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  1. You need too watch the video with an open mind. Both listen to the description and watch closely how each of the hits are actually delivered. The hit you mention is nothing like the hit on Larsen other than head contact was made. Which doesn't make a hit iegal on it's own. He cuts across the front of the players body picking the head as opposed to hitting "into the body". Halls hit is like the first and third hits in the video. They hit "into the body" making head contact "incidental to delivering a full body check". Picking the head without delivering a full body check is illegal. It's really only possible by coming from the side and cutting across the front of the player which Hall didn't do. Contact to head while delivering a full body check is legal whether it's from directly in front of the player or coming in from angle. There's a fine line there but if you aproach it with an open mind and pay attention you will see the difference between the legal and illegal hits. But here's a clue to help you out: if a players forward movement is stopped dead in his tracks (pushed back the opposite direction he was travelling) you're all but guaranteed it was a legal hit. And Larsen was stopped dead in his tracks.
  2. What did you think a rebuild would look like?
  3. That's a fair comment. In the past 10 years they've had four 1st overall picks, two top 5 picks, 3 top 10 picks and 2 more 1st rounders. They should be far further along than they are. But it goes to show that high picks don't save you without support pieces in place I don't see the resemblance at all. We haven't both sucked and failed at rebuilding. Of course it's only been three summers and there was nothing to rebuild with from the start. If we're bottom five in two years you may be able to start a comparison with Edmonton. But both Pittsburgh and Chicago took seven years to rebuild. You may want to be a little more patient. That's what they are doing now. Both Chicago and Pittsburgh had 5 years of drafting before getting their two superstars in years 6 and 7. This actually gave previous years picks time to develop into NHL players for when the superstars arrived. As opposed to Edmonton with a multitude of high picks with nothing to support them. You sound like those two were signed to carry this team into the future. They weren't. Sbisa was 24 years old and still developing. His contract was decent for his age and experience (over 200 NHL games). Had we offered what some fans thought was fair he would have had to go to free agency and could sign anywhere. Had Benning offered the same money he had been earning it would have been a one year deal not three. Sbsisa nor his agent are stupid. So he got a three year progressive deal. Meaning making more in the last year than the first. The idea being as a young player he improves each year, which he has. It's actually a good gamble on Bennings part because it's the type of deal that could see Sbisa's cap hit high in the first year but look like a steal in the final year. I have no idea why so many are upset about Dorsett. He's a guy that will stand up for team mates against anybody, is actually a decent skater (and player) that can also PK as opposed to the useless knuckle dragger. He gives 110%, and can help young guys with what it take. he filled a toughness spot that was sorely lacking on this team. His deal, and Sbisa's are really bridge deals that fill the huge gap left by Gillis. We had zero NHL ready prospects in Utica. Zip, zero, nada. That hole needed to be filled to bridge the gap from aging veterans to a new core yet to come. It's also why Benning made deals for NHL ready guys like Vey, Baer, and Granny. All these deals buy time to develop Benning picks instead of just tossing everybody in the deep end. As far as cap goes, we're not close to contending so it just doesn't matter. Dorsett will beoff the books long before then.
  4. Does anybody have a full cupboard of "elite" prospects?
  5. Well he said if asked to move they would look it if it helped the team. But he also said he'd prefer to retire a Canuck in that same interview. He even said they may be staying here after retirement. So if the Sedins won't ask for a trade and Benning won't ask them to waive......I wonder what that means......
  6. Um, when was the last time the Leafs made the playoffs? They've been a deadline seller for years.
  7. It was something along the line of - asking to be traded from here obviously doesn't mean much. I'm still here. Of course a few weeks later Gillis did trade Lou. Rumors Kesler had asked for a trade started during the 2014 Olympics. He had apparently asked to be traded the previous summer. But here's how we could have had Sutter and Gillis said no thanks...... The NHL trade deadline passed, and Ryan Kesler is not a Pittsburgh Penguin. Oh, they tried: According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the discussed deal involved center Brandon Sutter, a first- and third-round pick, and the Canucks' choice of any prospect defenseman not named Derrick Pouliot; who, of course, is the guy they wanted.
  8. Personally I think he has to be a pretty decent coach to be winning as much as they are with what they've got. We don't have the high offense we once had. That means getting them playing a stronger defensive game. Much like AV's first few seasons here. I actually see a lot of similarities between Willie and AV.
  9. It's the old losing is his fault - winning is despite him. The simpleton assessment.
  10. Kesler asked for a trade loooong before Benning took over. Lou even made a sarcastic remark to the press near the trade deadline about Keslers request after not being moved himself. Gillis dragged his feet on Kesler just as he dragged his feet with Luongo.
  11. Ehrhoff was a good deal despite coming with a cap dump. Higgins and Lappy were ok deals. Although Higgins had to be bought out in the end as well. I certainly wouldn't say MG was "great" at winning deals. He had one deal, only and one, that could fall into the great deal category - Ehrhoff and three that bit us in the butt. Then of course he traded the wrong goalie. Dragged his feet on Kesler so long Kes reduced the teams he would go to down to one. MG was at the point the bad he was doing outweighed the good he had done.
  12. Ballard - bought out Booth - bought out
  13. Even completely ignoring Benning's and the Sedins comments on the subject, Montreal only has 1.9m cap space. Even retaining the maximum allowed they need 7m cap space for both Sedins. I would want more than a 1st and a 2nd for both Sedins and more still to retain 7m salary. Imo the 1st and 2nd covers the salary retention. Now pay up for the Sedins.
  14. Benning - They won't be asked to waive their nmc as long as I'm GM. Sedins - We want to retire Canucks. How many times do those statements need to be made from them for it to sink in?
  15. This may help you out....