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  1. 1 & 2 are opinion. #3 is complete nonsense. I plan on enjoying it for a long, long time.
  2. Waivers: who gets claimed?

    last I read was Schaller is still likely to be on IR to start the season. Juolevi is working out and skating but hasn't been cleared for contact yet. Meaning he's close. So he's very likely to be ready for preseason.
  3. Waivers: who gets claimed?

    If Goldy is what you believe wouldn't he also have trade value if he can't crack our roster? You previously said SJ would make room for him through waivers. I don't believe they'd have a shot at getting him on waivers. So do you think they'd trade a pick to re-acquire him? Of anybody they'd know what they're getting after all.
  4. Cody Hodgson

    Team doctors aren't medical specialists looking for genetic diseases. They tend to specialize in sports injuries. Hodgsons back injury happened in the gym. So why would they be looking for genetic disorders even if they were capable in that field? If the Canucks medical staff is incompetent then the list is long in that classification. After being cut from the team Hodgson returned home to see his own doctor. Then he reported to his junior team and was assessed by their medical staff. When the problem continued to persist he went to a leading back specialist in the States. Every one of them had a the same diagnosis - a bulging disc. This was the obvious problem everybody saw. After that season was essentially lost he returned to Vancouver and our medical staff looked beyond the bulging disc and found a muscle tear that was aggravating the disc. After a minor surgery he was fit to play the following season. Some like to claim he was misdiagnosed but that's not true. Each doctor he went to found a bulging disc including a leading specialist. As to the knock on AV, throughout camp and preseason, Hodgson maintained his back was fine. The day he was cut suddenly the story changed with the press to his back hurting. The press asked AV about Hodsgons comments and really there's only two answers available him: 1 - I guess Hodgson lied about his back throughout camp/preseason. Or 2 - Hodgson was making excuses for being cut. AV incorrectly leaned towards a young player making excuses for being cut. Turns out it was number 1, Hodgson lied. Perhaps if he'd been honest about his back to begin with the Canucks medical staff would have looked deeper that summer and Hodgson wouldn't have lost a year running around getting the same diagnosis at each stop along the way. He was his own worst enemy when it came to that back injury. But then he did have a lot of money on the line trying to make the roster. So I suppose ultimately he chose greed over health.
  5. So you like 1 boring, 2 childish peewee, and 3 Halloween. I love the Orca jersey. And with the stick in rink shoulder patch on them they could do away with the stick in rink alt completely and go with something completely new rather than our primary and alt looking so similar. Keep the Orca and rotate the alts year after year.
  6. It has far more to do with the psychology of the fans than the players. Pure fan perception. I never gave a rats tush what color my opposition wore in any sport I played.
  7. A look at the effects of injury this past season

    Are you...... Nobody is saying the Sedins are easy to replace. But the only player you've named that will be a likely Sedin replacement is Pettersson. Goldobin, Dahlen, Virtanen, Leipsic, and even Granlund etc will be competing for the offensive minutes lost by the Sedins retirement. Roussel, Beagle, Schaller are replacing guys like Dowd, Dorsett and knocking guys like Gaunce and possibly Gagner out of the the bottom six. So no, Hank and Danny's spots weren't replaced with the likes of Roussel or Beagle. They'll be replaced through the internal competition of the young guys. A great opportunity for all of them. There's two 1st unit PP spots open and sheltered offensive zone starts with the Sedins retirement.
  8. A look at the effects of injury this past season

    Are you now backtracking on them replacing the Sedins?
  9. A look at the effects of injury this past season

    Isn't that a contradiction? Seems to me he gave his opinion of your opinion. When two people have opposing opinions one tends to prove out to be incorrect. The loss of the Sedins points is a blow but also an opportunity. It opens up two spots on the top PP line and offensvie zone starts. They certainly won't filled by the two you are calling the Sedin replacements. That 1st PP time and seltered starts will go to younger guys. One all but certain to be Pettersson. It certainly isn't inconceivable Pettersson will be able to match or exceed one of the Sedins production with that PP time and sheltered starts. One thing is sure, it won't take long to see who the Sedins actual replacements are. I'll go on record saying it won't be Rousell or Beagle.
  10. Behind the creation of the Canucks Orca Logo

    So a logo forming a C for Canucks, as the Orca does, is perfectly acceptable representation of the team name. I agree.
  11. Waivers: who gets claimed?

    Gagner had more PP points (11) this season than everybody from the 16/17 team except the Sedins (Henrik 15, Daniel 14).
  12. Behind the creation of the Canucks Orca Logo

    A large Hawaiian along with a whale is far more appropriate logo to represent 'Canuck' than the JC logger that was an eastern political cartoon creation.
  13. That article was written Dec 2017. You must have missed this part... It’s been two seasons since Daniel has attempted a shot in the shootout, and three years since Henrik’s had a chance. Since the shootout began (05/06) the Canucks have gone to a shootout 125 times. Henrik has 7 attempts and Daniel 31 (they got 2 more chance each after announcing their retirement). Over half of Daniels attempts came in the first 4 years of the shootout. Compare that Chicago who went went to the shootout 129 times. Toews 89 attempts, Kane 98, Sharp 62. San Jose has gone to the shootout 129 times. Pavelski has 100 attempts and defenseman Dan Boyle has 35. There's actually 5 defensemen in the league with more career attempts than Daniel. Mason Raymond has more attempts than Daniel and Naslund had more attemps in just four seasons before retiring. I'll stand by my statement.