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    Signing bonuses are paid on July 1st (the date of the contract signing). That's the whole point of the signing bonus these days. The player gets that money up front. Meaning it's as good as retained salary.
  2. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    They were PK regulars under Crow after the lockout. When AV took over he wanted to use them more offensively and took them off the pk.
  3. Alex Edler still not interested in waving NTC

    The quote of mine you responded to was specifically to his post that specified the twins. You're right about Edler being rather young to pack it in. Thus if he wants to play on it will likely be with another team. Bieksa was in the same situation when he was traded. It's still the players choice though. The reason I highly doubt the twins will change their minds is their interviews. Their children were born here, their friends are here and for themselves they've lived their adult life here. They've said several times they plan on staying here after retirement. Therefore they have no interest in playing anywhere else. Naslund on the other hand always planned on returning to Sweden.

    Completely wrong. This season they have similar points and similar +/-. That's what the salary re-signing them would be based upon. What they make this year has no bearing whatsoever on what they make next season on a new contract. Vanek could well see an increased salary, while the Sedins will definitely see a decreased salary.
  5. Alex Edler still not interested in waving NTC

    How many times have the twins said they want to finish there careers here? How many times have they said they don't want to play for any other team?

    Current salary for pending UFA's is meaningless when talking about next year.

  8. Alex Edler still not interested in waving NTC

    Players give up cash to have the NTC. They therefore have the right to decide. Punishing a player for declining to waive his ntc just puts the GM in a bad light and further players won't have any trust in such deals with that GM. Respect is a two way street.
  9. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    Yes it has, if you completely ignore the quantity and length of key injuries. With a rather barren AHL prospect pool for call ups lengthy key injuries would obviously kill us. That risk was there from day 1. Do you think lengthy injuries to both Sutter and Horvat had an effect on the ability to compete? And they weren't the only injuries at the time. Even Anaheim was around the bottom of the league with key injuries to start the season that included Getzlaf out for an extended period and they're a good team. So what do you expect when it happens to a rebuilding team?
  10. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    They also said they wanted to try and remain competitive while doing it. Trading for guys like Vey, Baertschi and such (unporven talent) are rebuilding moves. Signing veterans like Miller, Vrbata and Ericksson are try and stay competitive moves. If you recall four years ago in sober moments there was no prospect pool to rebuild with.
  11. And yet the speedy Virtanen seems to have the same problem with minor penalties.
  12. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    Too many relate that to a tear down get blown out night after night leading to an empty arena. In this market far too many fair weather fans.
  13. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    In context it was to clarify what they'd been doing from day one for those that just couldn't figure it out without actually hearing the word. What did you think they meant by "transition to a younger team" when they took over?
  14. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    What was your biggest clue to this conclussion? Was it signing Vanek, Gagner, and Del Zotto or trading for Pouliot?
  15. Go look and tell me. Don't ask me to do your work. Supply the evidence as I have.