t give a single S#¨$&%* from far away because it looks small and fragile but the Dreamliner shows its skills when you´re inside them. Fragile from the outside but a majestic monster from the inside. Kudos to Boeing they made a plane with the capability of a fighter but with the comfort of an executive jet… Also the ATR. If you never flew it give it a chance too you will not regret. Air Maroc have some good frequencies with them and you can find them (ATR) a lot in Europe and Latin America. It´s a good simple yet strong like a tank 70 seat turboprop. Looks fragile from the outside and passengers tent to inferiorize it but during the take-off your body is pushed to your seat and you accelerate like a Formula-1 car, it´s a joy see that plane with so much power and the landing is pretty much like a Formula-1 car braking very strongly it´s fun and interesting. Means safety because means that if needed the ATR can take-off and land very very shortly… DO I RECOMMEND GO TO MORROCO? Yes of course. It´s a great experience. The country is good, the food is nice and the people are friendly and the prices are cheap. Just some issues like the terrible airport of Casablanca and the ONCFs trains that delay a month and be careful to not trust anybody on streets because they really harass tourists but the country in general is safe and the Police officers are very careful and polite. These guys (police) are watching everybody every time so don´t try be stupid. Morocco is a friendly country to explore so you don´t need a tour guide. We got one because my mom insisted but you can visit and discover the country alone if you want and as we did after some days with the guide. It´s quite easy to guide yourself there and you will not get lost that easy… Well that´s it. Hope this trip report was useful and if you have any questions go ahead and call me…
  2. Getting over relationships

    Girls are like planes man... Don't try insist fly on a wrecked one unless you're REALLY available for a hardcore rebuilding. And even this take a lot of time and dedication... If you don't have patience for this just move along and find a new one...
  3. To Morocco! In September...

    We gonna stay 5 days in Marrakech. Pretty sure that my mom will buy half of the city hehehe
  4. To Morocco! In September...

    Good afternoon gentlemen and ladies... On the day of my birthday I'm here to announce that me and my mom will go to Morocco for a 12 day leisure trip... She preferred Morocco instead Cuba and with a plus that we gonna fly to Casablanca directly from Brazil on the Boeing 787 from Royal Air Maroc Everything is bought and so we only have to wait till the end of September to go there and see and also enjoy the country including cities like Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Marrakech and others... If you have any tips go ahead. Still have 1 month to go
  5. going to visit Cuba. any tips?

    pretty sure I gonna take so much photos of these things (also planes) that I can make an entire post about it... also there´s a big advantage for me. I also speak spanish so I can brake the language barrier easy
  6. going to visit Cuba. any tips?

    we already took the vaccines... we gonna focus on museums and actually see Havana by foot...
  7. going to visit Cuba. any tips?

    my uncle invited me to go with him to visit Cuba in july and since I know that the WW3 almost started there during the missile crisis and I like these military historical events I decided go with him. 1 week there and pretty much Brazilians are very welcomed there... any tips about the glorious socialist paradise? thanks in advance EDIT: yes I will look for Tupac there and I will use sun protector. if I´m used with the weather in the amazon the Cuban weather will not be worse...
  8. honestly I don´t understand how North Americans can talk about a military regime if they never actually had one... let me explain because Brazil had one. from 1964 to 1985... ok. before everything I´m actually in favour of a military government in Brazil. democracy as it´s done currently simply doesn´t work on my country. too much corruption, too much indiscipline, lack of morals and honestly Military people do things right when they want. they manage a country like a private company and honestly 98% of all Brazilian airports, brigdges and ports were built during the military government... BUUUUUUUTTTTTT... there´s a cost for that... the transition is hard, is suffering, is painfull... USA cannot even think about what would happen if the US military take the power. it´s simply cannot be imagined. it´s a reality that only countries who had a military regime can tell how the transition is hard... remember when Brazil impeached Dilma Rousseff during the Rio Olympics? well. imagine what was rounding the minds of the Brazilian population? "the military will be pissed off and will close the senate and will kill all these politicians, declare martial law and for those surviving on the next week a lot of things will change" use the Soviet model as an example. big country, with nukes and a massive military arsenal... with the difference that since the Russian revolution the Russian people learned that a "strong fist can shut up individual opinions" every military regime/government does that. do you think you can have free speech with a general as president? dream on pal... however that´s not gonna work in USA. Americans are used to say and do whatever they want at anytime because the 1st amendment gives this right BUT on a military government sorry but your individual rights will have some limits and honestly Americans will not comply with that... Trump might be a crazy wacko but he´s not that stupid, once somebody call him and say "for &^@# sake dude shut up and be presidential because a nuclear war isn´t funny" he will chill out and do the job right. he´s just doing whatever he wants because he never faced a situation of being so scared that he will be forced to act as an adult... if Trump tries something really stupid the Republican party will turn against him and he will be impeached. but if this happen his name and fortune are over forever because being impeached before the end of the 1st year of presidency isn´t good for the business... honestly. if a Military coup happens in USA a civil war will happen 2 hours later and America will no longer exist... can you pay this price USA? can you?
  9. Chinese Navy Steals U.S. Underwater Drone

