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  1. CDCGML 2014-15

    Not sure if Curt posted it, but I've quit this league as well. And with this last post, I retire from CDC. Bonne chance everyone.
  2. NHL 15 Thread

    I only play be a gm, so i couldnt care less about this announcement personally. Feel for you guys/gals affected though.
  3. Top 30 NHL prospects- #17

    On the bounds of Pearson is 100% more proven at NHL level, has looked perfectly suited to top 9 minutes, is as highly thought of by his team as Horvat is, and that Horvat has yet to play an NHL game. If LA called and offered Pearson for Horvat, I'd take it.
  4. NHL 15 Thread

    the hitting is 100% realistic compared to the commentary. I dont understand how anyone working on the game cant hear how bad it is.
  5. NHL 15 Thread

    Theres one goal going north where the ai d stands pylon-esque as someone skates past him into the slot. Horrible ai.
  6. NHL 15 Thread

    Wow. Awful pre-game from both guys. Worst play-by-play on any nhl game to date. Dreadful AI. Didnt even notice the puck physics or crowd.
  7. NHL 15 Thread

    disagreed, this is the ONE year that stuff IS important.
  8. Top 30 NHL prospects- #17

    Anyone voting Bo Horvat over Tanner Pearson needs a full medical examination.
  9. Top 30 Canucks Prospects - Final List

    I have Cassels at two, but I couldn't really care about the rest. Well done for going through all 30!
  10. Robin Williams dead at 63

    Here in the UK a radio presenter made some appalling comments regarding Robin Williams. I have started a petition to seek his removal from the airwaves, and thought you might like to sign it as well. He was totally out of line, and it’s not the first time either. Thanks for reading, even if you don’t sign it.
  11. NHL 15 Thread

    Wow, Methot and Anderson both made terrible AI moves.
  12. NHL 15 Thread

    I'd join an XB1 sim league.
  13. Which Player Needs to Bounce Back the Most?

    I said Mike Ribeiro. At his age, he needs to get back to his productive best before he reaches the end of his career. One good season now may translate into another $5-8m contract to end on. The Sedins already have franchise legend status, good contracts, awards and stats. They could coast, but it's less important to them than to Mike.
  14. NHL 15 Thread ‏@GAMEdigital 6m #GAMEatGC - NHL 15 demo worldwide release on August 26th. Here's the in-game trailer... Awesome graphics. Like we're in the rink! So we all get the demo on 26 August
  15. BizNasty's Ice Bucket Challenge

    the guy is a thug, i hope teams use their brains and keep him out of the nhl.