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  1. I'm not a pedophile. I could care less if the players are young or old. I like to watch a team compete and have a chance to win. When you don't have the offensive talent you play a defensive game. I'm not paying to watch a team set up to lose. No enjoyment involved when the game is over in the first period regardless of how many kids are on the team. You may get excited about being down 4-0 after the first period because kids are playing but it's not what I'll pay to watch.
  2. What you've seen the past 3 years is the support pieces being brought in. Some certainly have the potential to be more. Some will go on to be core players while others become trade pieces down the road as better options turn up. Support pieces can't carry a team and you bottom out. Then you get your elite pieces. The support pieces, now veterans, move down and the elite pieces take over. Then suddenly you have a complete team with young elite players to take charge. Take a look at Toronto's top ten producers this season. Most were already there when Shanahan took over the team. What was added, the game changers, was the three elite players. The support was there first.
  3. What exactly is a hard rebuild? Year 1 - Moved Kesler and Garrison, bought out Booth. Year 2 - Moved Bieksa, tried to move Vrbata and Hamhuis, bought out Higgins Year 3 - Moved Burrows and Hansen You say Gillis started the rebuild moving the wrong goalie. Yes, the wrong goalie. Yet Benning hasn't been rebuilding while do more every year? That really makes no sense. The truth is, with the lack of a prospect pool Gillis left, even moving out the aging vets slowly has resulted in pto's, fringe players, and ahl players on the roster. With what he had to start with there was not going to be a quick turnaround.
  4. Was he supposed to snap his fingers and a new core would suddenly appear? Aging players and no prospect pool. It's why they traded for young guys that were NHL ready. Gillis didn't leave much to work with other than NTC's. young players have been added every year since Linden/benning took over. You can't replace an entire team in a year. Btw, if you think the new core is currently in place you kidding yourself. So far the only shoe-in for new core is Horvat. Until you prove yourself you're just in the running until something better comes along.
  5. Anybody with a brain knew they weren't competing for a cup. Stay in the playoff hunt yes, contend, no.
  6. I have no idea why he had to state the obvious. Three years of shedding old guys and adding young guys, yet people were confused? I'm guessing these are the ones that need somebody to hold there hand and lead them to the washroom or they piss themselves.
  7. The ability to bluff your way through.....
  8. must be a good buddy of his......
  9. It's been obvious to me they've been rebuilding since they took over.
  10. You do seem to be advocating Benning would have been better off trying for the bottom the past two years rather than trying to compete for a playoff spot. Most of my first response to you on the previous page was a commentary on "the tankers", which is what I said several times, rather than you specifically and "their" obsession of comparing where we are to Edmonton and Toronto. I'm of the opinion you don't have to draft top 3 to get elite talent. Generational talent perhaps, but not elite talent. That said, any form of rebuild carries the risk of landing at the bottom of the standings. With no real prospect pool in Utica to draw from these past few years injuries have a greater effect on our team than teams that have an actual pool in place. Particularly when it's key players that get injured. This season and the previous we were in fact in the playoff hunt until the injuries started to pile up. As I've said, I have no problem with Bennings plan, and accept that it doesn't a guarantee of playoffs. I can also accept that given our lack of depth that falling to the bottom of the standings is a real possibility. To explain my stance on rebuilding: why would I pay my money to go to games when management has set the team to fail before the season even starts? This is why I'm completely opposed to intentionally tanking the team. As long as the best team possible is iced each year I'll continue to support the team, bucking up, and going to games, I often wonder how many of those that advocated gutting the team and tanking three years ago actual even pay and go to games. Never mind putting up their money to watch a team that is set up to fail.
  11. You seem to be missing my point. Many seem to be looking at what Shanny has done in three years compared to Benning. My contention has been they had different starting points. Look at the leafs top ten producers for this season. Six of them are young players from the previous regime. How many of our top ten producers are from the previous regime? Shanny already had those secondary guys in place. Not good enough to make the team good on their own but good enough to make the team good once Shanny added the elite talent. Benny on the other hand didn't get to start with young secondary guys in place already. Benny not only needed elite talent he needed the young secondary talent as well. Impossible to do in the same time frame. So yes, Shanny just added the elite talent to what the previous regime already had in place. He didn't rebuild the entire team, he just added to what was already rebuilt. This is why I think Benning is going about it the right way. Get the secondary pieces first. Then when you get the elite talent you go from bottom feeder to contender very quickly. You get the elite talent first and you waste years of their career trying to build the support pieces, that typically take longer to develop, needed to succeed. That's the problem Edmonton had for years. High quality picks - nothing to go with them.
  12. We'd get better value for Tanev. In all likelihood if Edler waived he do it to go to a contender. Those teams are already deep on D and he'd possibly be exposed to the ED. Tanev on the other doesn't have an NTC and could be moved to any team capable of protecting him. It's a bidding war (Tanev) versus a select few (Edler). Tanev would bring the best return.
  13. The odds of 1-2-3 all holding their spots is rather unlikely. I predict we fall to 3 this year.
  14. I'm curious, just how did you figure they would fill the prospect pool in the first 20 months. Odds are the majority drafted outside the first round would two years away from the AHL and 3 to 5 years away from the NHL (should they make it at all). So short of doing what Benning did, trade for prospects that had already gone through that process, how do you fill an empty prospect pool in just 20 months? Seems a rather unrealistic goal to me. There's just a few Benning picks in Utica. Next year there will be more. We're just now at that point where Utica will start filling with Benning picks. There's no such thing as a fast rebuild. Particularly when you start with virtually nothing. Btw, I don't think anybody believes Tryamkin was greedy. He said himself going home had nothing to do with money. He did mention playing time and both him and his wife missing family though. You have to admit it's either cocky or rather self entitled coming into the NHL, as a first year player, and expecting 20+ minutes every game. Particularly when you show up in poor shape. The last part seems like hyperbole to me.
  15. Over Stecher and Tanev? Those are the two guys he was competing with for ice time with on the right side. Stecher had 24 points in 71 games. Compare that to Tryamkins 9 points in 66 games or Tanevs 10 points in 53 games. Tanev was our only plus d-man this season as well. So do you take the minutes away from our best offensive d-man or our best defensive d-man? Ohlund missed around 30 game Edlers first full season. It was his offensive ability that boosted his ice time with Salo and Ohlund missing so much time. Edler was also a plus player that season meaning he was no slouch defensively as well.