    another point? this one is very, very domestic for Brazilians... we were developing a program for a new fighter that would include tecnological transfer to allow planes being made in Brazil by Embraer. so we could make it according our needs... the top 4 were: F-18 SU-33 Rafale Gripen NG however mr Obama decided to hack the phones/servers from our president and when it came public sudelly the F-18 of course was removed from the list... HOWEVER the american media didn´t like what mr Obama did because the initial order would include brand new 100 F-18s. creating more jobs in USA. of course Boeing wasn´t happy... Rafale was too expensive... then there was the SU33 and the Gripen NG. both good... however once again mr CIA decided to pressure since yeah it´s the American continent right so the biggest country in Latin America cannot have Russian jets. once again CIA and the Democratic party hacked again our servers hoping that the digital terrorism would make us return to the F-18... well. didn´t work. and now SAAB is super happy with our huge deal plus we gonna have our home made Gripen (Gripen NG BR) as well the naval version of it (Sea Gripen BR) USA. stop trying control the world. keep on your own country and let other countries deal with their own problems...
  10. Chinese Navy Steals U.S. Underwater Drone

    both China and Russia will do whatever they want. period. if USA want challenge that it´s a free world with free consequences... why don´t you actually talk with a Russian or with a Chinese to see their point of view? I do and actually it´s very interesting see their point of views. makes you see the point of view of their countries... Chineses don´t like the way USA is doing things in Asia as well Russia doesn´t like the way USA is building bases around their country. so now that Russia has a military base in Iran and China have one in Africa sudely America goes nut? how about the Military US base in Colombia? oh yeah. to attack the Amazon! guess what. the world changed. USA should take care of its own problems instead point fingers. solve your domestic problems... again. if China want do they will do whatever they want and USA will not have balls to declare a trade war against China...
  11. Chinese Navy Steals U.S. Underwater Drone

    honestly what is the problem? USA doesn´t own the world. USA cannot do whatever they want as their own wish... EVERY INTERVENTION DONE BY USA ON MIDDLE EAST DESTROYED THE COUNTRY USA "DELIVERED DEMOCRACY" sure those countries are were controled by dictators BUT honestly it´s not US problem. let them kill each other. pretty much they will do it anyway... heck today USA cannot even get astronauts to the ISS without the Russian spacecraft... sure SOYUZ is an old project but works... if USA hack phones from presidents and send drones overseas all other countries can do the same... why not? because America &^@# yeah? well. if China wants crush the global economy today they can do it yesterday... and before "USA has nukes" well. guess what. China also have nukes, as well as Russia...
  12. it´s just a sport - the lesson of Chapecoense

