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  1. Time for an honest prediction. I think the Blues will come out with something to prove after a poor round robin performance where they weren't faced with elimination. 3-2 Blues Perron
  2. I've hated the Leafs and Habs since I was a kid. Back in the original six I was a Bruins fans. I cheered for the Sens their last playoff run though. Probably the only Canadian team other than our beloved Nucks I don't hate. Probably because there's never been a rivalry between "my team" and the Sens. It depends on who they're playing.
  3. I have an obnoxious co-worker that's a big Jets fan. I'm talking knobnoxious level and the only coworker I'd really rather not work with. As a team I hate the Flames more but getting to say to him, "so the Jets Flamed out" and the look on his face was priceless for me. But I've hated our Western Canada rivals since expansion. It's ingrained now. Although I will say I hate the Flames and Oilers the most. Likely because there was a sizable break without the Jets.
  4. It would have been my preference as well. But truth be told, there's only one Canadian team I cheer for.
  5. Canucks in, Oilers, Leafs and Jets out. That's a successful season. If the Nucks make it past the first round and the Oilers, Leafs and Jets don't get that 1st overall pick it's a HUGE success.
  6. One could easily argue Miller was driving the bus or Pettersson's play being inspirational or even Hughes. People put far too much importance on who wears the C. One doesn't need a letter on his chest to be a leader.
  7. As long as it isn't the Oilers I'll be happy. But I'd prefer it go east.
  8. I'm loving being wrong. So I continue... Minny 4-3 Fiala
  9. He has to be medically cleared and the league has the right to send him to a doctor of their choice if his injury is in question. It's physically cleared not psychologically. If he refuses to report when cleared the team suspends him without pay and he doesn't count towards the cap. If cleared physically it's either play or retire.
  10. You could. The only problem there is if he does get cleared to play during the season a contract would need to be moved to get back under the cap. It's a double edged sword. That's why good teams will pay a premium to trade those contracts away. They can really limit options at the trade deadline heading into the playoffs.
  11. All contracts count towards the cap. LTI simply means they can exceed the cap limit by his salary to replace him. Only the amount exceeding the cap limit is considered cap relief. The downside is if we're over the cap limit due to his cap hit through the season there would be no wiggle room at the trade deadline to add a rental. If he has a career ending injury he can collect on his contract until it expires. As a result I doubt he retires.
  12. 5-3 Minny Fiala Just because I seem to get it wrong and want the Nucks to win.