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  1. Canuck Young Forwards: Assessing 2017-18

    15 points is a pretty low bar for a 24 yr old former 1st round pick. I suspect Brendan will end up following his older brother Cameron's foot steps in the long run. Career AHL'er with call ups from time to time.
  2. 2nd Best Dman in 2018 Draft

    Definition of consensus 1 a : general agreement : unanimity the consensus of their opinion, based on reports … from the border —John Hersey b : the judgment arrived at by most of those concerned the consensus was to go ahead It's the second definition really. A consensus is also a majority rule.
  3. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    I'm pretty sure you can buy any of the previous jerseys already. I wasn't particularly fond of any of the pre-Orca logos so it doesn't matter much to me unless it's something completely new that I actually like.
  4. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    Well I figure us having a 3rd was a given announced or not. About 75% of the teams will have a third jersey next season and it's not much of a reach that it will be the 75% with the best jersey sales. The thrid jersey is all about additional revenue after all.
  5. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    So what 'new rumours' did you glean from that? It's nothing but a third jersey history and questioning what our alternate jersey will be.
  6. Acording to Bob McKenzie ( Picks 5 through 8) Olli Juolevi is close to making an impact with the Vancouver Canucks. It may just not feel like it. He has been one of the most polarizing top Canucks prospects in recent memory. Other defencemen in his draft class have already made it, and some in a big way. It has unfairly taken some of the shine off the 20-year-old who is still on track to being a top-pairing difference maker. But one Finnish scout for an NHL team insisted “he won’t be a top player” in the world’s best league. Former Vancouver Canucks defenceman Sami Salo sees it differently, however, and few have spent more time with the 20-year-old left-side blue-liner. “I think he’s ready,” said Salo, who was an assistant with Juolevi’s Finnish team. “But this is what I said to him: ‘It’s another big jump to make an NHL team. There will be 10 other defencemen battling for those spots.’ “He has to go out there and show what he can do.” The left side of the Canucks’ defence after Alex Edler isn’t exactly a Murderer’s Row. There’s Michael Del Zotto, Ben Hutton and Derrick Pouliot. It’s not crazy to think Juolevi can outplay these guys and earn a roster spot in the fall. To do it, though, Salo said Juolevi will need to focus on body language. Wait, what? “He has a tendency sometimes to look like he’s disinterested, even though he’s not,” Salo said. “Body language is very important in the NHL. You can’t have bad body language. He has to show he’s really into the games and wants to be out there. “He got better this year as the season went on.” That’s true for every part of his game. Juolevi saved the best part of the season for last. It was his play down the stretch and in the playoffs that left Salo so impressed. “When the playoffs started, he was our best defenceman,” Salo said. “We lost (Henrik) Tallinder and it was good to see Olli carry the weight of Tallinder. He really picked up the Tallinder weight and was clearly our best defenceman. “The only thing he didn’t really do was penalty kill. We had older guys in that role and it really worked out well for Olli. He focused on 5-on-5 play and the power play. He was a big part of our power play.” Salo said Juolevi worked his way up to being the No. 1 point man on their power play. “He doesn’t have the hardest shot, but he’s good at finding the open lane and getting the pucks through,” Salo said. “I was happy for him. He did have some struggles.” Salo was referencing the stretch of games following the World Junior Championship. Juolevi skidded through a rough patch, which included multiple games when he was a healthy scratch for his Finnish club. “It was good for him to get that adversity,” Salo said. “I think it gave him a push. “It drove home the reality that this isn’t going to be easy in the pros. I think that’s what he had for most of his career. He had more skill and was a better skater coming up.” Salo suggested Juolevi’s dip in play was in part because of the number of games he played for the country’s senior team in a couple of tournaments and his time with Turku. “That’s why his physical conditioning has to get to another level this summer,” said Salo, stressing a point he has made when talking about Juolevi for a year now. Does Juolevi understand what he needs to do in this area? “He should,” Salo said. “I know his agent as well and we’ve been in contact and talked about this. To play 82 games in the NHL is tough. You have to be in tip-top shape because it’s so taxing. “If you’re in average shape, or even what you would call good shape, it’s not going to be enough.” Salo said Juolevi reminds him of Kimmo Timonen, a Finnish legend who played 16 years in the NHL. “With the way he skates and sees the ice, I do see a little Timonen in him,” Salo said. “He’s in control in every situation, even if he’s under pressure. He’s just calm with the puck. “He can compete with professionals. It wasn’t easy this year from the start. There was a lot of things he had to get used to. “Once he focused on taking charge, it became a lot easier for him. He can make really good plays under pressure. He can make plays a lot of defencemen can’t make.”
  7. Can Benning nail the pick?

    It's still getting through that entry level deal though. The only other reason to stay in college is actually wanting a degree. But the sooner you sign that elc and start playing pro the sooner you're collecting that real NHl salary.
  8. Can Benning nail the pick?

    Either way he's still subject to the maximum of an entry level contract. The sooner he signs that entry level deal the sooner he gets real NHL money. He just delays earning a million plus per by waiting and thus delays getting to his second contract. The only reason to do it is having a complete disdain for the team that drafted him or a really strong desire to play for a particular team.
  9. Can Benning nail the pick?

    But, but... our rebuild would be finished by now if we didn't trade those picks.....
  10. Can Benning nail the pick?

    If you thought this team would immediately get younger you'll have to explain how with no prospect pool. They moved or bought players out and replaced those holes with youth they traded for and UFA's. don't tend to be young. Who in the AHL, that is NHL ready, isn't already signed by a team? They traded for those guys. What you call castoffs are simply players in excess of need. Just like Grabner was for us. And guess what - they're young players. They signed UFA's which you can't seem to decide if you're happy or mad about, and also added youth. You seem to want a younger team but seem unhappy about trading for youth. Seems to me you don't know what you want. Btw, from the 2014 draft there are a grand total of 8 out of 180 players drafted outside the 1st round that have a full season worth of NHL games under their belt. 2015 = 5 with 82 or more games. 2016 = 1 with 82 or more games. 2017 = 0 with 82 or more games For a grand total of 14 players with 82 or more NHL games played out of 720 drafted. Less than 2%. Yet you somehow think we would already be a younger team had we not traded a few picks. Drafting outside the 1st round is a waiting game. We wouldn't be any younger, we'd just have more older ufa's.
  11. Can Benning nail the pick?

    And barring getting extremely lucky, those picks still wouldn't be in the NHL in all likelyhood. Would we really be further ahead? I'll say it again, if you get a baertschi in the 2nd round you've made a good pick. Nobody gets every pick right - nobody. More later round picks never step on NHL ice than the ones that actually make a career. Limiting yourself to picks, and picks only, is a fools game. Scouting doesn't end at junior for a reason.
  12. Can Benning nail the pick?

    You're mad they signed ufa's and you're mad they traded for young guys. Who the hell did you think they'd put on the ice with no prospect pool and entire team to replace?
  13. Does the league suspend Jake Guentzel?

    Todd should have grabbed Moore and dropped the gloves rather than talking to him. That was the dumbest part. He had Moore face to face and tried to talk him into dropping the gloves to avoid the instigator instead of just giving him a face to face beat down. Moore skated away and the rest is history.
  14. Can Benning nail the pick?

    Rubbish. They've been rebuilding all along. To rebuild you actually need something to rebuild with. Hence trading for young guys like Vey, Baertschi and Granlund. Wait: Benning did the same thing last fall trading for Pouliot and he signed more UFA's last summer! Perhaps we're still not rebuilding at all.....
  15. BORING

    You should title all your threads "BORING". It is just the same crap over and over again.....