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  1. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    Actual Vey has gotten much better over last year. Vey started last year where McCann currently is (low 30's) and finished the season around 43%. Meaning he raised his percentage by 10 % as the season progressed. Not exactly easy to do in the long haul. Yet he's doing so again this stint starting around 41% after 2 games and raising it over 46% currently. McCann on the other hand hasn't progressed much at all since the beginning of the season. McCann would need to win approx 58% of his faceoffs for the rest of the season to finish around 44%. I don't see that happening. Like most, regardless of age, there's a learning curve when arriving in the NHL. Vey has likely shown more progress on faceoffs because he is older and the AHL experience has helped as well. During the Boston game WD had Vey taking McCanns faceoffs in our D zone and then switching off with McCann when the puck was out of the d-zone. Vey's line has also been playing a more defensive role allowing Horvats line to take a more offensive role. This could be what Yukon was referring too. Vey has been given more responsibility and it's because he's better at certain areas of the game than McCann. Faceoffs being one of them. And I'll say it again one final time, the AHL isn't the NHL. Although it's better than junior it's still not the NHL.There's a lot of players in the AHL that will never see the NHL. The competition is not the same.
  2. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    You did say "5 years pro" indicating experience while comparing ability. The AHL isn't the NHL.I simply added to that saying experience and age doesn't matter when you actually get to the NHL. It's how you develop when you get there.
  3. A new coach

    I'd say it's the quality of the D. Biega is still a fringe d-man. Hutton makes his rookie mistakes. Tanev isn't a top pairing guy. Sbisa is the only really physiacl guy. With hamhuis out we don't really have a shutdown guy at all. Coaching can only do so much when the talent is lacking.
  4. Why is Linden Vey still here?

    Scheduled games off for rookies per Benning back in early December.
  5. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    Does 5 years as a pro change the fact Vey was an NHL rookie last year and a sophmore this year? The AHL is not the NHL. Players don't develop same pace. Just because McCann is younger does not exclude Vey from developing into a quality NHL player. Nor does it guarantee McCann will. It doesn't matter how you get to the NHL, or long it takes to get to the NHL, it's how you progress when you get there.
  6. Pavel Bure on

  7. Pavel Bure on

    Actual it states he be a regular contributor on
  8. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    Do you have an all knowing crystal ball? Can you say with absolute certainty McCann and Virtanen will develop into high quality players? I'm guessing no more than you can say with absolute certainty Vey won't develop into a high quality player. Different players develop at different paces. Burrows was 24 when he made it to the NHL and at 25 was being called a waste of a roster spot on this board. Yet he turned into a top six forward. Patience. The bottom line is WD has the directive from above to make the playoffs. Thus here and now performance is what matters, not what you see in that crystal ball as a possibility years from now. The way it's being done allows prospects to develop without being put in over their head to sink or swim.
  9. A new coach

    Yes he did, but rather stupid imo. Daniel a little slow to the bench left his teammates 4 against 2 and the 4 blew it. And Miller taking himself way out of the net wasn't a factor at all. Daniel skating hard to the bench wouldn't have made a lick of difference on that play.
  10. A new coach

    Does anybody ever actually listen to the things Benning says? You know, scheduled games off for the rookies......  
  11. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    We agree on something?
  12. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    Who has the worst +/-???
  13. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    You do realize we're not a championship level team right now don't you? Even removing Vey we're not a championship level team. So how is it relevant? Is Jared currently a cup caliber center? We're not talking 5 years from now, it's about our team now. How about Cracknell? Is he a cup winning caliber center? Nope. So do we need him off the team now? That's a lot of questions for you to answer. It's all about options in the here and now. McCann may go as a trade piece in two years. I don't have a crystal ball to predict the future of the team or how players will pan out. So it's all about the here and now. Vey could become a quality center. McCann may get moved to wing. They could both pan out to be just average players. We don't know, and won't, until they are given the opportunity and see how they develop in our system.
  14. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    He's actually only scored one goal. The other went in off his face. Not so sure that's a skill you want to develop. lol I really wouldn't be surprised if he spent time in Utica next year just for the ice time and bigger role to develop. I'm not saying he's playing badly, just that the ice time and larger role would be good for his development. He hasn't earned more with his play here and Gaunce, who has paid his dues in Utica, could easily supply what Jake is doing here.
  15. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    Yes I can see just fine. Doesn't mean he intentionally played it into his net as you believe. Nor does it change the fact that Edler slapped the blade of his stick changed the angle of it. Had Edler not made contact Vey could have easily played the puck away. It's not really that complicated.