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  1. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    Well if you're including crap (Jensen, Corrado, Shinkaruk, and problem child Kassian). The following rookies played since Shanny took over: Brown 2010 Gauthier 2013 Percy 2011 Carrick 2010 Loov 2012 MacWilliam 2008 Percy 2011 McKegg 2010 Granberg 2010 Carrick 2010 Gauthier 2013 Leivo 2011 Hmm. That's 12 drafted by the previous regime that played for Shanny. And I've only included rookies actually drafted by the Leafs. Btw, I wouldn't consider Santorelli a tradable asset at all as he was lost for the season with shoulder surgery well before the trade deadline. And considering we were in the playoff picture we weren't sellers, taking out Matthias and Richardson as well. Not that either had much value. Hamhuis tied Bennings hands. Lack, Garrison, Kesler and Bieksa were moved. Edler is remains a tradable asset. And we all knew the Sedins weren't going anywhere.
  2. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    Who the hell were they suppose to play? There were no decent prospects other than Horvat. There's no magic wand to fill a propsect pool with NHL ready talent. Of course some ufa's were signed. Trading for Vey, Etem, Baertschi, and Granlund were all rebuilding moves.
  3. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    Yup I forgot Virts was higher. Kadri 24 when Shanny took over Van Riemsdyk 25 when Shanny took over Gardiner 24 when Shanny took over Brown 20 when Shanny took over Reilly 20 when Shanny took over Name 5 young guys Benning inherited of that quality. Last year 13 leaf drafted players played for the leafs. Only 3 were drafted by Shanny. Does Benning have 10 Gillis drafted players to use?
  4. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    What you don't seem to get is not a single one of those acquired picks has made the Leafs team. Not one. So those extra picks have contributed nothing to a new core. Only three Shanny picks have made the roster: The 1st overall, 4th overall and 8th overall picks. Something you can't seem to wrap your mind around or simply choose to ignore.
  5. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    Only one did - Matthews. The other two waited 1 and 2 years respectively. All three had their rookie year together. They also drafted higher than us each of those three years. Still no other Shanny picks on this years Leafs roster either. So had Shanny started with an old team and no prospects like us would their team be just as good with just those 3 players and nobody else?
  6. A legal check - no problem, the player gets what he deserves. But a player having his head down or his back turned isn't a green light to deliver an illegal check. Dems da rulz.....
  7. Some love for Dorsett

    Where's all the people that wanted him put on LTIR to start the season despite being cleared to play?
  8. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    The biggest obstacle in changing the core wasn't the ntc's it having no prospects to replace them with. You need prospects with the ability to become core players to build a new core. Gillis left us Horvat. Compare that to TO, last year they had 14 players they drafted on their team. But only three were drafted by Shanny. They had a solid starting point. A luxury Benning didn't have. People are way too quick to declare players "core". There's two on the team I'm pretty certain will be core. Horvat and Boeser. The rest will be determined over time. Everybody keeps going on about replacing the core. Most of the old core is gone. Just how many core players are on a team? I figure 5 forwards and 3 D, plus a goalie of course. So 9 core players. Where were all these new core players going to come from in just 3 years with what Benning had to start with?
  9. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    Who was Benning supposed to replace players with when he had no prosect pool to work with? Hence signing several older ufa's and trading for some NHL ready youth.
  10. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    Moving out older players and inserting youth is the very definition of rebuilding. A new core develops over time. Starting with noting time will be required. TO had a huge head start on us. Last year there were a grand total of 3 Shanny draft choices on the team. So he didn't have to rebuild the entire team and stock a prospect pool like Benning has had to.
  11. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    So they never said they didn't need to rebuild. Just made up bull on your part. Just because they didn't intentionally tank the team doesn't mean they haven't been rebuilding since they took over. It's been perfectly obvious they've been rebuilding to many of us. “Obviously we’ve been forthright in saying we’ve been transitioning as a team to a younger group and that was becoming a bit of a sticking point with some people. So to get alignment with our fans and our media I used the rebuild word today, which everyone can get their head around. “If that word makes everyone happier then I’m more than happy to use it.” So according to Linden they've been rebuilding since the beginning. For those that couldn't figure it out themselves he finally used the word 'rebuild' to make it clear for them.
  12. And he can catch Torres in no time with a 41 game suspension. That's what happens to those that don't learn.
  13. Have you seen Horvat come in on the wing and cut to the net? He uses his body to shield the puck. There's nothing illegal in that. It certainly doesn't mean the defender can do as he pleases to him. Watch the video again Alf. Vatrano shoots left. He turned his body looking back and to reach across and play the puck along the boards. He had no idea Guddy was coming because he wasn't looking that direction. He didn't turn to protect the puck he turned to play the puck.
  14. There wasn't a significant change to his body position at all. His back was to him the entire time. Watch it again.
  15. Yet another Sedin Stat - Daniel.

    That's actually a lame argument to downplay his accomplishment. The same can be said of every top line player. It's not like Danny is the only one in NHL history to have the advantage of PP time. Every star player has that advantage.