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  1. Who is that new identity though? Horvat, Boeser, and who? I don't see sufficient real talent to be declaring a new core that will be this new identity. I like guys like Stecher, Baertschi, and Hutton but will they actually be core players when this team becomes a playoff threat? It's one of many reasons I don't see re-signing the Sedins for one more season as a detriment to anything. I'm simply not worried about new core at this time. Perhaps when there's enough real talent worthy of that declaration. Now my way of thinking is this: Would I rather have two guys who have dedicated their careers to this team and city for one year or two guys that are desperate enough to sign a one year deal that have no more loyalty to the team and city other than getting a paycheck? I'd rather have the guys with history that the younger players actually look up to. Particularly when two of the young guys coming in next year are Swedes that have likely looked up to the Sedins since they were toddlers. That said there's no guarantee the Sedins actually even want to play another season. But if I had the choice between the Sedins or two more Gagner types on a one year deal, I know who I'd choose.
  2. Benning Extended (Official)

    No, he traded draft picks for NHL ready prospects. Which is also rebuilding. You don't trade for unproven talent to compete. That part was signing veterans like Miller and Vrbata to try and stay competitive. They've been rebuilding since they got here. Trading for Pouliot is another example. When rebuilding you look at all options. Why? Because scouting doesn't end with junior hockey. Our top talent in the AHL was Jensen, Shinkaruk and Corrado when Linden and Benning were hired. How are they doing four years later? Answer that and you have the answer to why he traded for some other young guys that actually had success in the AHL to start off the process.
  3. Benning Extended (Official)

    I wasn't aware of that. I knew Vrbata's was due in April from his interview about why he didn't want to move.
  4. Edler stats watch

    That made me laugh at the time. Nothing like setting the bar ridiculously high. That's not predicting elite in the league, it's predicting elite among all-time d-men. Setting the bar too high just leads to disappointment down the road. It's why I tend not to make bold predictions what young players will become.
  5. There is no detriment at all. It's all in your head. The truth is re-signing them for another season simply means not having to rush anybody in before they're ready. Change to improve is fine, but change for the sake of change is pointless. It's not like we'll suddenly be a contender next season if the Sedins retire, or if they stay. In the grand scheme of rebuilding one more year of the Sedins will not be a detriment to the rebuild at all. If you haven't seen it stated "the team owes them nothing" you haven't been reading. others have said it several times. I beg to differ. This organization owes them a great deal. They certainly deserve the respect Benning and Linden are giving them and they have certainly earned it with their play and loyalty. In closing, if management did what fans wanted it would be a far bigger mess than it currently is. You don't let the monkeys run the circus.
  6. Benning Extended (Official)

    I think you got one backwards, Vrbata had the pregnant wife due in April. He had non-playoff teams on his list to ensure he didn't get moved.
  7. Benning Extended (Official)

    Sorry about misunderstanding. I'm just sick of hearing about Vrbata and Hamhuis not getting moved. Benning said before that teams start calling about 3 weeks before the deadline. Mostly it's just GM's kicking tires who will be available and what kind of return is expected. A lot of those calling don't actually want to make offers until they're fairly certain they'll be making the playoffs. It's a reason so many deals are last minute. The exception being teams fairly secure in the playoff picture with a definite target they want to add more than anybody else. Usually a higher end player. Those are typically the deals that are done early. Hamhuis knew his situation and the teams. I'd argue he was thinking about the trade deadline and where he'd be willing to go well before being asked. Still he only gave Benning two options and one had no interest at all. I was surprised he wasn't open to Cali teams as they'd be an easy flight home to the family. The Caps made an offer but he refused to go there.
  8. If they called it by the book the players would stop doing it. It's the difference between I'll likely get away with it and knowing you won't.
  9. Benning Extended (Official)

    It had nothing to do with Benning being more aggressive and everything to do with Hansen and Burrows being more co-operative. Do you think Hansen and Burrows would have been moved had Hansen given a bogus 8 team list, as Vrbata did, and Burrows only gave one team to deal with as Hamhuis did? Really if you actually do understand why Vrbata and Hamhuis didn't get moved why criticize the GM? Hands tied are hands tied. Unlike Vrbata, Hansen actually gave a list of 8 playoff teams and Burrows didn't give a list at all. He left it to Benning with "see whose interested and if it works for me and my family I'll waive". I honestly can't understand why people still go on and on about Hamhuis and Vrbata two years later when it's well known why they didn't get moved. Two players used their ntc's to their own advantage. Get over it already.
  10. Stealth-Rejig Is Potentially 93% Finito!

    No change from last year. We dropped 3 spots last year and 2 the year before. Three teams have the opportunity to move up.
  11. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    And what real difference does that make for another year in the grand scheme of things?
  12. Benning Extended (Official)

    Burrows was 24 when he made the NHL on a pretty decent team. Archie is 28, and not only couldn't crack the roster of a bad team, he wasn't even given an NHL contract until injuries piled up. No difference there at all.
  13. Benning Extended (Official)

    Having insufficient high end talent doesn't equal a team full of fringe players. Spin, spin, spin..... and spin some more.
  14. Benning Extended (Official)

    Going full on ridiculous now?
  15. Benning Extended (Official)

    I'd rather keep Guddy but if he's looking for big money and term I'd look at moving him. I couldn't give a crap about Archie. I don't see him having a full time job here with or without Guddy.