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  1. Haven't you heard, you have to be in the bottom 3 to get good players. lol
  2. LA never intentionally tanked. They got Doughty after a season as we just had. Only they lost the most man games to injury in the league that year if I recall correctly. They had a few injury riddled seasons. Injuries and a few shrewd trades is not the same as tanking. Doughty was their only top five pick when they won the cup. LA is an example of smart drafting, shrewd trading, and signing UFA's to win the cup.
  3. Last year Bo went into "Kesler mode" and started trying to split the D and do it all himself to often. He'll actually have an easier time this year as 3C and letting Sutter fill 2C + shutdown duties. I see Bo's production increasing as a result of easier match ups.
  4. Yes. Just as I'd still hate the Flying V had they beat the Islanders for the cup.
  5. Even 70k isn't exactly incentive for him to stay. He did say he wouldn't stay unless he was in the NHL. That should tell you something about the difference in salary.
  6. Unless they're on a one way contract they get paid peanuts in the AHL. Entry level contracts are typically two way.
  7. Sutter on the 4th line......
  8. Make $1M+ at home in Russia or $50k in Uttica - which would you choose?
  9. Grabner was his own worst enemy. If he could only show up to camp game ready. Did it yet again in Florida, showing up in poor shape and not making the team. His fault he went on waivers and was lucky an even worse team picked him up and gifted him a spot. Bernier was a cap dump. He wasn't worth his contract. Remember Gillis was forced to match the St Louis offer sheet on him. It doesn't matter what we may have taken with that first, it's what Florida actually got that determines a win. Others were interested in Ballard and they wound up with nothing from us. When you consider his contract was going anyway, it's not a win when you wind up with nothing out of the deal.
  10. I agree young players need to get their defensive game down but you don't do that by throwing them to the wolves (opposition top line). Hodgsons value was increased by sheltered minutes on the third line. It doesn't matter what he became after he was traded as his development afterwards is on another team.
  11. Not really. If you want something good you have to trade something good.
  12. You seem to forget that Keslers line carried the shutdown role despite being second line. After a 70+ point season they decided to bring in Malhotra to anchor the third line as shutdown and let the second line have more offensive time. The third line doesn't have to be the shutdown line. It can also be used as a development line with easier opposition as was done with Hodgson.
  13. Well when you look at what they gave up for him you know Sbisa and Etem won't be enough. Are those two combined worth a 1st rounder? Because a 1st round pick will be the starting point. Frankly I'd rather not trade for him at all. Considering Linden and Benning are trying to build a team on character I don't see him fitting the bill.
  14. Everytime I see or read an interview with this kid I like him more.