    not related but it´s close to my house and it´s a cool place... WW2 memorial... PS: the plane is real. actually flew...
  13. I will make this topic to show how much people can actually unite when they want... Pretty much that before the accident that basically killed and entire football/soccer team you and pretty much 95% of people on this planet never actually noticed what Chapecoense was... Chapecoense was one of those teams that people never cared too much because it actually never did anything big to be noticed. the name comes from the city of Chapeco. who born in Chapeco is a "Chapecoense" so basically the team´s name means "Team from Chapeco"... Chapeco isn´t also a big city. in fact is a medium or even a small city with it´s 210.000 people in the west of the most Germanic place outside Germany. the state where Chapeco is located, Santa Catarina basically holds the record of possess 90% of the entire Germany population outside Germany. so no big surprise that the 2nd most spoken language in Santa Catarina aside from Portuguese is the Germany language... So basically Chapeco is a medium agricultural Germanic city and it´s only "atraction" is because it´s the last medium city before you can cross the border and reach Argentina even knowing that Foz do Iguaçu is 3 times bigger and you can also go to Paraguay from there (triple border) BUUUUT the accident showed to the entire world how a small unknown city from a wierd germanic state from a country that literally loves football/soccer so much to the point of being considered a religion and on a year that had an Olympic and a presidential impeachment at the same time... and even with all these huge amount of problems the accident showed that yes we can unite to the point where every single Brazilian can adopt a team that they didn´t know 2 days ago... not because of the team itself. but because the old traditional wierd Brazilian passion of "we´re all brothers" that make every single Brazilian a bunch of inconsequent passionist lover... Chapecoense was indeed a rising star. with a solid administration and coaching the team was going fast to the top. it was going to its 1st final on its 1st international competition and pretty much people were saying "ok not bad for a small team from a small city. now let the big team from Colombia will the final and be happy for being the 2nd place" BUUUUT once again the people from Chapeco were thinking big because as a good Brazilian-Germany people they are crazy wierdoes with a confusing accent that make all of them sound like Donald Trump speaking Germany... and honestly. people from Chapeco were right. the team was good... the accident of course destroyed not only a team but the city of Chapeco and even more. the state of Santa Catarina... BUT once again. the wierd crazy passion of Brazilians made the city of Chapeco remember that they have a country around them... Brazilians around the country, including me showed that if you hit one of us. you hit all of us... we showed support to a single city. we embraced the city of Chapeco. football teams around Brazil embraced Chapeco. it was a movement so big that it was as if we were saying... "you´re not alone Chapeco" we made one of the biggest football teams of earth. Corinthians and Flamengo put their diferences aside and say "we´re all Chapecoense" and honestly for a Brazilian see Corinthians and Flamengo joining forces is so wierd that looks like that North and South Korea joined forces to fight a common enemy... but yes they did. and yes they´re doing... so makes me and probably wonder one thing... why this is not done everyday? why people kill each other for a sport? why people kill each other just because the other person likes the other team? why what is being done now isn´t done all the time? it´s a sport. it´s supposed to be funny... it´s supposed to make people have fun together! unfortunatelly for people notice that a city had to lose it´s biggest pride... a small city that you never noticed about... a city that pretty much you don´t even care... but Chapeco is a nice city. with nice people. went there many times... but let´s not make their deaths in vain... let´s remember that althought the sport involves rivality and competition... it´s still a sport. not a war... Chapecoense will sure be rebuilt. and very likely will be bigger and stronger than ever... but this accident will mark that little city forever... that day where a small coty filled with hope and joy for their 1st big achievement ever that would put them on the map... well. didn´t end well. sadly... a city cried... a state cried... a country cried... because it´s just a sport... not a war... it´s supposed to be a funny moment... but for Chapeco was their funniest moment ever... small city... small team... big dreams... now gone... thw world came to show that indeed Chapeco wasn´t alone... and that indeed Brazil wasn´t alone... countries, teams, players... all became green and white... colours from Chapecoense... but also colours from the Brazilian flag... your team didn´t die in vain Chapeco... people will learn... it´s just a sport... not a war... it´s a sport. people have to enjoy the fun... we´re all Chapecoense... Colombia England a kid from Chapeco guns and roses. yes. they´re also green... no matter the country. this is not a war. this is a sport. we cry together. we rise together... even in Paris. they went green... bodies arrived in Chapeco. carried by the Brazilian Air Force. received with military honors... a city cry. a nation cry. but we stay together... no matter how strong the rain is. we honor our fallen citizens... thanks Brazilian Air Force! brought our boys back home! Brazilians showed a big support and kidness to our airforce since the accident... we´re all Chapecoense!
  14. Brazilian Soccer Team:Plane Crash

    the flight from Brazil to Bolivia was done on a comercial flight. normally. BUT from Bolivia to Colombia was on that charter company Bolivian aviation is a mess dude. totally crappy. zero regulations...