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  1. Isn't that what I'm saying? It's the difference between easing guys in and throwing them in the deep end. Throwing them in the deep end you can't have winning as a goal. Easing them in and giving protected minutes, and having them earn ice time is how you increase your chance of winning while developing them to their potential. But when you have guys that just aren't ready (Virtananen & McCann) it's even harder. Injuries also played a big part in some guys having to take a larger role than ready for last year. Some did ok, (Markstrom, Hutton, Bo) others not so much (Virtanen, McCann, Vey, Etem). Willie had to go with what Benning gave him though, ready or not.
  2. The problem Willie was reffering to is having the goal of winning and trying to deveop kids in the NHL that aren't NHL ready. Those players should develop into NHL ready at a lower level before making that step. Both Virtanen and McCann should have been returned to junior before the World Juniors last year. They weren't NHL ready and that's the truth. If you're putting kids on the team that aren't NHL ready you'll have a tough time winning games. As long as the young guys are NHL ready, able to help the team, you can develop them further in the NHL to reach their full potential. From that link: Canucks coach Willie Desjardins says it wouldn't be a step back in Virtanen and McCann's development if they started the season in the AHL. Willie also says the Canucks had a tough time dealing with goals of trying to develop kids and win this past season, but the kids now have to be ready to help the team win and that will be the Canucks focus this coming season
  3. Until opposing coaches start playing their top defenders against Bo's line evrybody around the league still considers their line the top line to defend. You'll know when they are no longer the top line by who plays against them. If we tell the world Gaunce's line is now our top line will opposing coaches play their top defenders against them instead of the Sedins?
  4. If Juolevi makes the team next year, and is as good or better than Stecher has been this year, then Edler becomes expendable from the left side next year. On the right side I figure Tanev is expendable now.
  5. I don't believe I've seen anybody on here ever say 2nd round picks aren't worth much. The odds are the average but even the best don't always beat those odds. It certainly doesn't mean nailing elite or even good talent in the 2nd round. Benning does have an eye for young talent. I would suggest that eye extends beyond just junior players. He was right on Baertschi and Granlund and wrong on Etem and Vey. That's 50% correct on young talent with some AHL success translating to NHL. I'd wager even the best of the best would have a tough time being right on 50% of 2nd round picks.
  6. Don't really care. Takes a real hockey fan to wear his teams jersey in an opposing arena. I tend to like real hockey fans.
  7. With Try and Stech he's become expendable as far as I'm concerned. He lacks the physical play of Try and the offensive flair of Stech. The time to move him is between now and the draft. July 1st his ntc kicks in which can limit the return.
  8. Well had Benning taken the clear out everybody for picks, and your tact of filling the team with the Skille's of free agency we'd have Bo and McDavid with a bunch of career AHL'ers and castoff free agents but still be looking at a minimum of 5 years building a team around those stars. Poor McD wasting all those years. If only there was a magic wand to rebuild an entire team and prospect pool in two years.....
  9. You're assuming they are what they are and will never be more. You want the 4% lottery win that has a 75% chance of being nothing at all instead of a young player that enjoyed AHL success. Now AHL success doesn't guarantee NHL success, but it's a closer league than junior. Meaning a higher chance of making it in the NHL than the 25% roll of the dice. Granlund and Baertschi could top out where they are or the they could develop into strong second line players or more. Here's the issue - no prospect pool. Getting youth onto the team that could develop into far more is better than average ufa's who actually are what they are. With no prospect pool to speak of it was a smart move by Benning. Using the picks would have been a 1 or 2 year wait for them to be AHL eligible and 2 to 4 years of development in the AHL to be NHL ready. That's 3 to 6 year wait from Bennings first draft. I like he sped up that process. Now that there is some youth on the team, and picks finally arriving in Uttica, he can use picks and play the waiting game.
  10. Yes. Being one of his strengths it was the reason he was hired. What on earth makes you think he doesn't? Developing young players doesn't exclude trying to win.
  11. I'll wager those conversations have already happened to some degree. These guys aren't stupid enough to just ignore the possibility. The sit down and talk would likely be concerning who actually makes an offer. Burrows has a full ntc and I don't really think he'll waive it. Possibly for Montreal. But I don't know that Montreal would be that interested. I could seem them more interested in a true goal scorer (something they really need) than a guy that could chip in here and there.
  12. That's a question I keep asking those that complain about losing a player for nothing. Where do you think all those ufa's come from July1st? lol
  13. Burrows knows his status. What difference does it make if Benning talks to him two weeks before the deadline or 5 days? If you were in that position are you telling me you wouldn't think about that possibility? Two weeks or five days he still has his ntc - why should he waive either way? He's had a the same amount of time to think about it regardless of Benning actually talking to him.
  14. I don't buy it was left too late last year. Players that are pending ufa's know what's coming. They're not stupid. Talked to yet or not they know what may be coming if out of the playoff race. No team on Vrbata's list was interested as planned by Vrbata. The one team on Hamhuis' list that had any interest got the guy they wanted on deadline day. So what exactly was left too late? Buying GM's start kicking tires weeks before the trade deadline. Kicking tires is just having several options available for crunch time and doesn't mean an actual offer is on the horizon. It's just making a list of who may be available and a ballpark cost. As it gets closer cost versus need versus available gets weighed. Last year Benning said he was getting calls weeks before the deadline but the only actual offers received were from a team Hamhuis declined to go to (Washington) and that last minute bogus offer from Dallas. There was only one team for Benning to deal with last year and they swung their trade on deadline day. So again, what was left too late? Burrows has already been hounded by the press about the deadline. He's completely aware of his situation. So does it matter if Benning has talked to him yet? The same goes for any pending ufa.
  15. No, but saying they're done and have to go is pissing on them. They're still good players and deserve far more respect than that.