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  1. I seem to be repeating myself. I'd rather Motte actually playing in Utica than sitting in the pressbox here. Over the years that's often been the case where a better player is in Utica, rather than in the press box here, getting ice time. Which makes sense to me. I'm not the least bit concerned Eriksson "may" have to play a game here or there when an injury occurs.
  2. The guy sitting in the press box isn't taking ice time away from anybody here or in Utica. I already said, I'd rather Motte playing than sitting around. Again, worst case scenario, Eriksson will have to play one game for a call-up to arrive. More often than not a call up will be here before that's needed. OMG - he MIGHT play a game! Big deal. SO YES, I UNDERSTAND YOUR GIBBERISH JUST FINE and I DON'T CARE WHO SITS IN THE PRESS BOX. (I can cap too) I suspect your hatred of Eriksson's salary is affecting your opinion here. Hint: he'll be collecting it regardless. Sitting in the press box he takes no ice time from anybody, anywhere.
  3. It's the freakin' "press box". I don't care who sits there watching games. It has no effect whatsoever on what happens on the ice. What don't you get about that?
  4. Eriksson has something to offer as well. Whether that lives up to his salary is completely irrelevant. But to answer your question - barring further injuries, does it really matter who gets paid to sit in the pressbox? It doesn't to me. He's sitting in the press box after all.
  5. You don't seem to get it. Eriksson has been sitting in the pressbox. Sending him down means calling somebody up to sit in the pressbox. What's the point? I'd rather Motte playing rather than sitting around hoping for an injury. Worst case is Eriksson has to fill in one game for a call-up to arrive. I honestly don't have an issue with that. He'll get his paycheck regardless, so it really doesn't matter where he is being overpaid. It simply is what it is.
  6. Somebody will have to sit in the pressbox. Does it really matter if it's Eriksson or somebody else just sitting there not playing?
  7. The goal song, much like the intro song and the logo, don't need to be liked by everyone. They only need to be liked by ME! It's all about ME!!!
  8. I never said they were equal. Totally different players. But Snepsts made the all-star team prior to a fan vote (although he was a fan favorite) or a requirement each team be represented. He was simply a big physical defensive d-man who would stand up for himself and teammates. He was a big hard working lunch bucket guy other teams hated to play against. He was our guy on the ice against the best in the league. He made up for a lack of skill with pure effort. Playing over 1000 NHL games over 17 season. Twelve of those seasons here. Bertuzzi, or even Bure for that matter, have not been inducted into the BC Sports Hall of fame. But Harold is there. And no, he's not from BC nor did he play here other than for the Canucks. It's how long he played here and what he meant to this team that put him in the RoH.
  9. No need. I've watched it multiple times.
  10. It wasn't a blindside hit Deb. Naslund put himself in that vulnerable position because he knew he was losing the race with Moore to the puck. Meaning he knew exactly where Moore was. There wasn't a head contact rule at that time either. Even if there was I don't see how there would have been a suspension. One of the mitigating factors in the current rules for head contact is a player significantly changing position just prior to contact. Which Naslund did in streching out low in a last ditch effort to get the puck first, just prior to contact. Players collide going for a loose puck from different directions all the time. Naslund put himself in a bad position for a collision.
  11. True, he's a lifer Canuck with his scouting since retirement.
  12. It's a stain, but as I said - it shouldn't define his career.
  13. I can only guess you're not old enough to have watched Smyl, Snepsts, and Gradin play. It's not always about goals and assists. Snepsts never put up big number but had the same number of all-star appearances as Bert - two. A guy doesn't play over 1000 NHL games because he's a hack. Smyl was our longest serving captain and retired with a load of Canuck records at that time. Of the three Gradin is the only one, like Bert, I see as borderline for the RoH. Smyl was worthy of his number being retired and Snepsts absolutely worthy of the RoH.
  14. Unfortunately there's no way to prove it either way. But the way Bert, and his 240+ lbs went down on Moore, I would say odds are it was his weight behind the impact with the ice that more likely caused the damage. It was a stupid move from Bert but I've always maintained intent and result are two different things, and the result was definitely not his intent. It shouldn't define him as a hockey player. All things considered though I'd also consider him borderline due to games played here for RoH. Loved him, but length of service has to be considered as well. Otherwise the ring will be full in no time. I'm neither for, nor against it.
  15. Check the numbers, we outshot them and out hit them in game 7.