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  1. Cap strapped or not you won't have trouble getting full value for a quality player at a fair cap hit with no trading restrictions. Ask yourself this: The Coyotes were in need of offense. If you were their GM would you let the Canucks get Miller for song when you're in need of that type of player yourself? Then add in every other GM looking to add offense to his roster. Off the top at least half the league would be interested to get him at a bargain. And at least five of those would be interested in a fair deal.
  2. You are short and hairy like a troll. Just sayin'......
  3. On the flip side, half the teams miss the playoffs. Meaning it is an accomplishment.
  4. If a player changes direction directly into your path what is that called?
  5. I don't see how it's a dirty play by Virtanen. When you look at it Perrault is heading towards the boards to make a play on the puck. Virtanen is travelling a straight line along the boards towards where the puck will be played. Perrault makes a play at the puck and then turns away from the boards directly into Virtanen's path. Now going with the league standard of .5 of a second reaction time, Virtanen had no time to change his path at all in reaction to Perrault's changed path other than brace for the impact. When it come to an interference call it's the person that changes direction that's guilty of interference rather than the player skating a straight line. That would be Perrault. Now when it's obvious a player doesn't realize he's turning into another players path it's typically considered incidental contact. Onto "the elbow". Judging from the freeze frames it's pretty apparent it was Virtanen's shoulder that made the real impact to Perrault's jaw. Virtanen's elbow came up pushing off the contact but I don't see a clear connection to Perrault's head from any combination of angles from the elbow. Certainly nothing as conclusive as the image of his shoulder. I honestly see nothing in the play that even qualifies as a penalty, never mind a fine or suspension. Seems to me to be mostly the overraction of a player with a bruised ego to a nothing play where the ego turned directly into another players path with a resulting collision. If said tiny player is afraid of a little contact from big bad hockey players perhaps he should switch to figure skating.
  6. Contact to the head isn't illegal when delivering a full body check. Targetting the head is illegal. There is a difference. Head contact is considered incidental when hitting into the body. Virtanen's hit was definitely "into the body". Thus any head contact is incidental to delivering a full body check. No penalty, no fine, no suspension.
  7. Predict the winner and the score - Nucks 5-3 Bonus question - Which team scores first? Buffalo Bonus bonus question - Which player scores the first goal? Eichel
  8. I bought Pettersson instead - And I take full credit for his success.
  9. Thanks Deb. It was a rough 3 1/2 years. Four of the five were in December or January. Just hoping to make it through this holiday season without losing anybody.
  10. My daughter, brother, sister-in-law, and two of my closest friends were all still alive.
  11. Predict the winner and the score - Canucks 5-2Bonus question 1 - Which team scores first? NucksBonus question 2 - Which Canuck gets the first goal of 2020? PearsonBonus question 3 - Which Canuck takes the first penalty of 2020? VirtanenBonus question 4 - Which player scores the GWG? MillerBonus question 5 - Which team takes the most shots on net? Chicago
  12. I had spent a great deal of time justifying Burrows being on the team the season before this thread started. Then this thread came up and I thought 'here we go again'. Well I had tickets for the boxing day game when this thread was going strong. I had fully intended to get myself a H Sedin jersey as my Xmas gift to myself at that game. When I got to the team store the first thing I see is a Burrows jersey. Needless to say, after defending Burrows being on the team for a full year, I bought the Burrows jersey instead. Little did I know Burrows would wind up playing with the Sedins in Feb and they'd become one of the best lines in the NHL. I like to believe my buying his jersey changed the Burrows tide.
  13. 7-2 Nucks (because we're a team like that) Nucks score first Pearson gets it
  14. For many what stands out for them is what they don't like. Therefore it's 'all the time'. Every team uses dump and chase. If a clean entry is available they take it. If it's unlikely they dump and chase. The only other option is circle back and try again if the clean entry isn't there.